Why Right Wingers Have Better Sex Lives


A recent article cites a primarily European poll that found right wingers are more sexually satisfied than leftists. Right wingers are better grounded spiritually, because they have  a system of thought which is time tested. Even a sexually confused right winger like Bruce Jenner is better grounded than a leftist, since leftists hold ideals which have proven to fail and not hold up against reality. Whether its communism ( USSR) socialism ( Venezuela / Nazi Germany etc) , matriarchy (Jamaica), racial warfare (South Africa) – none of their thoughts really work well when put into action. Their ideas fall into the realm of fantasy. Whether its at work, or in the bedroom, we know sex is about passion, trial and error and hard work. Not about manipulation, cockamamie theories, and shortcuts to  success.

The truth is that right wingers are better at turning their fantasies into realities, and this includes sexually. We don’t do apologies- we only know DOING and WINNING. Right wingers focus on what is really doable and what will work. And they are content with that. Whether they choose the religious conservative route or the wild party conservative route ( like Fox news anchors do when they are not on camera) the truth is that a right winger like me is going to fuck a given woman better than some left winger. This is because a right winger has his mind set and will dominate sexually. Modern left wing males are dilly dalliers who need to be told what to do and could only serve properly as a sub. A sub wont truly ever be happy unless they can at least have control once in a while. Sex is a battle of the sexes for many people. Couples not only fight for control of dominance of their relationships. Many even fight for how they will do it in the bedroom in a way too, if you think about it, since men tend to get off faster. Once you are a master sex Jedi, then that is not an issue anymore and you take further control.

One need not look any further than the downfall of Playboy magazine (since it was taken over by leftists and almost all the nudity has been cut) to realize that leftists take all the fun out of sexuality when they have control. I would point out that without fairly conservative social rules that there is nothing to rebel against, and therefor nothing is taboo. Another obvious but overlooked point is that when nothing is taboo anymore (the way the leftists like it) – then that also serves to take some of the excitement away from sexual fantasies. In other words, some conservative norms are actually necessary in order to leave some options open for being naughty. Rules were meant to be broken, in many regards. – Col. Wilhelm Bartholomew III



Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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