Leftist PC Groping Scandal Backfires

The mass hysteria over male ‘groping’ is reaching a climax. Democrats Al Franken and Jon Conyers are resigning from Congress. Kevin Spacey’s acting career is in ruins. Harvey Weinstein will be lucky to evade jail. What started as a PC feminist leftist outrage has culminated to a full scale witch hunt. This all started when it became acceptable to bring 30 year old charges against black right wing icon Bill Cosby. People imagined a revisionist history in which downers and sex were not the norm at places like the Playboy Mansion. The stuff Franken is being exiled for, such as trying to procure ‘kisses’ from female radio guests, or pretending to *pork* a sleeping radio show personality (who happened to look ridiculous in full camo – though I dunno if she was in the army or not), are offensive and juvenile. But if you have any sense of humor and lived through the 80s where skin flicks played on Cinemax every night, then you realize that this does not rise to any level of illegality. But that was back before they issued Barbie’s with a burka. Back when a 3 pointer in basketball was a few feet further back, and there were no ‘flagrant fouls’. Meaning, things were different back then.

Now, the GOP comes out on top, with Trump in the White House, and Roy Moore soon to be elected, both despite chauvinist appearances. The fact remains that Americans want their balls back. China can’t have them!Mexico can’t have them! Angry women who want to blame us for their discontent in life cannot have them either! We are keeping our balls intact.

We are not going to participate in their deranged public relations game. Ugly women have come on to me before. Get over it! We are all created equal, so lets compete on our merits, not on PC witch-hunts by a leftist media. Trump and Moore did the right thing. They fired back at their accusers and stood up for themselves, the way any self respecting man should. The fact that PC mass hysteria has resulted in a bunch of ball-less leftists resigning is very delightful in a personal sense. Another thing is that this is a targeting of what little talent was left in Hollywood and DC. You have Ben Affleck and a bunch of other people getting trashed too. But that’s another story.