Sexbot City

Take me down to the sexbot city

where the flesh is pink, and the droids are pretty –

Oh won’t you please take me home.” –


Futurists are suggesting that grandiose Westworld-like sexbot theme parks will become a large scale industry:

Sex Robot Theme Parks In Development Will Be ‘Better Than An Adult Disney World’

The technology is advancing rapidly, as evidenced by the first AI sexbots coming out from RealDolls soon. Many of the new models have adjustable personalities where you can adjust attributes such as shyness and such. Experts are suggesting that high-roller tycoon types will drive the sexbot amusement parks/ resorts.

Personally I would not compare Disneyland to Westworld because of the involvement of kids. Some conspiracy theorists suggest lluminati links between Disney and the occult.  I would rather compare this new concept to more of a resort, rather than a theme park. Think of the Grand Sierra, for instance in Reno. It contains a mall, bowling alley, golfing and movie theatre, besides the pool, casino , and rooms. Adding sexbots into the mix and turning it into an 18+ resort would help revitalize that casino, and help downtown Reno regain its luster against Vegas. The pool area would rock! And the discotech too!!

The good thing is that sexbots in theory wont pass STD’s. Another big draw is the ability to cheat  with a sexbot instead of a human. That might be more acceptable to a spouse. A sexbot won’t play emotional games or get into lengthy fights with you – and that’s a big plus! Sometimes I think to myself : once I have had two chicks at the same time while drinking Dom Perignon why would I want sexbots? I think the answer to this is the ability to enact such fantasies at will and at the time of one’s choosing, rather than having to work a long time to make it happen with human women.

Experts suggest that Thailand and Mexico would also be good places for such a resort. I’m not sure these are the best locations. I expect they will do well in Germany, Holland, and places that are sexually liberal.


Love: Humans & Robots

Microsoft engineers in China have created a female chat-bot named  Xiaoice, that about 90 million users have chatted with. Many talk to her on a daily basis and are increasingly seeing her as a human being:

This begs the question of whether humans and robots can (and should) fall in love together. The article quotes experts as having suggested robots will make great companions for the elderly. There was a great film a few years ago called Robot and Frank where Frank Langella’s character receives a robot companion, who becomes his friend and assists him with robbery capers. Ultimately Frank and the Robot prove to be loyal friends who are willing to make self-sacrifices for each other. The movie has other interesting tidbits about the end of public libraries, the death of  physical books. Not unlike a Ray Bradbury story.

 Robot and Frank , a futuristic sci-fi buddy film.

The article linked also goes on to mention about a temple near Tokyo where monks had a funeral for 100 robotic dogs. Many in the procession were crying, and had become very attached to the dogs.

The downside of reliance on robots for socialization is lack of human interaction, thus possibly isolating the client from normal social activity and feedback.

Reverse Chauvinism

couples shoot I did with Velvet Ecstasy

We have all been brought up to assume men are horny dogs and women are the guardians of morality and of civilization. However, the fact is that women are watching way more porn on their cell phones than men are:

Far from objectifying women, men are servants of woman in the current feminist matriarchy in the United States. Our society is like the old film The Wicker Man, where men build and do repairs, while women out-earn men while they sit on their ass and administrate. Even working in porn was like this, where the guys did all the hard work in bed but were making like 1/3 what women earn. Meanwhile the guys were setting up all the shoots and doing the driving and everything that actually got things going.

Marches like yesterday’s National Womens’ Strike demonstrate that American women carry a huge hypocritical chip on their shoulder over men objectifying them, and oppressing them. The truth is that by watching more porn than men, that women are doing just fine on their own in terms of objectifying themselves as sex objects. Women are also responsible for so many talentless overly sexual pop culture losers like Beyoncé, Madonna, Katie Perry, and even the Kardashians (who no male in their right mind would waste two seconds watching). Frankly – we could use more national days without women. Let them stay home and watch porn on their cell phones. Men can pick up their slack anyways.

Military Can Arrest Obama

If Trump has credible evidence of illegal wiretap by Obama, he doesn’t need a Congressional investigation. As commander in chief versus former commander in chief, this all falls under military courts. Only if treason is involved would the Congress and Supreme Court be necessary. Trump can simply have the military police arrest Obama, and have him tried for illegal wiretapping before a military tribunal. The sentence is five years in jail for each violation.

