Sex-shop Stickup Thwarted

An armed robber at an adult toy shop near LA was thwarted, when employees battered him with dildos and other adult toys.

The hefty robber came in and pointed his gun at the clerks. But they were having none of it. One clerk thought maybe it was a fake gun and did not comply. The robber grabbed her. That’s when the other employee started throwing dildos and lube at the guy. And that’s enough to scare a lot of dudes away. So the robber split!

It is so great to average Americans increasingly stand up for what is right. These women deserve a medal. Reminds me of Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol. – Deplorable Steve

robphoto of crook

Ward Fight Had Fishy Ending


That last Andre Ward fight was suspicious. Three American judges gave him the decision after he clearly was overpowered by the larger Russian Kovalev. Ward fought the best he could. But in my opinion he never should have moved up to this higher weight class in the first place. And I’ve been watching Kovalev for the last 4 years and he is a fucking monster and knocks everyone out. Seen him sustain a broken jaw and then knock his opponent out anyways. So I was not surprised Kovalev was able to knock Ward down. Nor was I surprised Ward was able to dance and jab well through parts of the fight. But Ward was more seriously threatened, hurt, and beat up in this match. And Kovalev had great footwork and used his own jab well also, as well as his power hand obviously.

Boxing sucks because you can know ahead of a fight that the underdog is a better fighter at a given weight class, but that the refs will never allow what actually happened in the fight to be reflected in the decision. Instead they always side with the breadwinning current champ, because there is pressure on them from casinos and sports commissions, as well as them tending to always vote for the American fighter over any other country’s fighter.

The solution for this is to return to the old days where there is no round limit to the fights. Fight till one drops or throws in the towel. A past relative of mine won a championship in 42 rounds! :

Deplorable Steve

Disqus Ruining the Internet

Disqus is silencing people. It takes forever to get comments to even just load on a message board these days. Then if you lost your password and click the send me link to new password it either send you nothing , or sends you to a page where it says all usernames are taken already or that your suggested name is not legit.

There is no reason one should have to submit your email address info to these sites in the first place. These companies have no right to track every user , nor to sell our email info. These sites (Breitbart, Infowars etc) could easily flush Disqus where it belongs and just let people post without giving their personal info.

Disqus is a commie front. It needs to die off as a platform immediately. Let freedom ring. Truly free speech would not require us to submit personal info prior to self-expression. We must restore our right to privacy on message boards. Disqus should be sued for violating our right to free speech (and privacy) , and immediately be put out of business. Drain the swamp…


Deplorable Steve


Nocturnal Animals is Whack


I attempted to watch “Nocturnal Animals” the other day.  I did not find it dull, but it was a real nasty turn-off of a movie.  It starts with fat, sultry chicks giving you the eye while dancing naked in slow motion. Yes it really does. Next follows a self-absorbed woman artist in a bad relationship who receives a manuscript for a novel dedicated to her from her even more self-absorbed ex-husband called “Nocturnal Animals.”  The novel follows a suburban family off the road by some redneck psychos, and the mother and daughter end up naked and dead.  This was followed by a dinner scene between our two self-absorbed artists in which they bash Republicans.  At this point, Deplorable Steve and I walked out.

     First of all, why this POS getting good reviews while the terrific “Allied” is getting panned?  “Allied” has characters we like and admire; this film has naked singing fat chicks layered over the opening credits.  Lots of directors imitate David Lynch, but Tom Ford forgets that Lynch’s films are beautiful and fun.  All “Nocturnal Animals” accomplishes is depressing the audience and making us regret listening to the critics.

Incarnate is Hokey Fun


Sometimes when I’m bored, I don’t want to see an Oscar winner, or even a well-composed film. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for a lowest-common-denominator horror film. A sensitive close-encounter sci-fi film? Nope. A moving war epic about a pacifist? Try again. Aaron Eckhart in a wheelchair battling demons? Sounds great!

“Incarnate” is indeed about a wheelchair-bound man who works as an exorcist. The thing is, though, rather than using prayer and holy water, he enters the subconscious of the possessed and saves them by helping them escape the demons with their mind. The twist is that he doesn’t really care about the people he helps; instead, he wants to get back at the demon who killed his wife and daughter and left him in a wheelchair.

Are you following any of this? It doesn’t matter. “Incarnate” is a sublimely bad movie, rather than a run-of-the-mill bore. Aaron Eckhart is a great actor who will someday get the praise he deserves, but, for now, he’s turning films like this and “I, Frankenstein” into must-see bad movie classics. His nonchalance when confronting demons is classic. The fact that he is in a wheelchair because of a demon named Maggie is perfect. The 11-year old he is helping is a mean demon himself; this movie does have a (small) body count. In short, if you have refined tastes and require that the films you watch are of high quality, skip this film. But if you enjoy Aaron Eckhart and cheap but fun films about demonic possession, check this flick out. It’s bad but tons of fun! –CoolAC

Ghostship Fire

Places such as this are a byproduct of unaffordable housing and unaffordable studios in the bay area. The elites that run everything refuse to build more affordable housing, because they are greedy and they want their property values to rise – and they don’t care if rising property values means a lot of people wind up homeless. Its time we started to develop more housing and infrastructure to meet the needs of future generations. Its either that, or population control . Having more and more kids, more and more immigration , higher and higher housing costs, but not building hardly any new low – income housing – will continue to be a recipe for disaster. SF and Oakland are basically cities with the elite rich living next to the poor – and there is very little middle class- as result of coastal elitist policies.

