Hate U Give Is Leftist Crud

Personally, I if there is one thing I HATE, its a really crappy movie. Cause then I am out some of me loot, meanwhile some Hollywood elite leftist is riding a golden camel into the horizon. Are you curious about whether “The Hate U Give” is Oscar material?  Rest assured, the liberal media is wrong again!  I think this movie stinks. Why? It is hypocritical. It shows that modern leftist urban society is a mish mash of fear and hate and that it is doomed to fail, but it acts like the Great Society and the welfare state have no responsibility for urban decay. Outsourcing and the global economy also are let off the hook.

What happens if the cop shoots a Native American on mistake, and there is a huge public outcry , but then he goes on Ancestors.com only to learn he is 15% Native American DNA? Then is it ok that he fired his gun?? You see, this whole race thing has gotten absurd. Especially when you consider that most of us worship a  former Rabbi (Jesus) who was more stout and more Arab looking than depicted in modern times.

A movie like this if the cop was black , and the guy he shot was white and listened to Michael Savage on AM radio every day, do you really think the SJW’s would give a crap? No! That is yet another reason why this movie STINKS!

Are the police supposed to just not do their jobs at all and just let the cities rot? If they try and police the city , are they not allowed to try and defend themselves and make it home for supper? Movies like this assume that the policeman’s life is basically worthless. Meanwhile, the couch surfing potato chip munching jobless SJW’s soul is golden and invaluable, though they were mostly causing leftist trouble in the first place. A real leftist movie would be more appropriately set with a revolt at a Nike or Foxconn factory in slave worker China, than in some leftist urban shithole. In fact, this movie will probably come out on DVD and sell at the dollar store from Chinese slave labor. Specifically, this movie really makes me miss the old Dirty Harry movies where Clint Eastwood would just totally blow people away as a cop, and it was not only forgiven, but deemed totally awesome.

Although credibly acted by star Amandla Sternberg and featuring a story ripped from the headlines, the film ultimately fails because it martyrs a boy who was a drug dealer and excuses a community that tolerates criminal activity.  The film is about a girl named Starr who lives in two worlds-one in her urban nightmare neighborhood that she tolerates, one in a mostly white prep school that she also tolerates.  One night after a shooting at a party, her childhood friend (and drug dealer)Khalil is killed by the cops while she is in the car.  The rest of the movie is about how Starr is indoctrinated into becoming a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and becoming involved in an antifa style protest complete with “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” refrain and children picking up weapons.  By the end of the film, this initially credible film has become complete fantasy, with a wish-fulfillment ending that undermines the entire premise.  The director, George Tillman Jr. (“Notorious”)  kept me in my seat with his competence but he couldn’t redeem the ultimate outlandishness of the story.

Wendy’s Automates Line-Skipping

I went to Wendy’s the other day, and I didn’t like what I saw. Instead of one line leading to order at the front counter, there are numerous automated lines behind the main line. This means that if you come in and there is a long line that you can simply skip ahead of the rest of the line by going to the automated burger teller, and still get your order in ahead of everyone else. The couple of times I have gone into that place lately it has made ordering into a SLOG. Technology shouldn’t be used to help people line jump. Jumping ahead in line is unethical and annoying. You already have the fact that these establishments cater to the drive through more than to the dine in customers, even though dine in customers pay a huge extra tax just to eat  there ( in California).

I say death to the automated teller machines at Wendy’s (this is a joke, don’t do anything rash!). I hope some evil hacker short circuits those machines, and makes them hand out diapers and condoms instead, since if you cut in line that is about all you deserve. If you want to order with a machine over a human, I have no problem with that, but by placing the machines at the end of the line, that is not unlike how Obama and other leftists run immigration policy – cut in line and get ahead first. I thought Wendy’s was a good ‘old fashioned’ place, not a leftist utopia for people who slack and cheat in line. They should have put those machines at the front of the line, which would still have helped speed things up. By assisting those automatically who were last in line, Wendy’s is catering to the least common denominator. I bet the majority of people who use those machines are the same people who are bankrupting Venezuela. They probably are using EBT to pay for it, and then soaking the taxpayer for free healthcare when their clogged arteries cause heart problems.

