Rise of the Sexbots


Story by Saint Reggie/ Sketch by Nate Erickson

In the dusty early morning of a future, distantly familiar earth a barren fortress of steel and dense plexi-glass surrounded on all sides by barbed wire electrified fence. The sign on the front reads Echelon Agency.
We show a montage of the fortress, a look at a kennel with sexbots recharging, and view of a living barracks where the grimy men who dig holes laboring for the bot.gov. The visual introduction is overdubbed with a female narrator, maybe English who says:
The year is 2046. Plague has rubbed out blah blah.
From out of the desert a nomadic man approaches the fortress gate on a futuristic scooter. He is blocked at the computerized control panel by a burly motorcycle gang member named Sludge. Sludge is wearing a headset and radios in.

Scene 1 (Click to read more.)

BDSM Corner

bad1Hello and welcome to Badde (Bad) BDSM. My name is Badde (Bad) and this is a look into my journey into the world of BDSM/LEATHER. First may I start by stating by no means do I claim to be an authority , doctor , or expert in BDSM , LEATHER , OR ANY SIMILAR NATURE. This is merely my journey , and experiences thus far. Take them for what they are and nothing more please. I ask that we all have a positive attitude and if and when addressing each other or topics please do so politely. Helpful criticism not telling somebody they are wrong or making anybody feel bad. BDSM is a tribe . We are tribal members . We should behave as so and lift up the pack not knock anybody down. I will post a list of rules shortly. I stumbled upon BDSM roughly 7 years ago 2009 . I had finally escaped a severely abusive ( physical , emotional mentally and financially )relationship. I am 43 and have a young adult son . I live in the bay area and with the help of BDSM and MASTER SCORPIO SF I now live a happy life. MASTER SCORPIO SF is a name you will see a lot. I will dive into that at a later time. I have had the honor of witnessing so many beautiful and scary things in this short time . In order to fully explain them all I’ve broke down the first half of my journey into a few parts. 1. my philosophy on BDSM/LEATHER 2. MASTER SCORPIO 3. the rules of BDSM 4. online BDSM 5. cathartis and my awaking through Disciple 6. BDSM and public events. once again I am not an authority nor a expert in BDSM LEATHER OR ANY SIMILAR NATURE. Thank you and be well. –xxxxbaddexxxx   


Book Review: Saint Odd is Bloody Good

whiskey 012“Saint Odd,” Dean Koontz’s final installment in his best-selling Odd Thomas series, is the perfect book for those of us who hate bloodthirsty Satanists. Odd Thomas, a fry cook with supernatural powers, is a refreshingly homespun protagonist who maintains an aw-shucks demeanor even as he blows away bad guys. Koontz used to be a Stephen King imitator, but in this series he has found a fresh voice and gives us a likeable albeit very bloody tale. I have not been keeping up with his recent books, but clearly I underestimated him and he is a better writer than I thought. I recommend this book to all horror fans. Also it was weird that the actor who played him in the film version of this recently died that bizarre accident where his own car pinned him to the wall. That’s weird since he is psychic in this series and has a somewhat bad fate in the book as well. -CoolAC

Why Porn Stars Die Young


Porn stars die young because society throws stones at them until they snap, break and die. People dehumanize them and wrongly view them as crooks and degenerates. They are isolated and discriminated against socially, and that isolation leads to them to false placebos in drugs. Later it snowballs into overdose or violent mayhem. Another thing is that the viewers push for more far out sex scenes than ever. They want the biggest, most insane gangbangs, and the most intensely harsh bondage shoots possible. After the crazy scene we did with Amber, I shot a scene with one of her best friends (another well known model). Even her friend was really surprised how crazy the scene we did with Amber was (it was a really big GB). Viewers also won’t buy porn with condoms used in it to the same extent as they will pay to watch bareback scenes. None of this has the best interests of the performers in mind. Its all self-centered towards the viewer and to hell with the performers.

Amber seemed to be a very nice person from the little I knew and saw. Played a Les Paul and apparently was into nice hobbies like horseback riding. She pulled up to the shoot in a shiny, but modest compact car, and was all smiles and positive attitude despite the fact the shoot was a continuation of a shoot that had ended with pushing and shoving to get into her. Unfortunately, society looks WAY down on these performers and they wind up socially isolated from normal people. I wonder if sexbots will OD too.

Porn stars in San Fernando have their own bowling leagues, softball leagues, and the like. Occasionally some of them were so socially isolated from the normal world that I noticed they referred to non-industry people as ‘civilians’.

