Sexbots for the Troops

We at Groin strongly feel that our military deserves to have very high standards of living. Our troops put their lives and limbs on the line, disabling land-mines, jumping out of planes, and maintaining dangerous checkpoints throughout the world. It is only natural that those who are in harms way deserve some of the creature comforts of life while they are away from home. Battle is stressful, and being in the military is likely hard for spouses who are away from each other while at war. Latey, there have been lots of negative headlines regarding troops and sexual misconduct. There is a Marines photo quasi sex harassment case on the one hand:

Instagram is the latest nexus of the Marines photo sharing scandal

And reports of increased sex assaults at military academies also coming out:

All of this reflects badly on our nation. There is a simple answer though. The answer is sexbots. And before you say, “that’s ridiculous’ – consider the fact that the word hooker originated from General Hooker, a Northern General who brought a band of whores while en route to battle. The purpose was to reward his troops, keep morale up, and keep the troops more focused on battle instead of jostling for girlfriends. So there is historical precedent.

Sexbots would have the added benefits of these sex harassment and assault claims going way down. That would be beneficial to the overall image and morale of the troops. Meanwhile the troops would not technically be cheating on their spouses while away, nor spreading STD’s. We, the staff at, urgently and humbly request that the Pentagon authorize discretionary spending funds towards the creation of the world most advanced fleet of sexbots. This must be done as soon as possible. USA cannot lose its technical edge and must harness all the nation’s creative powers, including the best minds at Northrop, Raytheon, and the like, to step boldly in the 21st century – and to start providing quality sexbots to our boys in the armed forces at the soonest possible date.

Sexbot City

Take me down to the sexbot city

where the flesh is pink, and the droids are pretty –

Oh won’t you please take me home.” –


Futurists are suggesting that grandiose Westworld-like sexbot theme parks will become a large scale industry:

Sex Robot Theme Parks In Development Will Be ‘Better Than An Adult Disney World’

The technology is advancing rapidly, as evidenced by the first AI sexbots coming out from RealDolls soon. Many of the new models have adjustable personalities where you can adjust attributes such as shyness and such. Experts are suggesting that high-roller tycoon types will drive the sexbot amusement parks/ resorts.

Personally I would not compare Disneyland to Westworld because of the involvement of kids. Some conspiracy theorists suggest lluminati links between Disney and the occult.  I would rather compare this new concept to more of a resort, rather than a theme park. Think of the Grand Sierra, for instance in Reno. It contains a mall, bowling alley, golfing and movie theatre, besides the pool, casino , and rooms. Adding sexbots into the mix and turning it into an 18+ resort would help revitalize that casino, and help downtown Reno regain its luster against Vegas. The pool area would rock! And the discotech too!!

The good thing is that sexbots in theory wont pass STD’s. Another big draw is the ability to cheat  with a sexbot instead of a human. That might be more acceptable to a spouse. A sexbot won’t play emotional games or get into lengthy fights with you – and that’s a big plus! Sometimes I think to myself : once I have had two chicks at the same time while drinking Dom Perignon why would I want sexbots? I think the answer to this is the ability to enact such fantasies at will and at the time of one’s choosing, rather than having to work a long time to make it happen with human women.

Experts suggest that Thailand and Mexico would also be good places for such a resort. I’m not sure these are the best locations. I expect they will do well in Germany, Holland, and places that are sexually liberal.


Robot Virginity

An article in the Daily Star came out in regards to robot virginity. A revolutionary new concept and app will allow a user to get to know the robot’s AI personality prior to having sex with her. The idea is that the robot is a virgin and you are getting to know her before you rock her world. Getting to know the sexbot for a while will presumably not only increase the sexual tension, but also the desire – through the emotional connection that is built.


Now the article goes on to say that men may eventually use sexbots to lose their virginity, which is a bit of a tangent and yet a solid point. This is presumably to get more acquainted and comfortable to use those skills on a human woman later. However, one cannot help but think the sexbot probably has done this a million times before! In the Arab world dudes pay like a billion dollars to deflower a chick on the black market. So I am thinking anything halfway affordable and the putenanny is probably not truly virgin. Personally the virgin thing doesn’t do anything for me anyways. And I think the idea of getting to know the bot is great regardless. I think its potentially boring to go fuck a bot without having some mental stimulation to go with the physical.

Another thing that would be cool would be that you could be showing the sexbot the ropes and teaching her stuff sexually (if she is a virgin). That would be kinky. And the sexbot could say “lick me right there” , or “fuck me harder” , “don’t go too fast I’ve never done this before!” and stuff like that.