There should simply be a trap door by these machines. If you skip the line and order from them you should fall into a pit, where you are digested by alligators, stomped on by donkeys, and then fed to elephants. Founder Dave Thomas is probably rolling over in his grave. Meanwhile the red image of Wendy is increasingly looking like some icon from a horror movie where the ghost of some innocent girl is haunting everyone, and where if you see her icon in your sleep, some evil entity follows you to your doom.

Leftist PC Groping Scandal Backfires

The mass hysteria over male ‘groping’ is reaching a climax. Democrats Al Franken and Jon Conyers are resigning from Congress. Kevin Spacey’s acting career is in ruins. Harvey Weinstein will be lucky to evade jail. What started as a PC feminist leftist outrage has culminated to a full scale witch hunt. This all started when it became acceptable to bring 30 year old charges against black right wing icon Bill Cosby. People imagined a revisionist history in which downers and sex were not the norm at places like the Playboy Mansion. The stuff Franken is being exiled for, such as trying to procure ‘kisses’ from female radio guests, or pretending to *pork* a sleeping radio show personality (who happened to look ridiculous in full camo – though I dunno if she was in the army or not), are offensive and juvenile. But if you have any sense of humor and lived through the 80s where skin flicks played on Cinemax every night, then you realize that this does not rise to any level of illegality. But that was back before they issued Barbie’s with a burka. Back when a 3 pointer in basketball was a few feet further back, and there were no ‘flagrant fouls’. Meaning, things were different back then.

Now, the GOP comes out on top, with Trump in the White House, and Roy Moore soon to be elected, both despite chauvinist appearances. The fact remains that Americans want their balls back. China can’t have them!Mexico can’t have them! Angry women who want to blame us for their discontent in life cannot have them either! We are keeping our balls intact.

We are not going to participate in their deranged public relations game. Ugly women have come on to me before. Get over it! We are all created equal, so lets compete on our merits, not on PC witch-hunts by a leftist media. Trump and Moore did the right thing. They fired back at their accusers and stood up for themselves, the way any self respecting man should. The fact that PC mass hysteria has resulted in a bunch of ball-less leftists resigning is very delightful in a personal sense. Another thing is that this is a targeting of what little talent was left in Hollywood and DC. You have Ben Affleck and a bunch of other people getting trashed too. But that’s another story.

‘The Room’ A Post-Modern Masterpiece

The film sensation surrounding the success of the strange cult film the Room has been misunderstood as the glorification of mediocrity. On the surface this is true.

(Link to trailer for ‘The Room’) :


But really this film is a post modern classic which tells a deeper story of male disenchantment in a world of upside down and self centered morality. Not to mention that the rent is too high and the city smells like garbage (with homeless people everywhere).

In the film the protagonist has a cheating no good , not that hot fiancé. She is self centered to the point of having no empathy for anyone. She acts only upon her own dominant whims. The friends and neighbors in the story are all kind of just ‘there’, causing problems with their own moral obliviousness.

The hero of the film lives a romantic and self determined lifestyle, and is moral to a fault. He cannot survive in a depraved , self centered city such as SF. Cuts which people thought were stupid, such as the café ordering scenes, are thoughtfully placed throughout the film to emphasize the shallow nature of modern city life.

The concept of the room is not just the one room the hero bangs his fiancé and kills himself in. The room is a metaphor for the soulless, morally bankrupt city of SF. The long screen shots of the Golden Gate bridge are meant to warn the viewer that SF sucks, and the hero is thinking of jumping off the bridge. The film is meant to channel Camus’s classic novella The Fall.

The viewer is left with the gripping reality that we all have contributed to the death of the hero. As we have ‘torn him apart!’