Another individual I knew when I worked in the industry, named Tom Dong, also died too young. He was stabbed to death with a stage prop ( a samurai sword) after another actor was fired. The murderer’s name was Stephen Hill.  Hill then got stun gunned by police and fell off a cliff to his death (you can watch this on Youtube). I had seen Hill around in the past at the Bukkake Club shoots we did for Jim Powers, but never really spoken with him. The bottom line is that society should be more accepting of porn stars, and less demanding. Society demands much from them, yet cuts them very little slack considering that they are just doing their job and trying to earn a living. Many of them are entrepreneurs of libertarian leanings. I heard more than one producer say nice things about Reagan. Instead of being lazy and collecting welfare like half the country, porn stars get to work, and start their own businesses. – Steve C.

How To Do Me Properly by BaBsTyLe

    Have you ever had sex so good that it made your dick hard thinking about it? Now, you might think I am freak and that’s okay because I am. Everyone has a little freak in them and I know I am not the only one that gets wet from thinking about how good I was fucked. I am not any sex expert, but I know what I want, need and like. I had my fair share of addicting sexually pleasure that would make me phene for more and sex that was so bad, that I wanted to kick my own ass for allowing me to let him waste my fucking time.
    There’s a difference between getting fucked by a man and getting fucked by a boy (18 years old and up). Age is not a factor, just because you think of yourself as a man, doesn’t mean you know what the fuck you are doing.  A man takes the time to learn your body, knows how to handle your body and will wait until you are completely orgasmed out before he cums. Where as a boy is usually fucking a woman with no plan, no sense of direction, and would orgasm before her. He might even hit you with that, “I’ll get you next time.” If you are not able to get rock hard after 10 minutes to finish her orgasm, then you should take yourself and your little man out the door and don’t come back.
    Women love when a man is able to satisfy her, I know I do. I am not for a second saying that pleasuring your partner is a one-way street because both people should take the time to learn and teach each other their pleasurable ticks. I know I am dealing with a man when I am thinking about how he fucked me makes my pussy soak and when I want to talk to him about how he was handling me so well. Sometimes if I have been fucked right, I can feel the penetration as I am thinking about it. When a woman is getting good dick, she doesn’t want to fuck anyone else but him.
Turn on/off for me and many women. Turn on, when a man washes his body and ass correctly, because there is nothing more gross then a women witnessing your shit stains on her clean blankets after she just slopped down or fucked your hard cock. A man knowing how to foreplay is a big turn on for many women, it’s the warm/ build up.
First, have fresh breath, because she might like to kiss. The main kissing points that gets me wet when it comes to kissing is lip pressure, meaning the pressing of both lips firmly against each other, but not causing pain. When he pulls me into his body tightly but gently while he is kissing me, feeling how horny he is and his hard dick against my body lets me know how bad he wants me. Regular kissing can get the job done if that’s what she likes, but it’s a plus when the man knows how to French kiss without causing pain,  breaking her teeth, eating her face, assuming that she is thirsty and providing lots of his silaba for her to drink.
    Great French kissing to me is when he is able to follow my lead (tongue) or being able to guild me. The move that gets me wet all the time is when he bits my bottom lip, it’s sexy as fuck and turns me on. A little pain feels good when I am horny. Bitten too hard is not good and you don’t want to bite to cause irritation or bleeding, because that’s a turn off.  Biting too much can be a turn off, once or twice is good and when she is not expecting it.
    When a man is not scared to have her coochie dripping in his mouth, is a big turn on. I love it when a man asks me to sit on his face until he can’t breathe and to ride his fucking filthy mouth until my soaking wet coochie cum all down his fucking throat. Anyways, you have to figure out how she likes it, ask her to direct you or some women like me, will direct you while you are sucking and stoppering all over my clit.   It’s a turn off when I say, “right there”, “that feels good”, “don’t stop” , I am moaning and the guys stops what he is doing and start doing something else. This do not only frustrates me but frustrates a lot of women, because we have to start building up our orgasm again and sometimes the man can’t always find that sweet spot again as quick as it was lost.
    When a man knows how to talk dirty to me while he is fucking my little tight bald wet pussy with his big swollen cock real deep and firm. He whisper in my ear, “Bitch, you are mine to use, you are my cum whore.” Sometimes I am in a sluty mood and that’s what I need and usually it makes me orgasm a lot quicker. You have to know her moods and what type of sex she is wanting or need at that time. –BaBsTyLe

ShockFuture News Updates





  • A strange planet with three stars was recently discovered:


