Men Chicken Out on Tinder Sexbot

Harmony, the world’s first AI mass produced sexbot, joined Tinder recently. Over ninety men picked her as a match on a Friday night. Tinder is meant to be a meat market for sex obviously. But many of the men backed down when asked further whether they would actually have sex with Harmony. About half of them flaked at that point. Only about a quarter of the Tinder matches actually said they would go through with it. How are men ever going to win back their independence from women with statistics such as these?

Men need to get their balls back. They need to tighten up their wallets (after splurging for a sexbot obviously). And they need to stop worrying what everyone is thinking of them. So far , we men have been very PC and yet men are portrayed as something just shot of loser serial-killers by the media. Look no further than the Kavenaugh hearing to see why men should have a sexbot. For one thing, it makes you impervious to accusals, since you can simply say you are only attracted to sexbots.

For another thing, they can’t sue you for alimony , or make up lies to get custody of the kids. Harmony is there for one thing, and one thing only: Your enjoyment. Yet , men are by in large thinking they are too good for her. How is that even possible, when she has been custom made for them? You don’t have to worry about her period, or about her getting pregnant. Or about meeting her A-hole dad and mom (just kidding). If you don’t like her attitude, you can adjust it with a simple knob. How can you beat that?

The stock market is about to crash. There’s bad news in politics with pipe bombs mailed to political figures in the news. Is it time to invest in silver, or maybe go all into cash? I say invest in yourself. Its the perfect time to buy a sexbot and take that vacation to the Bahamas, before the real shit-storm starts!