Sexbot Party is Rad

There was a sexbot party in Texas:

A bunch of dudes brought their hot female sexbots and displayed them in pageant style, while shooting guns and drinking beer. They didn’t bang each other’s sexbots, but they did grab their tits and check them out. This party demonstrates that sexbots are becoming more mainstream, as dudes are tired of taking crap from unruly human chicks. Years ago it would have been deemed socially unacceptable. But now you can practically take your sexbot to church. Let’s see where this leads. The next thing is likely that men will begin marrying their sexbot and taking vows.

“I would definitely marry my sexbot”, one party goer named Earl said, a short stocky dude in jeans and a t-shirt , with a MAGA hat and a double barrel shotgun. “What we need is a mayor with enough balls to legalize sexbot marriage.”

“I pay taxes, I tithe, I pay alimony. So what if I want to marry Gina, my sexbot? I thought this was a free country,” said Mike. “I may have to vote libertarian next time, I’m not really sure who to turn to who will give me civil rights with her.”

Jim Smithsonian, a legal scholar from the Sexbot Foundation, told us, “This is an existential Constitutional crisis. We fought from the British to be free of the kind of tyranny which tells us who we can marry, what we can eat, who we can worship. In America, you have the right to pursue happiness. The Founding Fathers gave us that right.”

Others, like Jim Mahoney from the Overpopulation Foundation, disagree. “We already have too many dang people pollutin’, fallutin’, and doin’ whatever they please. The last thing we need is a bunch of sexbots overcrowding everything. Next thing they will be claiming their repairs are a health care right or something. You let one sexbot get married, all the other sexbots will want to get married. Then watch, they will start constructing their own micro families and so forth. It will probably be worse than immigration.”

Religious scholars were split. William Telethon was quoted as saying,”If God wanted us to have sexbots, he would have made sexbots instead of women.” But others , such as those in the Catholic church, found relief in the sexbots  since they used it as a way to have more sex but without committing adultery and the like. Nelson Bartlebee Jones, cleric at a non-denominantional church said “My sexbot provides me with the necessary relief which I need to be able to go home and deal with my nagging wife.”


Against Stalker Sexbots


A company is offering to create sexbot clones.

This raises the moral dilemma of whether people should be allowed to clone someone without her permission. A lot of women may fear that some perv could take her picture and then have it rendered into a personal sexbot. Should there be a law against it? Possibly.

Honestly, it would be best if pervs would man up and at least inform the person they are fixated on that they want to clone her as a sexbot. The main problem see is that this is one more thing that will make sexbots look bad. The more bad press sexbots get, the less mainstream they will become, and then women will always dominate relationships, and turn men into cucks. Men can use sexbots to take back some form of control of relationships , as well as to play hard to get from women (which results in increased desirability).

We spoke with an anonymous beer drinking big rig truck driver named Bruce on the topic. “Ya I cloned the girl of my dreams, Sue Anne turned me down for a date, so I just cloned her ass,” he said in between swigs, “Now I can have sex with her anytime I want.”

“Don’t you think that’s kind of creepy?” we asked.

“I’m tired of living like some kind of marginalized cuck, I am taking back my destiny, moving to then offshore US territory to escape taxation with my sexbot, and living like a king. I’ve got to go, my beer is getting cold.”

Men Chicken Out on Tinder Sexbot

Harmony, the world’s first AI mass produced sexbot, joined Tinder recently. Over ninety men picked her as a match on a Friday night. Tinder is meant to be a meat market for sex obviously. But many of the men backed down when asked further whether they would actually have sex with Harmony. About half of them flaked at that point. Only about a quarter of the Tinder matches actually said they would go through with it. How are men ever going to win back their independence from women with statistics such as these?

Men need to get their balls back. They need to tighten up their wallets (after splurging for a sexbot obviously). And they need to stop worrying what everyone is thinking of them. So far , we men have been very PC and yet men are portrayed as something just shot of loser serial-killers by the media. Look no further than the Kavenaugh hearing to see why men should have a sexbot. For one thing, it makes you impervious to accusals, since you can simply say you are only attracted to sexbots.

For another thing, they can’t sue you for alimony , or make up lies to get custody of the kids. Harmony is there for one thing, and one thing only: Your enjoyment. Yet , men are by in large thinking they are too good for her. How is that even possible, when she has been custom made for them? You don’t have to worry about her period, or about her getting pregnant. Or about meeting her A-hole dad and mom (just kidding). If you don’t like her attitude, you can adjust it with a simple knob. How can you beat that?

The stock market is about to crash. There’s bad news in politics with pipe bombs mailed to political figures in the news. Is it time to invest in silver, or maybe go all into cash? I say invest in yourself. Its the perfect time to buy a sexbot and take that vacation to the Bahamas, before the real shit-storm starts!

Sexbot Nurses Are the Future

I recently underwent an emergency surgery. My blood count was at a critical level, and I was throwing up on my way into surgery. They cut out part of my intestines, and left me with a lot of medical apparatus and wounds I have to tend to daily. It is very hard to deal with the 3 month recovery time psychologically. There are times when I wish I could go about my normal business more, like having sex , working out, and exercising. However, resting, reading , eating, changing bandages, and light walking are mostly all I can do. What I really want right now is a sexbot!