Logan’s Fun

*Trailer was too ISIS-y for me. I dissent. 3 Year old girls should not be encouraged to leap around with metal claws, slicing necks. Nor can they physically do so. To think they could is too much of a stretch. – Deplorable Steve

Ok, so the third and final “Wolverine” movie, and how does it stack up?  Well, it’s a damn sight better than “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “The Wolverine,” not to mention the atrocious “X-Men Apocalypse.”  The best thing about it is how it takes place in a plausible future world where the last surviving X-men are struggling to take it day by day.  Logan and Professor X, played very well by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, are off the grid and disinterested in the world until Xavier senses a young girl mutant who may be key to mankind’s and mutant-kind’s survival.  They also discover an organization that has used mutant experimentation for extremely nefarious ends, and only they (or really only Logan) can prevent a catastrophe.

Let me be clear about something: this is the greatest Wolverine movie of all time.  Jackman gives a persistently top-drawer performance as the burned-out but not yet down for the count Logan.  We feel his pain and his sadness at the way the world has turned out.  He and Stewart have great chemistry and seem more Shakespearian than Marvel-ian.  I also liked how the film combines elements of futurism, neo noir-ism, and especially the western, with “Shane” being explicitly referenced.  There is no CGI in this film, and it resembles “Unforgiven” more than it does the Marvel canon.

 These attributes, along with a clever gimmick that I won’t reveal involving the villain’s experiments, are enough to make Logan a good film.  But it misses greatness because it spends too much time pleasing the fans.  We don’t need the decapitations and heavy gore because they don’t further the story and remind us that it’s just a movie.  And we REALLY don’t need the teaser for a new “Deadpool” film before this one starts which made me think I’d paid to see the wrong movie.  The movie is also too long at 2 hours and 21 minutes. All in all, though, “Logan” is worth the admission price, as it gives us a better Wolverine story than we’ve seen before, as well as approximating a real movie rather than comic book crap.  I’d say if this looks like your kind of thing, go for it; it’s smart enough and done with gusto. -CoolAC

Berkeley: Sport Rioting

A pro Trump march in Berkley went sour today. A total crowd of around 300 folks amassed pro and against him. 5 arrests, 3 injuries, some missing teeth. One old man kicked in head on ground etc . I was not there. I was busy having sex today. Anyhow, after the Ghostship fire, the Milo riot, the Trump speech San Jose riot, and now this riot, it is fair to say the bay area is a festering shithole.

Four people got shot in Chinatown in Salinas this past weekday too, and one shot and killed there the next day too, but I will spare you the depressing link.

What a wonderful lovely community…

People seem really into rioting these days. I say we turn rioting into an official sport. We can keep track and give points for knock-outs, disarms, take-downs, and all other kinds of fun things. Maybe this is how people wish to work out their therapy these days? I’m not sure… I remain firm in my stance that there can be no human officials (due to subjective-ness), but rather only robotic sensors to keep track of points/score. Like in the video game called State of Emergency.

A demonstrator in support of U.S. President Donald Trump swings a stick towards a group of counter-protesters during a “People 4 Trump” rally in Berkeley, California March 4, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Smart Condoms: Pros and Cons

 Photo from Southwest News Service

Smart condoms have hit the market:

Smart condom i-Con will rate your sexual performance including ‘speed of thrusts’ and ‘girth measurements’

They measure your thrusts, girth, and calories burnt. Plus, they help detect some STD’s. This is all done through nanotech technology, which relays information from the condom to an app on your smartphone.

-Handy to have a rough idea of how many calories he is burning while having sex.
-Important to be able to detect STD’s.
-Able to compare performances and work towards goals using statistics.

-Ruin the mood possibly by fiddling with phone apps.
-Insecure men who cum too quick or don’t have girth could wind up embarrassed.
-Paying too much attention to statistics in bed might take the focus off of her pleasure by attempting to quantify things too much, rather than getting in tune to what pleasures her.
-Possibly too expensive for some and could become one more things guys have to spend money on their gf or date.