NYE: Night of the Comet?



People are talking about a “large” comet that is supposedly visible to the naked eye and will be passing on NYE. This is supposed to go down while partyers are out in the streets, waiting for the ball to drop. Some website forums are spelling doom for society and talking about elites taking to underground bunkers in anticipation of the comet slamming into Earth.

This all very closely resembles the plot of the classic 80s camp sci-fi classic Night of the Comet. 80s camp films have a lot of social criticisms embedded in them, which are poignant, and often overlooked. In that film, those who follow the crowd (and stand in the streets watching the comet) are turned into a pile of red dust. Only their sneakers and clothes remain. Just like holiday shoppers -even the survivors in the film would mostly rather go fashion shopping than worry about more practical type things. Meanwhile scientists are living in underground bunkers, aiming to harvest the dumb blondes’ organs. And zombie police are out to bust anyone for anything ( just like in real life) – and to eat them.


Night of the Comet and movies like Omega Doom are said by some to be warnings from the elite about events that only insiders know about. Night of the Comet was likely one such piece of multi-dimensional propaganda. It was intended to warn those willing to look past the surface of the film and to look into the hidden message of the film: that excessive mass-culture consumerism and herd mentality will lead to certain calamity.


Sexbot Celebs is a Bad Idea


A professor is suggesting that mass produced sex-bots with bodies cast by celebs could be the next big thing:

On its face this idea sounds enticing. You can bang that unreachable glamor queen you always wanted to bang if this prophecy is true. Everyone will have a Kardashian, Brea Olson or ,Paris Hilton doll at their crib. This actually isn’t a good idea though, and here is why. Sex-dolls are supposed to be sex slaves basically.  Not vice-versa. When we buy a sex-doll of a celeb that role is reversed psychologically. By going that route, the consumer is showing that they are they slave of the reality and mass pop culture.

Sex-bots are supposed to liberate the consumer from the BS of mass culture. The consumer deserves to be able to take care of his base needs without the burden of caring what other people in mass culture like. When people can get away from mass culture and really take care of their sexual needs, that will be very healthy for society. Sex is a great way for people to express themselves, and to exercise one’s mind and body.

The bright spot in the linked article is that the professor says that customized sexbots will become available. That is very encouraging. Not everyone wants a 36c-26-36 sized sexbot ( I do! ) . Some people might want a fat one or a tall, skinny one or something unique in its own way. Lets hope that the world of sexbots in the future is a diverse one, which will offer a wide range of options for users. We are already fully saturated in celebrity culture, to where celeb culture no longer has anything to offer. –Deplorable Steve 



Jill Stein Should be Arrested on RICO Charges

Jill “the shill” Stein is using organized crime methods to try and steal the election from Trump. She is making bogus challenges to the election count , well after the deadline for certification in those states, and she is doing it with foreign George Soros cash. She is attempting to undermine our democratic republican form of governance. Foreign campaign contributions are ILLEGAL. She should be JAILED on RICO charges. Its past time that foreign funded anti US criminals like her are jailed and dealt with appropriately. Make an example of her. We need LAW and ORDER in this society, and its time to start jailing leftist rabble rousers. Jill Stein and the foreign interests that fund her should be all thoroughly investigated and charged. Also the COLLUSION between the Stein and Clinton campaigns is ILLEGAL under anti-trust laws and MUST be PROSECUTED!

That’s the best way to restore honesty to US elections. Lock the crooks up and throw away the key! There is plenty of room in Guantanamo…

I am calling on all American patriots to save the Republic. If you see Stein, pin her to the ground, cuff her, and place her under private person “citizens” arrest. Take her to the police station, and tell them you have arrested her for  receiving foreign contributions in a federal election. Stein must face the threat of jail time in order to save the Republic. She must be stopped. Our votes must count. We are taxed to death . So our votes must count. We will not stand for taxation without representation. If the left wants our votes to be thrown in the toilet then we will give them WAR… and General Trump will lead us to certain victory. We are nearing the time of the 2nd American Revolution. The left is asking for it – and they just might get it.


Bad Santa 2 is Raucous Fun



Hey, guys, this one’s for you: Tired of movies about yuppies, families, and placating women? Want to see a movie by real men? A film about the things we really care about, like drinking and screwing? Then let me introduce you to “Bad Santa 2,” a welcome blast of relief from nauseating films like Disney’s “Moana.”

This film brings back 3 of the key original characters from “Bad Santa,” namely the con man Santa with the drinking and sex addiction problem (Billy Bob Thornton), the funny but nasty and mean dwarf (Tony Cox), and the fat kid, now grown up, who grabs onto Thornton like a leech (Brett Kelly). Added to the cast is Kathy Bates, as Thornton’s white trash mother, who makes Thornton seem well-adjusted by comparison. This movie works for two reasons: 1. It is in such bad taste that it is in a class by itself; ordinary standards of decency do not apply to this film. 2. Billy Bob Thornton is one of the greatest comedic actors of all time. Whether dealing with unruly, urinating children or Santa pedophiles, he is always ready with an extremely cunning quip. This film is getting bad reviews, but I liked it for the politically incorrect Christmas farce that it is and I highly recommend it to those sick of sappy Hollywood yawners. It puts the “ho” back in “ho, ho, ho.” –CoolAC