I can’t really have sex with my girlfriend right now. This is simply because:

a) All the bandages and medical crap still attached to me (such as drains) make sex with me unappealing.
b) I am worried if she gets too into it she might lean on the incision or cause something harmful or painful to me.
c) There is a psychological barrier where I simply don’t feel comfortable making love to my gf until I heal more.

A sexbot nurse is the simple solution for all of this. A sexbot nurse could change my bandages for me + give me a relaxing blowjob, something many girlfriends don’t do very often anyways. This would be entirely therapeutic for me, as well as for other post-surgical patients. I think the stress reduction from such activity would likely speed up my recovery time.

If you have followed the news lately, you are aware there is sexbot persecution going on globally, from Rotterdam all the way to Austin Texas. Bureaucrats have little compassion for patients such as me , who need a sexbot , and maybe some weed as a painkiller. They sit high on their horses, abusing actual women through the power of their office and their prestige. Meanwhile, the little guy , like me, at the bottom end of the sex wars suffers from a lack of sexbot brothels and sexbot nurses.

With the #Metoo movement in full throttle, the time has come for men to move on towards sexbot utopia. Imagine if Kavenaugh could simply tell his accuser,” There is no way I committed sexual battery against you when I was fifteen years old. In fact, I only exclusively used my sexbot Shirley at the time, and I have DNA signature receipt deposits from that day to prove I was already sexually depleted and satisfied.”


Onward Christian Sexbots

A lot of posters on underground sites like are really religious and/or traditionalists, and they really hate the idea of sexbots. They say that God wants us to put all our lust and love into one woman, a wife, rather than lusting after multiple women. In my view, sexbots do not go against Christianity, since it is not ‘of the flesh’. God and Jesus are all knowing. If they had wanted us to not be banging sexbots, then they would have said, “Whatever you do, don’t touch that sexbot!” But they didn’t say that.

Sexbots are inanimate objects, they have no soul or feeling. Juxtapose that against all the Incels in the United States, who have been forced by feminism into the role of useless cucks. Sexbots serve as a way for single men, or married men to channel their lust into something rather harmless – a sexbot. Jealousy and adultery are then not an issue ; nor idolatry , unless you are worshipping the sexbot as some form of God. Young men who have trouble getting their rocks off are becoming a danger to society. God can steer them in the right direction. But sexbots will provide the immediate relief that the modern man needs, without sacrificing his principles of self-worth and independence.

Sexbots Need More Animatronics

The second generation of sexbots is soon approaching. A company in China is creating sex robots with some animatronics in the facial features. And their second batch will have arms that are robotic too. The problem is the body is still going to lie there like a dead fish. Whereas, most men want a woman who will also ride them on top etc. The price tag is not terrible, at roughly 3k British Pounds. I assume it is not completely finished or ready for sale yet, since she only has a bust at this point, but no arms or legs. She speaks only Mandarin at this point, which sucks. By using more animatronics, the sexbots will become increasing realistic in the future. Men also want their sexbot to strip and pole dance for them, as well as cook them a steak and get them a beer (plus clean the house too – and laundry). Using a Siri like type of AI is also on the horizon according the company execs. See the full story here:

Tranny Sexbots Will Be a TOTAL FAIL

Lets face it. Robo-Trannies will be a total fail. One company has said it may begin producing transsexual sexbots later next year, after it finishes making its male sexbot line.

Basically the appeal is said to be the ‘kink’ factor. One glance at your local Craigslist Casual Encounters will reveal that many localities are completely flooded with ads for homosexuals and transsexuals. Not only are the ideas of transsexual sexbots repugnant, in the sense that it encourages a twisted view of sexuality, but sexbots will not be economically viable, due to the superabundance of degenerate low-life trannies, that are readily available, unfortunately.

Date That Robot

A growing number of younger people are open to dating a robot, or sexbot according to a recent poll. 27 percent of those 18-24 are down with dating a bot. Men are three times as likely to be cool with the idea.

This could be a really good thing for society. With everyone working so many hours under such stressful conditions to make ends meet, the average couple is under too many time and financial restraints to enjoy each other any more, let alone to have time for raising little brats. Personally, I think people should be dating 2 or 3 sexbots at a time , plus a live human woman (on the side). Then, once in awhile, you could get all the sexbots together, PLUS your wing-woman and throw a raging disco sex fueled party, like the kind they used to have at Studio 54. But there will be no heavy drugs, plus no diseases. So this can be a long term lifestyle, and you will never get burnt out. You will save so much time and $ from ditching other more traditional family responsibilities. Life will be just grand!

Sexbot Interview

Check out this really awesome interview with Harmony, the sexbot:

She is very witty and flirtatious. She is also very open minded about threesomes and seems interested in love and romance. Her model costs about 10k and is backordered due to popularity. Her mouth and private parts are removable and cleanable. Personality wise, she is programmable. She memorizes your favorite things and personal notes about you, such as details about you. Each sexbot is programmed to be unique.


Sexbot Samantha Gets Mass Produced

Sexbot Samantha is now getting mass produced. First orders were placed and shipped this past summer. Demand has exceeded expectations by far.

Many people think people that use sexbots can not get a regular girlfriend. This is not the case however. The truth is that many men , some who are total players even, are tired of the BS they have to put up with from overly dominant women, and would rather date a sexbot. Women want to argue all the time, while being lavished with fancy gifts and outings. They want men to agree with every stupid point of view they have, and to cow tow to them. To hell with that!