While it is possible that the negatives could outweigh the positives for some, this product could be a useful tool in terms of fighting STD’s and perhaps to help men keep in shape.

UFOlogist Dead – Black Puke

Like something out of a bad X-files episode , conspiracy theorist Max Spiers has died while having been abroad to give a speech at a UFO conspiracy convention. He had warned his mom that he might get whacked. He died at the apartment of a woman who was taken in for questioning. And his bros had seen him puking weird black fluids in large amounts. The guy was a healthy young man, yet died on the couch ‘of natural causes’, and without an autopsy. Just goes to show if you get too close to the truth – they whack you and you sleep with the fishes. It is commendable that this man always searched for the truth, and tragic that his life was cut short. From having read many cutting edge sites these days, it is common knowledge that (mostly female) counter agents are sent in the form of female venus fly trap sorts, to distract or even to kill lonely bloggers and conspracy theorists, who make easy targets, since they are often isolated loners in their personal lives.  Yearning for companionship, they are often too quick to distrust in the abstract (against government) but quick to trust in-the-flesh.

Illuminati Oscars Ceremony

A week or two after right wing humorist Milo was thrown to the wolves by the left, it is very revealing that a convicted rapist was spotlighted and given the red carpet (or should I say red-light?) treatment at the Oscars.

While I do want to be clear that I think people deserve a second chance in society after having served hard time, it is very suspect that Hollywood chose to fawn and lord over an underclass member – who we then discover did 25 years for something unmentionable. I am fine with him being saved, but let him be saved in his church or in his community – not in the national spotlight of a  supposedly achievement based highly-esteemed awards ceremony.

Think about the hidden motive here. Whether its Michael Jackson or Roman Polanski – Hollywood / pop music always seems to be on the same sick side of things. Hollywood has a dark underside. Author Brett Easton Ellis , at least formerly part Hollywood elite, has been sounding the alarm on such things for years, by using fictionalized characters to convey what has been going on. To really understand the evil underbelly of Hollywood it is necessary to have an understanding of the occult, specifically the Illuminati. Incidents such as the sex offender being treated as royalty at the Oscars recently are by design, not by accident. You don’t let just any random street person touch famous stars (like Nicole Kidman’s hand with his lips for instance).  It was some sick form of ritual. Not a ‘mistake’.

Groin Workout

Scientists are saying what we at Groin have known all along. Sex is the best workout by far. It is the only workout which will get the entire body, including over 600 different muscles in one workout:

 chicks I filmed with in a gym-themed shoot 5 years ago.

It has been long known in the Far East that sex is the best way to get in shape and to stay in shape. Americans are overly focused on building stocky, bulky upper body muscle in the arms and chest. Using sex as a workout will work the body more evenly, by working the center (core muscles), legs, and back. It will keep you more limber. Meanwhile you are certainly getting a cardio workout too. There are some positions (like missionary with her legs up in the air – while you pin them back) where when she is getting off you get resistance weight training from her legs pushing against you. Or if the girl is petite you can pick her off the ground and fuck her while holding her (similar to lift a curlbar up and down motion).



5-10 minutes in each position works well for a 30-40 minute sex session. The foreplay part won’t burn too many calories. But she will need foreplay for the extended pounding you will give her. After the foreplay, I recommend   hammering her  for at least 5 minutes in missionary (ten minutes is preferable) with her on the bed and you standing. Start with missionary because it feels looser, so you will last longer. If you feel like you have to cum slow down your pumps and your breathing and switch positions for a break ( or return to foreplay). Go to spooning or side with leg over position and do 5 minutes there. After that go to doggy style for at least 5 minutes, then stay in her and roll her over on top of you to reverse cowgirl position. Back to doggy after that and then bust should be perfect. I do this all personally and I would say that I probably burn a gazillion calories in the process.


Tell your girl jokingly that this is your new workout and that you need to do this to her at least twice a day. She will tend to complain that you are using her as a sex object. And yes that is true, but there could be worse things – and she certainly is not being neglected. Personally I have a genuine human woman. But at times I definitely wish that I had a sexbot to do this workout with too. That way I could work out even more – without cheating!