Jill Stein Should be Arrested on RICO Charges

Jill “the shill” Stein is using organized crime methods to try and steal the election from Trump. She is making bogus challenges to the election count , well after the deadline for certification in those states, and she is doing it with foreign George Soros cash. She is attempting to undermine our democratic republican form of governance. Foreign campaign contributions are ILLEGAL. She should be JAILED on RICO charges. Its past time that foreign funded anti US criminals like her are jailed and dealt with appropriately. Make an example of her. We need LAW and ORDER in this society, and its time to start jailing leftist rabble rousers. Jill Stein and the foreign interests that fund her should be all thoroughly investigated and charged. Also the COLLUSION between the Stein and Clinton campaigns is ILLEGAL under anti-trust laws and MUST be PROSECUTED!

That’s the best way to restore honesty to US elections. Lock the crooks up and throw away the key! There is plenty of room in Guantanamo…

I am calling on all American patriots to save the Republic. If you see Stein, pin her to the ground, cuff her, and place her under private person “citizens” arrest. Take her to the police station, and tell them you have arrested her for  receiving foreign contributions in a federal election. Stein must face the threat of jail time in order to save the Republic. She must be stopped. Our votes must count. We are taxed to death . So our votes must count. We will not stand for taxation without representation. If the left wants our votes to be thrown in the toilet then we will give them WAR… and General Trump will lead us to certain victory. We are nearing the time of the 2nd American Revolution. The left is asking for it – and they just might get it.