Sex Robots and Repatriation Can Help Calm Immigration Fears

Things have gotten really tense in California, as a prolonged heat wave ruined the wonderful ambience of the Central Valley last week. Lots of bad stuff was going on, and meanwhile not enough bbq ‘s!

The first thing is that everybody needs to calm down. Sexbots could be used to get people to stop worrying about the INS and start focusing on good old Americana. Sexbots need to be dressed in fully patriotic attire and a line to sign up for citizenship and take a repatriation test , grab a musket and a bulletproof vest and head off to fight America’s foes is the solution. It’s time to drop that old dual citizenship and go and fight for Uncle Sam.

Soon, Eye of the Tiger and other Rocky 4 classics will be permeating the Home Depot parking lot of every locality. And women’s mud wrestling should be making a comeback too. Other good classics for repatriation classes would be studies of the films Hoosiers and The Right Stuff.

Meanwhile, it is time to send the boys in , and go and set up a perimeter around Venezuela, while airdropping the food in there. Guatemala will need someone like Giuliani to go in and help secure it and drive private investment as he has done in other countries and help build an economy there. Ending the war on drugs would also help stabilize these countries. And the sanctions on Venezuela should be lifted in order to help restore the economy. Meanwhile Maduro should face indictment in the Hague.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!