On the whole , I think this virgin sexbot thing is a great idea. Maybe I would gangbang her with a friend or two, and give her the thrill of a lifetime!

Robot Rights Passes E.U.


A European Union commission voted 17 to 2 to grant robots certain rights, including to be free from beatings. There were some developments on this back in June, and now things are progressing. Now, robots in the E.U. will officially be considered to be ‘electronic persons’ under the law. I suppose this means you can ride with a sex-bot shotgun and drive in the carpool lane now!

The bill, which has been compared as a robot ‘Bill of Right’ also designates that humans are to reign over robots (not vice versa). And also includes a stipulation that kill switches be installed on robots, as a weird form of mercy-killing. That idea was based off of an old Asimov concept apparently.

Male Sexbots Cure Female Frustration

An inventor is creating the first batch of male sexbots, and they can go all night. This will be very positive for sexually frustrated females, and could result in women being more satisfied, as well as in the mood more often. This could lead to word peace eventually!

They could be a good addition even if a woman is in a relationship already to help her explore herself more without the guilt of cheating. And could be good for her man to tag team her with or DP her even. I foresee problems with robots and women who tend to want “love-making”, but women who want to get fucked should be in 7th heaven with these.


Having worked in porn myself, and having a lot of experience with women in general, I can tell you that the average man has been lied to and that multiple-orgasm is very possible for you. Read a book called the Multi-Orgasmic Male and the Multiorgasmic Couple ( available cheap on Amazon), and you will realize that nature created every man to be a sex machine.

I will give you a few basics from personal experience for more stamina : Do cardio as much as possible. Eat dark chocolate, fish, beef and stuff that’s good for testosterone like broccoli. have sex often to build up stamina and confidence ( twice a day if possible) . Don’t drink any alcohol. Keep smoking down to a minimum. and fantasize a lot and watch dvds or keep things in mind from past experiences to keep revved up. Say no to long drives or uncomfortable situations when possible (hooking up ) . There’s also a spot behind the base but before the nuts where its possible to pinch when getting off, to hold everything in and have the sensation of getting off but without making a mess, and saving that chi power for the next round. Also don’t bother with any partner who brings any drama or is condescending. Stick with situations that you can control, be prepared; and with a little work and some chi power you will be outdoing the sexbots. You will be head and shoulders above the competition!

Rise of the Sexbots – Final Chapters Outline

Scene 8 
Variety Club 
The captured skaters forced to undergo transformative surgery. As they are tied to 
schoolroom chairs and forced to watch a promo video about their 
transformations, labor and the sexbotsVier is about to be forcefully 
The camera that the SKATERS hid in the working mine area proves to the SKATERS 
that Vier is alive. The WORKER MUTANTS tear apart the camera. The BIKERS 
who are armed with metal bars, fire axes, and junk go to face off with the 
Nearly all of the Will of the People are killed off by mutants. TRISH, GOOGAMOOGA 
and KANGAZOO hide in some rubble. They radio back to the gas station base. 
Scene 9 
Peter Panic 
The plan the SKATERS come up with is conveyed over the radio. The SKATERS at  
base set up a van as a SONIC DESTRUCTION Unit. Loudspeakers blaring NO 
GOD ONLY PAIN, flanked on both sides by columns of SKATERS with light 
bombs and pistols, it gets to the gate of the Echelon Agency building.  
There’s no one guarding the gate. KANGAZOO and GOOGAMOOGA interrogate a 
BIKER for the access code to open the front. When the van crashes through 
into the foyer of the Echelon/ building, Vier recognizes the music. 
The noise disables the MUTANT workers and the BIKERS. The SKATERS get away 
with Vier in the van. When the music is out of earshot, both the MUTANTS 
and the BIKERS join together to crash through the gates of the work area and 
kill the lizards. 
Scene 10  
The TOP BRASS of the LIZARDS enter into escape space vessels. The ENGINEER 
LIZARDS try to hide with the sexbots. The MUTANTS tear through the 
kennels and fight the LIZARDS. 
The LIZARDS crank up the poplaver music. But it doesn’t effect the Will of the 
People BIKERS. The BIKERS fight the remaining LIZARDS fiercely. A sprinkler 
 system breaks out and floods the flames that cause the sexbots to malfunction. 
On a global scale the mutants plan revenge with their international allies from 
space. The SKATERS return to loot the Echelon facility for tetras and sexbots
They look for surviving BIKERS to bring to their folds. 