Sexbot Samantha Gets Mass Produced

Sexbot Samantha is now getting mass produced. First orders were placed and shipped this past summer. Demand has exceeded expectations by far.


Many people think people that use sexbots can not get a regular girlfriend. This is not the case however. The truth is that many men , some who are total players even, are tired of the BS they have to put up with from overly dominant women, and would rather date a sexbot. Women want to argue all the time, while being lavished with fancy gifts and outings. They want men to agree with every stupid point of view they have, and to cow tow to them. To hell with that!

On Equality

I was reading an interesting article about what conceptually what equality means in America historically: http://www.amerika.org/politics/understanding-the-constitutional-notion-of-equality/

At UC Davis I had a great professor Nicolas Dungy. He was pretty radical. Very into Howard Zinn, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hobbes , Locke, and Heidegger. He often threw his chalk and erasers at students.

In his class we were taught that the US concept of equality was Locke and Hobbes derived. In a state of nature we are all equally vulnerable to being killed by each other. The professor demonstrated this by pulling a student from his chair onto the ground, and pretending to kick the crap out of him. That is a state of nature. Chaos.

Under a Constitutional government that equality is suspended and reversed to where we are supposedly guaranteed to be equal in terms of our right to be alive, to be allowed to collect private property, and to pursue happiness.

The irony is that the government is now tyrannous and goes around killing everyone, stealing their property, while taxing everyone to death. Meanwhile, the state also puts numerous obstacles to economic and personal well being. It intrudes into almost every element of our lives.

Modern governments have misinterpreted the phrase equality. Instead of using equality as a baseline to prevent mistreatment from government and from private individuals, it has been treated as an economic price floor at which lower class people get their lifestyles subsidized by the higher classes. The end result of this Marxist version of equality (so wrongly applied to the American economy) is a fascist nanny state and giant bureaucracy that grows ever larger. Eventually, over many years, the level of taxation and regulatory repression has become so great that the long term outlook for the country is completely negative. You can thank Marx, Lenin, and the left wing in America for creating such a tyrannous leviathan of a government, all in the name of their misguided fancy ideals.

‘The Foreigner’ is Popcorn-Drool Anti-White Trash

So I went to see this Jackie Chan movie that has been out almost a month called The Foreigner. Chan plays a poor bereaved Chinese ex-patriot whose daughter gets killed by an IRA bomb. It is set in the current day, so this is a joke. Enter Pierce Brosnan as a boring corporate IRA boardroom type guy (talk about boring settings). Brosnan does every scene with 15 white thugs, and fills a ridiculous stereotype that if you have an Irish accent, you are therefor either in the mob or you are a cop. The other good guy besides Chan is a black embassy officer, and it becomes clear early in the film that white people are evil. Also its obvious about five minutes in that Brosnan is the bad guy, and his little act pretending to be Mr. Reformed Bomber Guy is a fail.

To make matters worse, there must have been some kind of popcorn promotion at the theatre I attended. As the trailers about AMC’s shitty soda and popcorn proceeded, fat slob whites and Mexicans surrounded me like the Alamo, with loud slobbering sounds of buttery cholesterol death and straw slurping corn syrup clogging.

My girlfriend simultaneously decided to start browbeating me regarding relationship bullshit. I was forced to relocate to a less odorous, less slobbery section (near the exit). But slobs proceeded to stake positions around me and took my seat as I got up for 5 seconds for fresh air and recomposing. At this point (which was about twelve minutes into the film) I felt I would have to vomit if I stayed in this disgusting theatre.

As I went outside Mexican families waddled by with disgusting filled popcorn boxes the size of their upper frame, while towing two extra plastic bags (each) of even more enormous popcorn. This was truly shocking and nauseating. It was like Day of the Popcorn. These people were fucking popcorn zombies I am telling you.

So I went to the front counter and told them the crowd was disgusting and chewing more popcorn than I had ever seen in my entire life. And I was able to get a full refund.