  • Silicon Valley tycoons are building buying huge amounts of land and building enormous compounds:                                  http://www.infowars.com/silicon-valley-elites-buying-huge-amounts-of-land-for-secret-compounds/                                                                     [Did sound engineering at a compound like this years ago. They were so rich that they had a waterfall , a separate house for their kids made like the gingerbread house, a train that ran around the property, and even hired blues legends Screaming Jay Hawkins and Willie Dixon to play their personal party. Its like another world.]
  • World’s first robotic lawyer has beaten 160k bullshit traffic tickets:                                                                                                                http://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/worlds-first-robot-lawyer-overturns-8302040                                                                                                        This robot is fighting the system and helping ordinary people out. He is one of the good guys!!!
  • One futurist has claimed women will be the main consumers of sexbots:                                                                                                           http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/women-more-sex-robots-men-8312068                                                                                            This is logical since women are harder to satisfy in bed than men are.
  • One dude has attached some weird vibration sensor permanently to his head:                                           https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/jul/03/cyborgs-future-technology-global-events-awareness-japan-new-York                                                                                                          Sounds dumb. But the idea may have really cool implications. For instance, in the future disabled people may to be able to sense things they couldn’t otherwise be able to.
  • Dutch scientists say that they grew food successfully using soil from Mars:                                                                                                                    http://phys.org/news/2016-06-dutch-crops-grown-mars-soil.html       We know it was really weed they were growing though. We’re not dumb!
  • Sexbot brothel envisioned in Amsterdam: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/amsterdam-sex-robot-brothel-will-8070584                                                                                  This sounds like a no-brainer. But when I visited Amsterdam it was $10 for a beautiful blonde Brazilian hooker like as hot as a Penthouse Playmate. I don’t see how a robot can compete price-wise. My friend at the time didn’t want to cheat on his gf. So he worked around that and was able to do an anal fisting on a decent looking brunette for just $10 also.
  • cam Fuckzilla chess1

Summer Reading List



It has been a fun summer. But I think I took the wrong books on that picnic date. Lets review some of this past summer’s reading:

Breakthrough by Whitley Strieber. (1995) Highly Recommended.

Mr. Strieber’s follow-up to Communion is once again about getting abducted by aliens. Its awesome because he writes it as non-fiction in the first person and makes it extremely vivid. I’m not saying there really are aliens abducting him -the remote New York cabin location seems kind of convenient to avoid witnesses or security seeing the aliens. Yet his paranoia makes a darn good horror story. The last few chapters are an awesome retrospective on the history of the US government, the media, and UFO’s. Another great thing about this book is it left open who the aliens are. Strieber claims they could be time-travelers (inter-dimensional beings) , or that aliens could surrogates of foreign governments, the US government, or private corporations.

Love + Sex with Robots by David Levy (2007) Not Recommended.

I was pretty excited when I started this book, and by the time I had read forty pages I felt like someone should have been paying me to read it. With subject matter like this, the author needs to make it kind of funny and enjoyable to read. This book is very dry and scholastic in its tone. The author does an excellent job of providing information to the reader. He even goes back into the history of sex dolls. All the way to modern Japan, where the top corporations have done these advanced robotics and AI. There’s explanations of why people will want sexbots. Including psychological studies and so forth. And taking into account things such as convenience, locality, attachment etc. However, since it is written in a style which is as though he was turning it in for a college thesis to be graded – it is not as enjoyable to the average reader who is seeking information in a way that is fun. Therefor, I would not recommend this book to a friend. Though, at the same time, I do give props to the author for his vast knowledge of sexbots and for taking on a topic which sometimes results in ridicule.

Nihilism by Brett Stevens (2016) Highly Recommended.

Are you ready to challenge your basic assumptions about humanity? If you answered yes, then I would highly recommend you add this book to the end of summer reading list. Its author keeps the readers turning the pages by strongly challenging basic assumptions about whether modern civilization is on the right track or not. Stevens argues that society is in denial about how bad things are, like in Voltaire’s Candide.  His condemnation of society as well as his remedies both challenge the reader to brainstorm with him about how it could be possible to get civilization back on track. He avoids fatalism by not saying everything is doomed. But rather suggests his own solutions, which is refreshing (whether or not you necessarily agree with all of them). The author believes that much less government imposed order would be beneficial to humanity. This is interesting because it evokes some libertarian principles. There is Rousseau/Hobbesian inspired state of nature aspects to this book. At the same time it is ironic. Since it crosses with a form of Jacksonian social Darwinism, which is looked down upon by scholars traditionally (yet has always had populist appeal). A highly provocative book, for deep thinkers. – Steve C.