Sexbot Movie Theatres

A company is developing movie theatres where twelve viewers can interact with 3d films and actual sexbots:

The seats will vibrate and viewers will have 3d goggles and will be able to kiss famous stars and such. There will also be some physical interaction with the actual sexbots. These theatres will be more like a clu-like atmosphere I predict. I like the basic idea of this a lot. Though it sounds like the theatre could wind up with sticky seats! In general I don’t like famous people being cloned as sexbots though, since I think we have too much celebrity culture already these days.

cinema Getty Images / Reuters

Part of me wonders if the theatre really needs the screen. Maybe just having a bunch of actual sexbots ready for the taking there, and having it be some sort of free for all – plus like a DJ and a foam bubble party going – maybe that would be simpler and better. But I am willing to give the Hollywood version a try! And I like that they are incorporating the actual sexbots some in person.  Also, in defense of using a movie screen for some of it, I will say I am extremely impressed with the 3d porn my friend showed me on an Iphone (using a cardboard and plastic sleeve thing to modifies the screen into a 3d viewfinder).


Sexbot Celebs is a Bad Idea


A professor is suggesting that mass produced sex-bots with bodies cast by celebs could be the next big thing:

On its face this idea sounds enticing. You can bang that unreachable glamor queen you always wanted to bang if this prophecy is true. Everyone will have a Kardashian, Brea Olson or ,Paris Hilton doll at their crib. This actually isn’t a good idea though, and here is why. Sex-dolls are supposed to be sex slaves basically.  Not vice-versa. When we buy a sex-doll of a celeb that role is reversed psychologically. By going that route, the consumer is showing that they are they slave of the reality and mass pop culture.

Sex-bots are supposed to liberate the consumer from the BS of mass culture. The consumer deserves to be able to take care of his base needs without the burden of caring what other people in mass culture like. When people can get away from mass culture and really take care of their sexual needs, that will be very healthy for society. Sex is a great way for people to express themselves, and to exercise one’s mind and body.

The bright spot in the linked article is that the professor says that customized sexbots will become available. That is very encouraging. Not everyone wants a 36c-26-36 sized sexbot ( I do! ) . Some people might want a fat one or a tall, skinny one or something unique in its own way. Lets hope that the world of sexbots in the future is a diverse one, which will offer a wide range of options for users. We are already fully saturated in celebrity culture, to where celeb culture no longer has anything to offer. –Deplorable Steve 



Sexbots + Espresso = Awesome

An businessman in London is opening a sexbot cafe’ later this year.

Sex robot cafe to open in London after entrepreneur reveals his ‘fellatio cafe’ will staffed entirely by cyborgs

For about 60 bucks you can get a coffee and hook up with a sexbot. This type of innovative business is great for the working man – who doesn’t have time to argue with women for hours every day. This way you can get your coffee, go for a roll in the hay, and still get to work on time without being shamed for the “hit and run”. Men stand to save a lot of time and a lot of headaches by using such a café. This will allow men to focus on their careers and hobbies more without being sidetracked constantly and being guilt tripped over basically just being a man. Our hat goes off to businessmen who manufacture these bots, as well as those willing to take the plunge and make these bots more widely available (through cafe’s and brothels). Sexbots will be holistic and therapeutic for the population.


True Companion
Sex robot Roxxxy, made by True Companion


Rise of the Sexbots – Parts 6 and 7

 It opens with a SUPERVISOR. He sees a circle of workers not working on his 
surveillance screen. “What’s going on here?” he demands then he’s suddenly 
surrounded by ANGRY MUTANTS.  
But the LIZARDS at don’t notice. They’re too busy with their raid on the 
church. The raid goes on at night. The lizards ambush the building and light it on 
fire. Blood and deaths and fire. 
The fire draws out all of the SKATERS who the LIZARDS then trap in order to force 
into labor. 
A few of the SKATERS escape the church fire. But the SKATERS go to get cover at the 
gas station lair where NO GOD ONLY PAIN is rehearsing. 
of the building as the MUTANT WORKERS tear apart the WORKER CAMP. They hide 
in the sexbot kennel. 
Scene 7 
At the gas station lair, the skaters pick up emergency calls about the siege on their 
radios. They use ingenious weapons to try to defend their lair. But many are 
killed. Vier is captured. 
GOOGAMOOGA, KANGAZOO, TRISH and the BIKERS make a deal with the She Pop 
Princess. She goes to distract the MUTANTS with her singing. But they’re still 
stoned and they rip her apart. GOOGAMOOGA, KANGAZOO, TRISH, FUDGE-A 
and ESKIMOSA narrowly escape. 
The LIZARDS return to the base with a large amount of slaves. The SKATERS left at 
the gas station make a plan to rescue Vier. 
the BIKERS to kill the LIZARDS. LIZARDS are unaware that half of their base 
has rioting going on in it.