Salvaged Part 2


Journal Entry:
December 2045:

I have been stuck in this camp for far too long. Many of my comrades succumbed to death by being Jazzercized to severe exhaustion and dehydration in scorching 106 degree and very humid weather (for weeks on end straight). Rumor has it that armies of our mindless, brainwashed seed have conquered the majority of the globe. Most of those who have been interned have gone mad, and as a result, have been lobotomized. Meanwhile, the bums and people on the outside parade around in Armani suits, eating lobster and caviar, while listening to cheesy South American tango. Simultaneously, the entire prison population has fully mutated.

The guards made the mistake of having an idealist in their midst. Irwin Nikolai Jones decided to dress as Santa Claus and descend down the mega incubator one night. He possessed an algo-rhythm key code, designed by another defector, a top NASA scientist. It not only jammed the incubator, it also electromagnetically released the locks on every cell in every prison.

The mutants immediately began to slaughter the neo-fascists, while in a state of mindless synchronized dance.

I knew this was my chance to escape the God forsaken planet.


Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!