Salvaged: Part Three


The whole planet is now on fire. There is no longer anything here really worth salvaging. I have been searching junkyard after junkyard for some vessel to leave the Earth in. I finally found an old abandoned junk craft, which happened to be a medic evac. pod left over from the US-China War. It was in a dump by M.I.T. Very rusty and somewhat stale and acidic smelling, with some of the rubber interior having warped and deteriorated. But the rocket boosters still fired fine, and the gas tank had no leaks.

In the craft, I have stockpiled the following, among other things:

  • a sperm incubator kit, to hook up to my sexbot, so that I can repopulate the planet I land on.
  • a small vegetable garden
  • reading materials, mostly comics and noire
  • oxygen and a space helmet
  • tools
  • medical supplies
  • canned food
  • water and a condensation kit

Using methane nano-fuel, from the rotting corpses of neo-fascists, I am powering the ship (which I have named the Ginger). I am headed out towards Europa, where I will search out other life forms. The plan is to colonize that moon with my offspring, and to carve out a new manifest destiny, where rugged individualism can thrive, free of political correctness and free of government interference.



Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!