Analog Clocks Will Die

Society is getting dumber.  My first job was as a watch repairman for J.C. Penny – not J.C. Penney (which demonstrates the Mandela effect). These days, most kids cannot read a clock:

This is due to too much internet and phone trolling. My generation did not need them. However, in the past 20 years most parents got their kids cell phones out of paranoid  concepts that some weirdo wants to steal their kid away. So they spent $600 a year on some phone that constantly gets splashed or dropped until broken. And meanwhile their kids are growing up to be indoctrinated leftist morons who cannot even read a simple clock. Analog clocks will be gone in 30 years at this pace.

Female Tinder-Trolls

To the surprise of many, women are trolling online dating sites equally as much as men are.
In the past, social stigma had been attached online dating. But its doubled or tripled in popularity. Given the fact that CL casual encounters is dominated by males (mostly queers), this recent study on Tinder users was quite stunning. It points to a trend reversal, and a possible decrease in stigma attached to females letting people know that they are ready to get down and dirty.

Lost Space Vessel Found

NASA located an Indian spacecraft (called Chandrayaan-1) which had lost contact back in 2008:

This was done using guesses on where it would be, and then microwave and radar signals were sent. This particular satellite was India’s first shuttle to the moon. It had successfully mapped and done some geology prior to having lost contact.

America Needs Steele Justice

This film gets three out of four grenades. Steele Justice is a great Rambo and Missing in Action rip-off.  It is a must-see for every Vietnam action film buff. Martin Kove stars (the Cobra Kai karate instructor from the Karate Kid I and III) as a vet who has never gotten over Nam’. He reencounters the General who ran his POW camp again, who has since become a drug lord. This element adds a trashy Scarface 80s cliché element, enhancing the film.

Kove lacks any really convincing karate moves. Never-the-lesshe does have a badass air to his persona, especially how he manages to wear a nose bandage for most of the film. He treats his women really badly, darkly and comically unable to decide whether to bother saving his wife from the drug lords.

Ironically, Kove has a Vietnamese friend. This is probably in order to avoid the type of controversies the Year of the Dragon encountered at the time with some Asian communities. Its hard to say. Perhaps his friendship was more sincere.  Kove shows his soft side when his Vietnamese buddy dies at the hands of the kingpins, whereupon Kove befriends the  daughter and demonstrates some sincerity.

The highlight of the film is when he shows up (suicidal) to a drug deal gone wrong with a military vehicle and a Gatling gun, and wreaks havoc and destruction upon the enemy. On a side-note, Bernie Casie and Ronny Cox play policemen with their thumbs up their asses.

Sometimes when the law doesn’t care and the bad guys are winning all too often – there must be Steele Justice!!


Abolish the Secret Service

A deranged student succeeded in scaling the White House fence and making it almost to where Trump was at the time:

The student was a graduate of San Jose State University and had been living in his car. He had two cans of mace in his backpack. A former Secret Service agent warned that Trump is not safe from any well organized attack. This marks yet another failed instance of the Secret Service, which failed to protect JFK and Reagan. At this point, it is clear that the White House perimeter is under-secured.

What needs to be done is to put the Marines in charge of defending the gates to the WH. They are already charged with protecting US embassies abroad, and are better equipped to deal with today’s threats in terms of preventing people that shouldn’t be on the grounds. They would also be a much more intimidating deterrent to the average intruder.

Sexbot City

Take me down to the sexbot city

where the flesh is pink, and the droids are pretty –

Oh won’t you please take me home.” –


Futurists are suggesting that grandiose Westworld-like sexbot theme parks will become a large scale industry:

Sex Robot Theme Parks In Development Will Be ‘Better Than An Adult Disney World’

The technology is advancing rapidly, as evidenced by the first AI sexbots coming out from RealDolls soon. Many of the new models have adjustable personalities where you can adjust attributes such as shyness and such. Experts are suggesting that high-roller tycoon types will drive the sexbot amusement parks/ resorts.

Personally I would not compare Disneyland to Westworld because of the involvement of kids. Some conspiracy theorists suggest lluminati links between Disney and the occult.  I would rather compare this new concept to more of a resort, rather than a theme park. Think of the Grand Sierra, for instance in Reno. It contains a mall, bowling alley, golfing and movie theatre, besides the pool, casino , and rooms. Adding sexbots into the mix and turning it into an 18+ resort would help revitalize that casino, and help downtown Reno regain its luster against Vegas. The pool area would rock! And the discotech too!!

The good thing is that sexbots in theory wont pass STD’s. Another big draw is the ability to cheat  with a sexbot instead of a human. That might be more acceptable to a spouse. A sexbot won’t play emotional games or get into lengthy fights with you – and that’s a big plus! Sometimes I think to myself : once I have had two chicks at the same time while drinking Dom Perignon why would I want sexbots? I think the answer to this is the ability to enact such fantasies at will and at the time of one’s choosing, rather than having to work a long time to make it happen with human women.

