Decline of Porn

A new documentary claims that fewer scenes are being produced these days, due to piracy.

photo of documentarian


“Tube” sites make the pirated copies of scenes widely available for free. And personal webcam services like CamZ (with live cam interaction) are also filling the void. What scenes are still being filmed are paying actors peanuts and the content is more hardcore than ever. Earlier this week we noted that huge bondage company is shutting down film production at the Armory in SF also. As porn declines in general, we will see whether VR porn or perhaps sexbots will rise to the forefront.


First off, you are probably expecting a review of the new Matthew McConaughey movie “Gold,” but, well, Homey don’t play that…this is about the unheralded 1974 Roger Moore exploitation film. Set at a South Africa gold mine, the film’s about a conspiracy by the owners of the mine to cause the mine to drill a hole in the mine and flood it, making money off the rise in oil futures. To do this, they bring in Roger Moore as the new general manager, hoping his inexperience and naivety will make him an easy fall guy when their plans come to fruition. They didn’t count on his bullheaded courage, however, and he ends up saving the mine instead of destroying it.

This film is underrated and only showed at drive-ins as part of a double bill in America and is now a public domain DVD. Right off the bat, it opens with a great title song as the letters G-O-L-D flash on the screen. Indeed, Elmer Bernstein’s music is top-notch. Then we see that the film not only has Moore and Susannah York but also stars Oscar winners John Guilgud (from “Arthur) and Ray Milland. Moore is the man in this movie, rescuing miners and bedding married York. He is a man of suave sophistication and fierce resolve. Between the extramarital affair and the exploitation of South African men, this film is hilariously amoral. The reason I enjoy this film so much is that it is a product of a bygone era. No longer can films be so carelessly exploitative and get away with it. Also, “Gold” is from some of the better Bond filmmakers, including Peter Hunt, director of “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and John Glen (director of 5 good Bond films including “License to Kill”).

In short, “Gold” is a gem, a silly drive-in classic. Watch for it in the bargain bin DVD section and stay tuned for more reviews soon!

Who Will Survive?

Inspired by the heights of our New Years’ Eve VHS Marathon featuring such classics as “Wheels of Terror,” Deplorable Steve and I decided to continue our VHS marathon with “Massive Retaliation,” a 1984 movie about the dangers of nuclear war. As a fan of such films as “Threads,” “Testament,” and “The Day After,” this film was impossible for me to resist. Comparing this film to the other three, how does it stack up?

Well, the setup for all four films is much the same. In all of these films, a nuclear war is imminent, and people prepare. In this one, a group of survivalist families retreat to their bunkers while waiting for other family members, such as Jason Gedrick (from “Iron Eagle” and “The Heavenly Kid”) to arrive. Because of the seriousness of the situation and the graphic nature of the similar TV movies, we anticipate mass nuclear carnage but this flick goes in a different direction. It’s about how nuclear tensions lead to violence. We know we are in heady territory when Bobcat Golthwait, in his first “serious” role, appears and gets in a violent standoff with the other survivalists.

Another memorable thing about this movie is how it shows 1980’s nuclear tensions. But this film’s main strength and weakness are the same: because the nuclear crisis is evaded, the film is to be commended for avoiding cliché but called to the carpet for not being serious or gory enough. It’s not a bad little movie, but it doesn’t live up to the video box. Then again, what could?

California Porn Exodus

The California porn exodus continues, with shutting down film production in SF.

Kink was filmed in a former giant military barrack called the Armory, a giant brick building by what used to be the presidio. Skaters were always doing tricks on the wide stone stairs in front of the building. I’ve been there a few times, and the building itself (mostly vast, empty, and having been abandoned very creepy Silent Hill-like atmosphere.


Having worked in the porn industry, it is sad to see all the companies leaving the state or shutting down altogether. First all the southern California studios moved to Vegas ( after the condom law was passed). I never really liked Kink (for reasons I will explain), but it still makes me sad to see a whole industry wiped out in our state. The Armory will join other landmarks in the Bay Area, like the Mitchell Brothers’ Burbank Theatre, (now abandoned) which is on Bascom next to 280 in San Jose.

When I was working in porn, early in my career I was told I should apply at Kink. I did, and they called me in a for an interview. They wanted to cast me for all their sites practically, but all their sites were way too messed up for me. Ended up doing a pissing/bj shoot there. Found it hard to pee live on camera! I guess that was my bad. Had no experience with that. I showed up ready to shoot though, and (as studios often do) there was an hour or two of waiting around during delays while the girls did makeup. I think had we just got down to business I would have performed better. They also were asking me to fool around before the scene and stuff that I wasn’t used to.

At one point they asked me to refer some female models I knew. So I referred some high end models I was friends with at the time like Shyra Sheer and Torri Paige. I put them in touch with Kink, but they didn’t want to shoot with them , since their shoots were crazy. After i started getting them in touch with hot amateur female models instead Kink started complaining that I wasn’t sending them ‘nice’ girls. I thought that was ironic since hardcore BDSM doesn’t always draw the nice ones as much.


Later I was invited to a party there. And it was supposed to be an orgy. It was setup a lot like the orgy in Eyes Wide Shut. Problem was that the women there were prudes that year , and only the paid performers were doing anything. Party’s end was nearing , and when I got my date to head out, the Aceworth jerk who runs the company began to stand between me and the girl, trying to block her from leaving – though she wanted to. I blew a lid at the guy and then as we were leaving I kicked a big full garbage can across the room. Oh the memories.

While I didn’t like much of what they shot there, I must admit they were innovative. They had live crowds at many of their events, and did a good job of inviting the bdsm community to parties and such. One site called Ultimate Surrender (if I remember correctly) featured women wrestling nude in front of a crowd and then the loser getting fucked with a strap on in front of the crowd!