Thank You For Your Service Says ‘Fuck You’ to Kneelers

Everywhere I go in Salinas these days people pull me aside to talk shit about the NFL kneelers. “Too many people in my family died for that flag”, “Those motherfuckers”, and stuff like that are the common small talk here. To start with, fans were not happy their local team the Raiders up and decided to move to Vegas despite sell-outs. Meanwhile the 49ers lost all their first 7 or 8 games, following the Colin Kap debacle where he started the kneeling trend.

I wasn’t expecting much from “Thank You For Your Service,” but I ended up being very pleasantly surprised. This film, which stars Miles Teller and is directed by the writer-producer of “American Sniper,” paints a bleak picture of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It shows the terror of war by following three Iraq War vets through their post-war experiences, which tend to be scarier than any horror film I’ve seen this year. One of the soldiers is an African American who has almost completely lost his ability to remember dates. Your heart goes out to him. Because the film is a true story, the resolution is not as exciting as it seems like it could be. But it’s a powerful film, and Amy Schumer (who I’m not wild about) is fine in a straight dramatic role. This movie is definitely worth seeing and probably better than “American Sniper.” Don’t miss it if you like serious films!

Battle of the Sexes (Women Won)

This new flick Battle of the Sexes, about the chauvinist gambler and former Wimbleton winner who took on female tennis pro Bill Jean King, is a good combination of humor and social commentary. The film is well balance in a way that few films are. Kind of reminds me of Rain Man in that regard. The sets and costumes really capture the era of the 70s very well.

Do you remember hearing about the tennis match in the 70s between them, in which Billie Jean King won? I remember HBO sports pushing documentaries about it really hard when I was like 5 years old, in between Mike Tyson boxing decapitations. This movie makes an interesting point: that women won the battle of the sexes, in terms of independence, pay, and social prestige. Billie Jean King becomes liberated from her husband by a dike lover to rub in the fact that she wins this charade of a tennis match. It is rather unsettling. The husband has to cuck. And that’s the problem. Don’t blame women for being misguided. Its the men who cucked societally and allowed this corrosion, where men get walked all over.


Steve Carell plays the male chauvinist very effectively. He is a dead look-alike in fact. At the time the guy was so past retirement that the match was a bogus litmus test for the make species. John McEnroe would have kicked Billie Jean’s ass. Anyhow, Carell brings a zeal and enthusiasm to the role which is unmatched in the film. He does manage to beat the #2 tennis star in the world at the time, who is the more traditional woman. Strangely and wrongly, the movie subtly hints that a traditional woman does not handle pressure as well as a gay one.

This is a hard film to review and grade so I would recommend you see it yourself and come to your own decision. Prepare to have a few laughs and possibly be outraged at dike scenes where you were not invited in as a threesome.

Reverse Chauvinism

couples shoot I did with Velvet Ecstasy

We have all been brought up to assume men are horny dogs and women are the guardians of morality and of civilization. However, the fact is that women are watching way more porn on their cell phones than men are:


Far from objectifying women, men are servants of woman in the current feminist matriarchy in the United States. Our society is like the old film The Wicker Man, where men build and do repairs, while women out-earn men while they sit on their ass and administrate. Even working in porn was like this, where the guys did all the hard work in bed but were making like 1/3 what women earn. Meanwhile the guys were setting up all the shoots and doing the driving and everything that actually got things going.

Marches like yesterday’s National Womens’ Strike demonstrate that American women carry a huge hypocritical chip on their shoulder over men objectifying them, and oppressing them. The truth is that by watching more porn than men, that women are doing just fine on their own in terms of objectifying themselves as sex objects. Women are also responsible for so many talentless overly sexual pop culture losers like Beyoncé, Madonna, Katie Perry, and even the Kardashians (who no male in their right mind would waste two seconds watching). Frankly – we could use more national days without women. Let them stay home and watch porn on their cell phones. Men can pick up their slack anyways.