Psycho Leftist Bitch Arrested

Some crazy leftist schoolteacher has been arrested, after she texted her friend that she was going to ‘poke a lot of holes in people’ at a concert. She was ranting about being able to pick the exact song, the exact moment she wanted to die. Crazy that this chick was teaching our kids. Appears to be a copycat of the Harvest Concert shooter from last year. Bring back the death penalty for attempted murder. This chick is totally smirking in her mug-shot too. She’s not even hot, like those ones that sleep with their students usually are. And it goes to show that its not just crazy Muslims and angry white men out to cause problems with violence, now its those crazy chicks too. This one wanted to kick-start the women’s movement with a #MeToo type following, but somehow I think that would have backfired…

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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