The Cold Cash War is On

I had heard about this late 70’s early 80’s book called the Cold Cash War on a conspiracy web site. Shortly thereafter, I stumbled upon copy at a second hand book store store in quaint downtown Salinas. Supposedly the book is supposed to be coded by the Illuminati about the future or something. I don’t know if that is true or not, but the author (Robert Asprin) certainly was an underrated visionary.

The plot is about corporate mercenary armies and terrorists hired by the MNC’s to fight proxy wars and target corporate execs who are disagreeable. What happens is that the corporations go to war with each other. This is simultaneous to a new emerging global corporate currency, which threatens the primacy of the nation-state sovereigns. A Yakuza-like corporate system complete with sword-armed Samurai on the one side. And complex mechanized weaponry on the government side face off at the end.

The parallels between the events in the book and the events of 911, in which corporate execs were targeted in the WTC are spooky. The mercenary army of sword-wielding modern warriors fighting a proxy war for the international corporations is indeed eerily similar to how ISIS fights in the Middle East today. Also the idea of big corporations getting together on a global currency bears minor resemblance to the concept of BRIC’s, a multinational commodities based currency , which is a component of a global monetary reset , according to conspiracy theorists: The corporate currency in the story also resembles crypto-currencies to some extent. And it is ironic that Burger King just launched the first big corporate involved crypto a week or two ago: And the government just so happens to be cracking down on cryptos this year for the first time:

Illuminati Oscars Ceremony

A week or two after right wing humorist Milo was thrown to the wolves by the left, it is very revealing that a convicted rapist was spotlighted and given the red carpet (or should I say red-light?) treatment at the Oscars.

While I do want to be clear that I think people deserve a second chance in society after having served hard time, it is very suspect that Hollywood chose to fawn and lord over an underclass member – who we then discover did 25 years for something unmentionable. I am fine with him being saved, but let him be saved in his church or in his community – not in the national spotlight of a  supposedly achievement based highly-esteemed awards ceremony.

Think about the hidden motive here. Whether its Michael Jackson or Roman Polanski – Hollywood / pop music always seems to be on the same sick side of things. Hollywood has a dark underside. Author Brett Easton Ellis , at least formerly part Hollywood elite, has been sounding the alarm on such things for years, by using fictionalized characters to convey what has been going on. To really understand the evil underbelly of Hollywood it is necessary to have an understanding of the occult, specifically the Illuminati. Incidents such as the sex offender being treated as royalty at the Oscars recently are by design, not by accident. You don’t let just any random street person touch famous stars (like Nicole Kidman’s hand with his lips for instance).  It was some sick form of ritual. Not a ‘mistake’.