FBI is Part of DNC

So basically it is official , the FBI is the strong arm branch of the DNC. The Dem. members of the Senate today were particularly like IQ below-wild-turkeys with law degrees today. They were out schilling in force from everything from immigrant kids being separated from their parents due to illegal entry, to even lauding this crooked Swamp-meister and now admonished, disgraced Federal agent. Strzok caught himself but GOP missed their chance. When he said he was not biased , despite ‘we’ll stop trump texts’, big problem with him reconciling that with other text, which said he was not sure ‘whether there was any there there which in testimony today he elaborated by saying, “not sure of any evidence of a crime, much less crime committed by Trump.”

Ding! Ding! Ding! This is against code of criminal procedure. There must be evidence that a crime was committed , as well as reasonable suspicion or probable cause that said individual was a party to it, in order to target someone with a criminal investigation which involves subpoena power.

Someone had the balls enough to ask Strzok how many convictions of Russian collusion in the 2016 election so far. And the answer was ZERO. This is despite Mueller going around D.C. with a fleet of vehicles and lawyers which rival the President’s own motorcade. To Dems., Mueller is their anti-president. Mueller and his team of crooked lawyer political hacks have more power than Trump. They are shredding the Constitutional right of the individual one Amendment at a time.

Right to an attorney? NO!

Right to privacy in bank records or legal counsel? NO

Trial by Jury? NO! They threaten you with 100 years in jail despite no evidence of a crime, and then plea bargain you for some infraction which pales in comparison to anything Hilary has done for pay.

Right to confront your accusers? NO! Trump would never get to confront Mueller in any legal situation.

Freedom of association? NO! Not with any Russian or Ukrainian. (Weren’t the Ukrainians our ally? And if you earn money in Ukraine , why must you pay US taxes if you live over there at the time?? And even so , why not just have him pay backtaxes???

Guilty until proven innocent?? No! Trump and Manafort are guilty no matter what to the Dems.

Moreover, today the agent went on to say that collusion is not even a crime anyway. So in a short conversation admitted bias, plus not having evidence of a crime, and that even if everything they imagined Trump did was true, that there still is nothing constituting a crime. Then , to make things worse, went on and on about his love of the FBI and the deep state, but showed little regard for the candidate the American people VOTED for to lead the country, or for the American people themselves. In fact, he showed utter contempt.

I will also point out in passing that the Deep State’s star witness against Trump, pornstar Stormy Daniels, was arrested for fondling a customer at a strip bar yesterday. And that Trump’s own lawyer has been threatened with life in prison over payments from the pres. to shut her up, and those were mutual contracts that ho signed for. She got paid , and according to the contract has to shut up. The government threatening Cohen with jail over what is at best a petty crime , in order to turn him against Trump, is truly nefarious. The fact that Cohen has retained ex Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis is very telling. Especially when you keep in mind Hilary’s role in the election. I will remind you. Hilary pulled tricks against Bernie Sanders in multiple primaries where they threw the popular vote out. She got debate questions ahead of time. She played a major role in the phony Steele Dossier. And now her personal lawyer is working Cohen to flip against Trump. This is all truly sickening and disturbing AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.