The bottom line is that the porn industry is just one of a series of industries that has been regulated (condom laws and inspections of studios) and cheated (piracy) out of existence in California. Our state keeps adding more and more people to the population. Yet we keep chasing industry after industry out of the state. Its no wonder so many damn Californians end up on welfare. We can also thank technology for making pirating so prevalent that there’s no profit in that industry hardly anymore. Good job Apple and Youtube – you have killed porn as well as the music industry.  Maybe the Hollywood sign will also become a symbol of an industry which USED to thrive in the Golden State. Piracy and  over-regulation also threaten Hollywood. Some of the recent Star Wars films were intended to be shot in California, but were moved due to it being hard and expensive to get permits. Can’t track that link down (due to the Mandela effect), but here is similar evidence:

Meanwhile, China has bought AMC, and is moving much more aggressively into film production, including having built the world’s largest studio and sets.


Men’s Rights


1. No person shall make men lift heavy objects while women stand by commanding them without helping.

2. No man shall be made to pay for babies they did not agree for the woman to have.

3. No man shall be forced to listen to Dave Mathews band in any public place, at any time.

4. No business shall discriminate against hiring men because of facial hair, since that is a sexist principle.

5. Women shall pay their exact share of the bill and percentage of tip (as proportional to their order).

6. Men who are physically attacked by women will be taken seriously by authorities, and women will be charged accordingly.

7. Sexist comments against men in the workplace will be considered sexual harassment, and men will be paid through cases of beer (after arbitration).

8. Any woman who wishes to see the latest romantic comedy shall pay for both the tickets, and the refreshments, as well as any additional fees incurred by the male, including any subsequent parking tickets or DUI’s.

9. The government shall charge and prosecute razor blade companies with anti-trust violations, since they have conspired in causing razor prices to be unbearable.

10. Valentine’s Day shall be abolished, since it violates the Equal Protection clause and 13th Amendments of the Constitution.

Robot Rights Passes E.U.


A European Union commission voted 17 to 2 to grant robots certain rights, including to be free from beatings. There were some developments on this back in June, and now things are progressing. Now, robots in the E.U. will officially be considered to be ‘electronic persons’ under the law. I suppose this means you can ride with a sex-bot shotgun and drive in the carpool lane now!

The bill, which has been compared as a robot ‘Bill of Right’ also designates that humans are to reign over robots (not vice versa). And also includes a stipulation that kill switches be installed on robots, as a weird form of mercy-killing. That idea was based off of an old Asimov concept apparently.

Failed Utopia Cinema

At a time where many on the left are spinning doomsday scenarios as Trump gets inaugurated, it is useful to remember that a liberal utopian fantasy can be just as dangerous, if not more, than conservative ideas taken to their extreme. By looking at the real-life inspired film “Patty Hearst” from 1988 and the fictional but still relevant 1986 film “The Mosquito Coast,” we can see how radical leftism, rather than leading to a glorious utopia, instead leads to shattered dreams and chaos.

“Patty Hearst,’ for example, shows us the lengths that radical leftists, in this case the Symbionese Liberation Army (or S.L.A.), will go to indoctrinate someone into their group fantasy, or cult. Patty Heart is a nice, conservative woman going to U.C. Berkeley who is kidnapped, blindfolded, and then tormented and indoctrinated for months. She is repeatedly raped and loses all connection to the world. Once she loses her sense of identity, she becomes an ideal candidate to be indoctrinated into beliefs and fantasies of equality that she does not share, in part because the alternative is death. She becomes a puppet for a radical leftist organization and assists in robbing banks. It is only when she leaves this radical group and is arrested that she regains some semblance of herself. She ends up (probably unfairly) in jail but has regained her identity.


“The Mosquito Coast,” on the other hand, is about a brilliant but mentally ill inventor named Allie Fox (played by Harrison Ford) who believes that society is on the verge of ruin. Tired of the rat race, he takes his wife and children to the fringes of Africa, where his invention leads to a utopian existence for a time. He scorns religion and believes not only that he is his own man but that everyone else should follow his beliefs. Unfortunately things go wrong and his deteriorating mental state makes it impossible for him to adjust. He tells lies to keep his fantasies going and he ends up dead.


Basically, one can see facets of Obama in both characters. Like Patty Hearst, he has been indoctrinated into a rigid left-wing cult that believes in bringing down the elite and making everyone “equal.” And like Allie Fox, he is clinging to his left-wing ideals long after it should be obvious that they do not work. The S.L.A. would applaud his open-borders and universal requirement of health care for every American. And Allie Fox would applaud his scorn of basic Christian values in favor of an “I am right, dammit!’ approach.

We thought we were getting a pragmatist and we ended up getting a radical ideologue, Thanks, Obama! Check out these two movies to see where things went wrong. And remember, the road to radicalism begins with good intentions, so stay vigilant!

Sex Apps Nymphomania

Apps like Tinder are leading to widespread nymphomania. Some people are anonymously having sex with as many as ten partners a day (though I have trouble believing that’s not slightly exaggerated). Not just hookers, but supposedly normal people are doing this too. I am wondering if this is more of a thing in the gay community than straight because I dunno anyone who does this shit. Anyhow, this article blames the trend on social isolation and drugs. Also, how about the possibly the trend of people working from home may be playing a role? And also the breakdown of traditional dating should be taken into account. The link also says people are failing to use condoms (not even as water balloons), while increasing in promiscuity.  So much for the information highway! And I guess its not time to invest in condom manufacturers: