Boycott All Goods Sold On CNN

CNN: The epicenter of the traitorous left. Boycott all products advertised on there.

CNN would have you believe:

No Spying was done on the Trump administration, even though
they admitted to having placed an undercover informant into his campaign.

No Trump administration officials were properly unmasked.

Trump tower was never wire-tapped, when clearly it was under surveillance.

Most of their arguments are semantic: “It was an INFORMANT, not a SPY”, etc.

But they have all but admitted that they are in favor of a Kafka like surveillance state against the right, while giving no scrutiny at all to the left.

CNN is probably more dangerous than any other institution in America. CNN is more of a threat to America today, than the British throne was when the US first began. CNN is a seditious elitist tyranny against 50% of the Republic.

All non-Dems need to unite and boycott all products advertised for on CNN.