Why Porn Stars Die Young


Porn stars die young because society throws stones at them until they snap, break and die. People dehumanize them and wrongly view them as crooks and degenerates. They are isolated and discriminated against socially, and that isolation leads to them to false placebos in drugs. Later it snowballs into overdose or violent mayhem. Another thing is that the viewers push for more far out sex scenes than ever. They want the biggest, most insane gangbangs, and the most intensely harsh bondage shoots possible. After the crazy scene we did with Amber, I shot a scene with one of her best friends (another well known model). Even her friend was really surprised how crazy the scene we did with Amber was (it was a really big GB). Viewers also won’t buy porn with condoms used in it to the same extent as they will pay to watch bareback scenes. None of this has the best interests of the performers in mind. Its all self-centered towards the viewer and to hell with the performers.

Amber seemed to be a very nice person from the little I knew and saw. Played a Les Paul and apparently was into nice hobbies like horseback riding. She pulled up to the shoot in a shiny, but modest compact car, and was all smiles and positive attitude despite the fact the shoot was a continuation of a shoot that had ended with pushing and shoving to get into her. Unfortunately, society looks WAY down on these performers and they wind up socially isolated from normal people. I wonder if sexbots will OD too.

Porn stars in San Fernando have their own bowling leagues, softball leagues, and the like. Occasionally some of them were so socially isolated from the normal world that I noticed they referred to non-industry people as ‘civilians’.

Another individual I knew when I worked in the industry, named Tom Dong, also died too young. He was stabbed to death with a stage prop ( a samurai sword) after another actor was fired. The murderer’s name was Stephen Hill.  Hill then got stun gunned by police and fell off a cliff to his death (you can watch this on Youtube). I had seen Hill around in the past at the Bukkake Club shoots we did for Jim Powers, but never really spoken with him. The bottom line is that society should be more accepting of porn stars, and less demanding. Society demands much from them, yet cuts them very little slack considering that they are just doing their job and trying to earn a living. Many of them are entrepreneurs of libertarian leanings. I heard more than one producer say nice things about Reagan. Instead of being lazy and collecting welfare like half the country, porn stars get to work, and start their own businesses. – Steve C.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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