Vegas NHL Corruption

Today I watched the San Jose Sharks lose 5-4 in overtime in a game in which 4 goals by the Sharks were disallowed because of goalie interference and the like. Then, to cap that off, in overtime the Vegas Knights won on a questionable goal (with the net off the moorings and a Knight’s skate right by the puck (having possibly touched it prior to its entry to the net).

Ever since I was a teen I can remember the Sharks getting screwed by officials. Their very first year in the league the Sharks were set to draft Eric Lindros, the multi-dimensional Canadian sensation (at the time). The league stripped them of the normal first pick all expansion teams prior and afterwards had and awarded it to Phili. The Sharks ended up drafted a mediocre smaller player in Pat Falloon, and the rest is history.

I also remember yelling at the refs (Rob Schick in particular) over missed tripping and cross-checking calls against the Sharks that went uncalled because the Sharks are a smaller market team and their success does not mean $ for the league.

It is not a coincidence that this shady game today was decided in Las Vegas by a bunch of refs who were probably getting paid to beat the spread. The Vegas Knights have more international marketing potential, and sports are a global industry now. Pro sports such as hockey are scripted by paying off the league officials , including the replay reviewers. Coaches and players, as well as broadcasters are fined or fired if they say anything against the corrupt forces that control the outcome of these ‘spectator events’.

Before you watch the next game, check the spread. You will be surprised how often the calls towards the end of the game will move the score towards what was predicted by the bookies. This is how the house always wins.

I went to many games at the original Cow Palace the first couple seasons 90 and 1991. Then, up through the strike year, I went to the SJ Arena x times per year. After the strike I saw the players played free for the Olympics but were greedy about NHL. $. Now instead of spending $50 a ticket to get sandwiched like a sardine at the Shark tank to watch the Sharks, I opt to watch their minor league team, the Barracuda play for just $10. And when I can I go to Bakersfield, CA and watch the Condors. For a while, the SF Bulls were playing at the Cow Palace in Daly City, and I could go to their games from time to time. Minor league hockey has just as much skating, fighting, and action, but is cheaper Рwith less corruption.