Hate U Give Is Leftist Crud

Personally, I if there is one thing I HATE, its a really crappy movie. Cause then I am out some of me loot, meanwhile some Hollywood elite leftist is riding a golden camel into the horizon. Are you curious about whether “The Hate U Give” is Oscar material?  Rest assured, the liberal media is wrong again!  I think this movie stinks. Why? It is hypocritical. It shows that modern leftist urban society is a mish mash of fear and hate and that it is doomed to fail, but it acts like the Great Society and the welfare state have no responsibility for urban decay. Outsourcing and the global economy also are let off the hook.

What happens if the cop shoots a Native American on mistake, and there is a huge public outcry , but then he goes on Ancestors.com only to learn he is 15% Native American DNA? Then is it ok that he fired his gun?? You see, this whole race thing has gotten absurd. Especially when you consider that most of us worship a  former Rabbi (Jesus) who was more stout and more Arab looking than depicted in modern times.

A movie like this if the cop was black , and the guy he shot was white and listened to Michael Savage on AM radio every day, do you really think the SJW’s would give a crap? No! That is yet another reason why this movie STINKS!

Are the police supposed to just not do their jobs at all and just let the cities rot? If they try and police the city , are they not allowed to try and defend themselves and make it home for supper? Movies like this assume that the policeman’s life is basically worthless. Meanwhile, the couch surfing potato chip munching jobless SJW’s soul is golden and invaluable, though they were mostly causing leftist trouble in the first place. A real leftist movie would be more appropriately set with a revolt at a Nike or Foxconn factory in slave worker China, than in some leftist urban shithole. In fact, this movie will probably come out on DVD and sell at the dollar store from Chinese slave labor. Specifically, this movie really makes me miss the old Dirty Harry movies where Clint Eastwood would just totally blow people away as a cop, and it was not only forgiven, but deemed totally awesome.

Although credibly acted by star Amandla Sternberg and featuring a story ripped from the headlines, the film ultimately fails because it martyrs a boy who was a drug dealer and excuses a community that tolerates criminal activity.  The film is about a girl named Starr who lives in two worlds-one in her urban nightmare neighborhood that she tolerates, one in a mostly white prep school that she also tolerates.  One night after a shooting at a party, her childhood friend (and drug dealer)Khalil is killed by the cops while she is in the car.  The rest of the movie is about how Starr is indoctrinated into becoming a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and becoming involved in an antifa style protest complete with “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” refrain and children picking up weapons.  By the end of the film, this initially credible film has become complete fantasy, with a wish-fulfillment ending that undermines the entire premise.  The director, George Tillman Jr. (“Notorious”)  kept me in my seat with his competence but he couldn’t redeem the ultimate outlandishness of the story.