Experts suggest that Thailand and Mexico would also be good places for such a resort. I’m not sure these are the best locations. I expect they will do well in Germany, Holland, and places that are sexually liberal.


Love: Humans & Robots

Microsoft engineers in China have created a female chat-bot named  Xiaoice, that about 90 million users have chatted with. Many talk to her on a daily basis and are increasingly seeing her as a human being:

This begs the question of whether humans and robots can (and should) fall in love together. The article quotes experts as having suggested robots will make great companions for the elderly. There was a great film a few years ago called Robot and Frank where Frank Langella’s character receives a robot companion, who becomes his friend and assists him with robbery capers. Ultimately Frank and the Robot prove to be loyal friends who are willing to make self-sacrifices for each other. The movie has other interesting tidbits about the end of public libraries, the death of  physical books. Not unlike a Ray Bradbury story.

 Robot and Frank , a futuristic sci-fi buddy film.

The article linked also goes on to mention about a temple near Tokyo where monks had a funeral for 100 robotic dogs. Many in the procession were crying, and had become very attached to the dogs.

The downside of reliance on robots for socialization is lack of human interaction, thus possibly isolating the client from normal social activity and feedback.

Reverse Chauvinism

couples shoot I did with Velvet Ecstasy

We have all been brought up to assume men are horny dogs and women are the guardians of morality and of civilization. However, the fact is that women are watching way more porn on their cell phones than men are:

Far from objectifying women, men are servants of woman in the current feminist matriarchy in the United States. Our society is like the old film The Wicker Man, where men build and do repairs, while women out-earn men while they sit on their ass and administrate. Even working in porn was like this, where the guys did all the hard work in bed but were making like 1/3 what women earn. Meanwhile the guys were setting up all the shoots and doing the driving and everything that actually got things going.

Marches like yesterday’s National Womens’ Strike demonstrate that American women carry a huge hypocritical chip on their shoulder over men objectifying them, and oppressing them. The truth is that by watching more porn than men, that women are doing just fine on their own in terms of objectifying themselves as sex objects. Women are also responsible for so many talentless overly sexual pop culture losers like Beyoncé, Madonna, Katie Perry, and even the Kardashians (who no male in their right mind would waste two seconds watching). Frankly – we could use more national days without women. Let them stay home and watch porn on their cell phones. Men can pick up their slack anyways.

Military Can Arrest Obama

If Trump has credible evidence of illegal wiretap by Obama, he doesn’t need a Congressional investigation. As commander in chief versus former commander in chief, this all falls under military courts. Only if treason is involved would the Congress and Supreme Court be necessary. Trump can simply have the military police arrest Obama, and have him tried for illegal wiretapping before a military tribunal. The sentence is five years in jail for each violation.

Logan’s Fun

*Trailer was too ISIS-y for me. I dissent. 3 Year old girls should not be encouraged to leap around with metal claws, slicing necks. Nor can they physically do so. To think they could is too much of a stretch. – Deplorable Steve

Ok, so the third and final “Wolverine” movie, and how does it stack up?  Well, it’s a damn sight better than “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “The Wolverine,” not to mention the atrocious “X-Men Apocalypse.”  The best thing about it is how it takes place in a plausible future world where the last surviving X-men are struggling to take it day by day.  Logan and Professor X, played very well by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, are off the grid and disinterested in the world until Xavier senses a young girl mutant who may be key to mankind’s and mutant-kind’s survival.  They also discover an organization that has used mutant experimentation for extremely nefarious ends, and only they (or really only Logan) can prevent a catastrophe.

Let me be clear about something: this is the greatest Wolverine movie of all time.  Jackman gives a persistently top-drawer performance as the burned-out but not yet down for the count Logan.  We feel his pain and his sadness at the way the world has turned out.  He and Stewart have great chemistry and seem more Shakespearian than Marvel-ian.  I also liked how the film combines elements of futurism, neo noir-ism, and especially the western, with “Shane” being explicitly referenced.  There is no CGI in this film, and it resembles “Unforgiven” more than it does the Marvel canon.

 These attributes, along with a clever gimmick that I won’t reveal involving the villain’s experiments, are enough to make Logan a good film.  But it misses greatness because it spends too much time pleasing the fans.  We don’t need the decapitations and heavy gore because they don’t further the story and remind us that it’s just a movie.  And we REALLY don’t need the teaser for a new “Deadpool” film before this one starts which made me think I’d paid to see the wrong movie.  The movie is also too long at 2 hours and 21 minutes. All in all, though, “Logan” is worth the admission price, as it gives us a better Wolverine story than we’ve seen before, as well as approximating a real movie rather than comic book crap.  I’d say if this looks like your kind of thing, go for it; it’s smart enough and done with gusto. -CoolAC