Sexbots Need Robo-Pimps

Now that sexbots have started catching on at brothels in Austria, the time has come to have robotic pimps to keep the customers in line.

Sexbots are really expensive, and there are so many laws on the books against a righteous pimp beating up a john to protect a good ho. The time has come for robotic pimps to give a firm backhand slap to those type of customers who will put out a cigarette using the bot as an ashtray. This will allow brothels to escape some of the liability involved with protecting the bots from misuse, and will also allow scientists to study how the sexbots and robopimps interact. The early days of robotic social anthropology will emerge, and we will learn a lot about robots. The robopimps can be equipped with body cams by TasR corporation, and the beat-downs of bad customers can be uploaded to social media for public shaming. The whole thing should be quite a hoot!

On a side-note, many are wondering why the customers in Austria are choosing the sexbot over the human prostitutes. I have been to a brothel in Austria and I know why! It is because the sexbot does not upsell. You pay $80 for a half hour and that is that! With the hookers, they constantly upsell, meaning they might stop part way through and start jacking the price up on you. My experience at a brothel in Austria was that for $30 I got one beer and a weak ass lap-dance. For sex they wanted like $200. No thanks!

Pimp’s Corner: Taking Proper Pictures Of Your Bitch


One of the more important parts that is often over-looked is taking the proper pictures of your bitch. These girls really enjoy this kind of shit. So make the best of it. Take them and buy them some decent looking new lingerie and help them find the proper color. Make sure their hair isn’t in front of their eyes. They think that’s sexy but its not. They need to smile in the pic, that’s important. The serious look makes them look psycho. For this occasion its best to get a hotel room up high. They ought to have a drink or two first. A cellphone cam is boring. At least get a cheap digital camera or something at least, if not something more professional. Natural lighting will always be best. So get a higher up floor so you can open the blinds. Look out for mirrors. Nobody wants to see her pimp in the background. If you must use light bulbs then keep them behind the camera for the most part and try and distribute the light evenly. Get any cheap looking cluttery stuff like pictures and ugly bedspreads the hell out of their. Family pictures in the background would be the worst. People frankly prefer they not have tats. But they don’t want them hidden either.  She shouldn’t act like she is hiding anything basically.

Some other tips are that if there’s a shower with enough lighting or a fireplace with track-lights you are even more set for a vintage shot. And if she is down to go hiking, a slightly off the trail in a nice state park makes a nice outing, plus gets you the best lighting.

There are a few basic shots you need to get of your bitch for her listing. Front standing, back standing, doggy, close-up (pink shot) , face shot (smiling with hair back), side (both sides). Usually by the time you are done with these shots the girl will jump your bones like a wild animal and try and show you how many insane positions she knows. Or if she is submissive she will let you hammer her until she has to cover her own face with a pillow to muffle the screams of ecstasy. Here is an example of some pics I took of one of my past bitches which were pretty good overall for an average pimp. Overall, I would say taking these type of pictures is very rewarding for both you and her, and it adds a tool to your game. –Slick

Pimp’s Corner: How to Date 3 or 4 Women at the Same Time

fist ps2 & dawning vid 011
Today we are speaking with a former pimp on some general ideas about modern dating:
Most people assume you have to be rich to date three or four women simultaneously. That is a myth. In fact, being rich can often be an obstacle to dating more than two women at once. Reason being that the richer you are, and the larger your living space is – the more she will cling to you like a super-glued suction cup – and will try and move in with you or extort you by any means necessary. First off, practically speaking, you will need some pathos of distance (psychological and intellectual mystique) and some actual (physical ) distance for this to work. They need to live across town at least, so there’s no mix-ups and women bumping into each other. They will never submit to this righteous form of de facto polygamy in this feminist era. But you are smarter than that, and you can play their desire to conquer you into something you play off of while making yourself more mysterious about your true intentions. If you are not marrying them then you are a free man. It is your God-given right to have some damn fun, especially sexually, before you settle on getting pinned down or married. Have fun now, you can repent later (once you are married).
Now this doesn’t mean you act like a total jerk (all the time) with them. You will have still have to buy them all the perfunctory gifts, plus some extra truly thoughtful ones (to keep them somewhat contented). So it is important that you get used to thrift shopping for antiques on the cheap and that kind of thing. A thoughtful old leather bound romance book, a silver necklace tax free from the goodwill. Chicks dig that shit. And it’s cheap. You’re gonna have to take them to eat a lot. You can keep your bill down by ordering water for yourself instead of soda or beer . That makes them think you are health conscious too . And they will maybe not spend so much of your damn money and drinks and stuff hopefully then.
We’re going to talk a lot more in the next few articles about how and where to meet these bitches in the first place. How to make them squirt in bed. Bedroom tricks . How to make them sexually obsessed with you so that basically you are like natural heroin to them. We’ll get to all that in the next few articles. You got to be fast at sneaky texting to the other women, while they are in the bathroom and all that too. We will cover how to keep your bitches from getting fat. Cheap places to take your ho to nail her. Cheap date ideas. So there’s a lot to it. Stay tuned.  –Slick