Booms, Busts, and War

You had the Depression (bust), followed by Pearl Harbor and WW2, and the post-war boom. This created the perception of the Greatest Generation. But the media has failed to put things into perspective and the boom, bust, and war cycle continues to this day. Maybe the current generations are under-rated.

Many overlook that the Internet bubble 90s were a period like post WW2, booming without external threats. That bubble popped and then what did we get? 911.

911 was like Pearl Harbor, plus you have Aphghanistan (Taliban), Iraq (Bathists/Sadaam), Syria (Bathists/Assad), Libya (Khadaffi), Pakistan (Bin Laden killed there) and many other wars and pseudo-wars since then.

Now the ‘war on terror’ has gone on 16 years , which is actually much longer than WW2 was. Unlike the cold war its a hot war, rather than a standoff.

Other than Pearl Harbor the US was not attacked during WW2. Whereas war on terror massacres here in the US by foreign (inspired) cells have been at least once a year almost.

I don’t think the major media has done a good job of putting modernity in perspective. When the history books are written a hundred years from now the War on Terror will be considered to have been WW3, and the Generations of X and Millenials will be considered to have been fairly militant and forthright.

Bloated Governments Should Pay Taxes

What if instead of taxing individuals, individuals (society at large) taxed the government? With the taxes from the government enriching Joe Six Packs, benefits could be cut , since people would have the cash to cover unforeseen circumstances. This would shrink the government.

What rate would you have to tax government spending at to get the government to shrink?

Once the government becomes half the economy
why should the private sector/individuals be taxed rather than the government itself?

The way to do this in practicable terms is to have the government pay quarterly dividends to taxpayers, by selling off its assets to private companies. Such assets would include foreign military bases, national forests and coastlines, and the rights to things such as offshore drilling off of Florida. When a private individual cannot pay their taxes they often have to go to the pawn shop and sell something or have their wages garnished. This should be reversed and the government should sell off its own assets instead, and have their income garnished, to impose fiscal austerity, thereby ultimately shrinking the government, while increasing the private sector’s share of the economy.

Win In Life With a Sexbot

There are three things every guy needs in life. Those three things are a cool ride, a cool pad, and a sexy and willing companion. Throughout the course of your life all three of these things will eat up a considerable chunk of your life savings. In this article Groin will mathematically show you how to get ahead in life in every regard financially, so that you can be sitting on piles of cash (or precious metals).

Having a place to live is expensive. If you own you own property taxes, home owners fees, maintenance, etc. If you rent there is a deposit and expensive monthly payments. The answer is to own a houseboat. With a houseboat like those in Moss Landing you get a pad with nice ambience, at half the price of a manufactured home, and docking fee like 400 bucks a month (including water and electricity). For you this is a WIN!

Now lets talk transportation. To win in life one must take risks! Motorcycles are cheap and risky. Thus you should ride a motorcycle and save on gas and stuff like that so that you can build your cash-pile.

Finally, we can talk about women. Women are great , but they are expensive. Long after the first expensive date, you owe her for birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, outings, and what have you. You will always be on the hook! And even if you have a ten inch dong and treat her like the Great Gatsby with riches, this will only make her more expensive. If you are poor or rich, she will use the legal system to get at you. Plus she will argue for hours on end.

The solution to this is to take out your credit card and order a sexbot for two thousand bucks. You can splurge for the other 1500 and order the CPU (brain) so she can talk and have a programmable personality. Yes you may owe interest on her and there could be some maintenance. But she will not argue back. No anniversaries. No birthdays. No expensive dates. She will never make you drive real far to meet her then get mad and you have to drive back. None of that! No jealousy. No asking ‘how do i look’ , or ‘send me a pic;’. And this will add to your mystique as you bring real women home for the threesome. You can refer to her as your ‘sexy shipmate’.

So there you have it. The answer to how to achieve success on the cheap. Simply buy a houseboat, ride a motorcycle, and have a sexbot for your companion and you will live to be healthy, wealthy, and wise!