Sexbot Party is Rad

There was a sexbot party in Texas:

A bunch of dudes brought their hot female sexbots and displayed them in pageant style, while shooting guns and drinking beer. They didn’t bang each other’s sexbots, but they did grab their tits and check them out. This party demonstrates that sexbots are becoming more mainstream, as dudes are tired of taking crap from unruly human chicks. Years ago it would have been deemed socially unacceptable. But now you can practically take your sexbot to church. Let’s see where this leads. The next thing is likely that men will begin marrying their sexbot and taking vows.

“I would definitely marry my sexbot”, one party goer named Earl said, a short stocky dude in jeans and a t-shirt , with a MAGA hat and a double barrel shotgun. “What we need is a mayor with enough balls to legalize sexbot marriage.”

“I pay taxes, I tithe, I pay alimony. So what if I want to marry Gina, my sexbot? I thought this was a free country,” said Mike. “I may have to vote libertarian next time, I’m not really sure who to turn to who will give me civil rights with her.”

Jim Smithsonian, a legal scholar from the Sexbot Foundation, told us, “This is an existential Constitutional crisis. We fought from the British to be free of the kind of tyranny which tells us who we can marry, what we can eat, who we can worship. In America, you have the right to pursue happiness. The Founding Fathers gave us that right.”

Others, like Jim Mahoney from the Overpopulation Foundation, disagree. “We already have too many dang people pollutin’, fallutin’, and doin’ whatever they please. The last thing we need is a bunch of sexbots overcrowding everything. Next thing they will be claiming their repairs are a health care right or something. You let one sexbot get married, all the other sexbots will want to get married. Then watch, they will start constructing their own micro families and so forth. It will probably be worse than immigration.”

Religious scholars were split. William Telethon was quoted as saying,”If God wanted us to have sexbots, he would have made sexbots instead of women.” But others , such as those in the Catholic church, found relief in the sexbots  since they used it as a way to have more sex but without committing adultery and the like. Nelson Bartlebee Jones, cleric at a non-denominantional church said “My sexbot provides me with the necessary relief which I need to be able to go home and deal with my nagging wife.”


Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!