Now Showing: Suicide Sausage Doesn’t Self-Destruct

hamburger   artwork by Saint Reggie

Suicide Squad is Worth Seeing (3.5 of 5 stars)

One of the few pleasant surprises of the summer is “Suicide Squad,” which has enough style, energy, and decent acting to overcome a not-so-great script. Being a film about C-list superheroes allows the film to have a light tone that has been sorely lacking in the recent Batman efforts, although an overweight Ben Affleck is around to around to remind us of “Batman v. Superman.” Will Smith gives a sympathetic performance as Deadshot, who never misses, but it is the women, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis, who walk off with the film. Robbie is every adolescent’s wet dream as Harley Quinn, a lethal sex kitten, while Davis oozes strength and menace as a C.I,A. agent. Jared Leto is fine but under-used as the Joker, and the script doesn’t add to that much, but I still think “Suicide Squad” is a winner. There’s plenty of action to spare. – CoolAC


Sausage Party is Surprisingly Good (4 of 5 stars)

“Sausage Party” is the year’s most offensive film, and also one of the  year’s best.  Why does it work so well? Perhaps because it has not been test-screened to death; it left me with the feeling that I’d really seen something.  At first it seems like a dumb stoner comedy about talking food, and that’s what I expected going in.  But as it went on, I could see that it was making real satiric points about race, gender, religion, and sexuality.  I was actually thinking as I laughed, and engrossed in it in a way I would not have thought possible.  To top it off, the animation is superb.  Seth Rogen plans to make a sequel and more R-rated cartoons. I think that sounds like a good idea.  See “Sausage Party”; it’ll make you think twice about eating. -CoolAC


Golden Gate Fields Picks for Saturday August 21

Race 1 – Horse 2   Count On Me     4-1 odds  (to win). Consistent check earner.

Race 2 – Horse 6   Vegas Luck    20-1  odds (to win/place/show). Either does really well or very poorly. Won 2 of its last 6 races, so I like these odds.

Race 3- Horse 6   Pineda             8-5 odds (to win).  Finished second in 3 of 4 career starts. Dropping to a lower level today gives a better chance.

Race 4- Horse 7   New Karma      2-1 (to win). Won last two races. Going with the favorite here again for a change. I like the outside draw.

Race 5 – Horse 10  Bella Ronski   6-1 (to place). Finished second on this course twice prior.

Race 6- Horse 3  Dance For Me Baby 4-1 (to win). Won last time. Going with the hot hand here.

Race 7- Horse 5  Crusher  7-2 (to win, place, and show). Earned checks in last 4 tries, as well as in 5 of its last 6 efforts.

Race 8- Horse 10  Papa Pagosa  20-1 (to show). Dam has five winners from 5 foils.

Race 9- Horse 4  Heartofthetemple 8-1 (to win, place, and show). Won last race here in May.

Vinnie the Greek bets exclusively on GGF races and has come out ahead there over a three year period. Vinnie generously offers his picks to us here at Groin out of the goodness of his garlic-y Italian heart. He tends to favor longshots in general. He keeps his bets fairly simple.

Fine Arts Corner: Carrie The Musical


Recently I went to see a production of “Carrie: The Musical”. Normally I wouldn’t be caught dead at a musical theatre production, but this one is different: it’s about horny teenagers and the 1976 movie by Brian De Palma contained a generous helping of T and A. The show also promised opportunities for much bloodshed and elaborate special effects.

So I saw the show: first, the good news: there was a full orchestra there who knew what they were doing and the actors could all sing. The songs were performed well, but here’s the first problem: should they be performed at all? Songs about how “Her mother should have told her” and the love ballad “Carrie” are memorable enough, but Andrew Lloyd Webber they’re not. A bigger problem is the lack of sex and blood in the show. Due to a low budget, it’s minimalist. Also, Carrie looks hotter before the prom than during it. And it’s sappy. But it uses Stephen King’s story and it satirizes religious fanaticism, so in that sense it’s worthwhile.

The problem with both “Phantom of the Opera” and “Carrie The Musical” is that the songs defang the terror, and the romantic aspects are not sexualized enough for the material to convey an erotic charge. We need to feel teenage lust in “Carrie” and we don’t. Also the sappiness of the songs sometimes stop the show dead, as in Tommy and Sue’s love song. I mean, since Tommy’s going to die anyway, who cares if he loves Sue? Still, the performances are good, and there’s not much PC or gay stuff, so you could do a lot worse, You won’t be scared or overly titillated, but it’s a decent show that is rather entertaining and sweet.     –CoolAC