Sexbots + Espresso = Awesome

An businessman in London is opening a sexbot cafe’ later this year.

Sex robot cafe to open in London after entrepreneur reveals his ‘fellatio cafe’ will staffed entirely by cyborgs

For about 60 bucks you can get a coffee and hook up with a sexbot. This type of innovative business is great for the working man – who doesn’t have time to argue with women for hours every day. This way you can get your coffee, go for a roll in the hay, and still get to work on time without being shamed for the “hit and run”. Men stand to save a lot of time and a lot of headaches by using such a café. This will allow men to focus on their careers and hobbies more without being sidetracked constantly and being guilt tripped over basically just being a man. Our hat goes off to businessmen who manufacture these bots, as well as those willing to take the plunge and make these bots more widely available (through cafe’s and brothels). Sexbots will be holistic and therapeutic for the population.


True Companion
Sex robot Roxxxy, made by True Companion


Rise of the Sexbots – Parts 6 and 7

 It opens with a SUPERVISOR. He sees a circle of workers not working on his 
surveillance screen. “What’s going on here?” he demands then he’s suddenly 
surrounded by ANGRY MUTANTS.  
But the LIZARDS at don’t notice. They’re too busy with their raid on the 
church. The raid goes on at night. The lizards ambush the building and light it on 
fire. Blood and deaths and fire. 
The fire draws out all of the SKATERS who the LIZARDS then trap in order to force 
into labor. 
A few of the SKATERS escape the church fire. But the SKATERS go to get cover at the 
gas station lair where NO GOD ONLY PAIN is rehearsing. 
of the building as the MUTANT WORKERS tear apart the WORKER CAMP. They hide 
in the sexbot kennel. 
Scene 7 
At the gas station lair, the skaters pick up emergency calls about the siege on their 
radios. They use ingenious weapons to try to defend their lair. But many are 
killed. Vier is captured. 
GOOGAMOOGA, KANGAZOO, TRISH and the BIKERS make a deal with the She Pop 
Princess. She goes to distract the MUTANTS with her singing. But they’re still 
stoned and they rip her apart. GOOGAMOOGA, KANGAZOO, TRISH, FUDGE-A 
and ESKIMOSA narrowly escape. 
The LIZARDS return to the base with a large amount of slaves. The SKATERS left at 
the gas station make a plan to rescue Vier. 
the BIKERS to kill the LIZARDS. LIZARDS are unaware that half of their base 
has rioting going on in it. 

Young People “Follow”

A Wikileaks transcript released today shows that Hilary Clinton’s confidants think young people are fucking stupid “followers” – whose opinions are formed by “following” cool people. They are right!!!

“I hate to generalize a generation but by social media nature, they “follow”. So if someone they identify as cool endorses – they will likely fall in line with that candidate.”

Wikileaks Email: Hillary Campaign Struggles to Reach “F**king Dumb” Young People

I commend Hilary on this point! She has finally said something truthful. Kudos!!! Sorry millenials, but you have failed to produce on single great band or half-way decent political movement. I blame you for putting bland two chord modern rock with a ball-less singer on the radio at my gym. I blame you for Katie Perry and Taylor Swift still being taken seriously as artists. I blame you for BLM, which is ignorant, and resulted in burning cities and dead cops. I blame you for the terrible styles I must sift through at this discount clothing store – stuff that looks like its left over from a Southwestern gay rodeo. I blame you for all the sizes of all the clothing being two sizes tighter than it was for every other generation – because your generation wants to be little girly men with no muscles (and really tight clothes on like skinny jeans). I blame you for having helped make my Subaru station wagon to be seen as a “gay lifestyle car” – when it was red meat and potato eating A-hole conservatives like me (plus rally -car enthusiasts) who drove them in the past. I blame you for turning sports into a PC bastion. For watching too many crappy CGI movies, and for watching too much PG-13 commercial crap. For downloading everything for free and killing the music industry. For spending all your money on beer at shows, instead of supporting the band. For flooding every online dating site with 10 men to every one woman, because you are too wimpy to hit on them in public. For flooding the internet with gay personal ads. For letting women walk all over you as a generation, and kissing their asses while they enslave you. For favoring a treasonous liar over an American patriot who is sacrificing his own well being for the good of the nation – rather than vice-versa… I blame you for necessitating discussions about bathrooms and national anthems WHILE THE WORLD IS AWASH IN MASS WARFARE, HUBRIS, AND CALAMITY!!!

Most of you have left it to your elders to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. The few of you who have shunned social media and shunned liberalism are to be commended also.


Intense Film: Desierto

desert desert4

Looking for a different kind of foreign film? Not the artsy kind, not the crowd-pleasing kind, but one with terror and suspense? Welcome to “Desierto,” a film that couldn’t have arrived at a more timely moment than right now. It is about a group of immigrants who have just crossed the border and are in the desert, looking forward to new, better lives in America. Unfortunately for them, a hick cowboy with a mean dog is taking it as his mission to shoot and kill as many illegal immigrants as he can. Obviously, a standoff is coming. Can anyone survive?

The movie works because it doesn’t push its concept beyond B-movie basics. Gael Garcia Bernal is a good protagonist and Jeffrey Dean Mprgan is chilling as the villain, who sees killing illegal immigrants as being all in a day’s work. The film is so well-made that you feel like you’re in the desert with the characters. Director Jonas Cauron gives us a blunt, unpretentious thriller that scores big because it never tries to make political and didactic points. If you want to be thrilled beyond all expectation, go see “Desierto.” –CoolAC


Hands-On Sexbot Festival?



Getty Images





There is a sexbot festival coming up in London. It was banned in Malaysia. Too risqué.

We- the staff at Groin- are very pleased that this festival is occurring. However, we feel that the best way for people to get skilled with sexbots is with real “hands-on” type workshops (e.g. sexbot orgies). And we are concerned that this event might lean too far towards only having demonstrations – but not enough audience participation.

Such androids are seen by many as something that losers would be interested in. But on the contrary, it is the true player (who is up to his elbows in women already) who would benefit the most from having a sexbot – since he could use it as leverage when forced to argue with a woman. Sexbots can be a useful learning tool, helping individuals to fine tune their skills in bed – as well as experiment. In the end sexbots will even be an outlet for frustrated couples to break out of that funk together. There are so many possibilities. The key to it all is hands on exploration. With sexbots I worry about ending up with a costly repair bill or service warrenty. I have owned things like pinball machines that were a pain when repairs were needed. But at least there won’t be any divorce papers or lengthy arguments with sexbots. 🙂 on Roads to Serfdom

The review from for No God Only Pain release ‘Roads to Serfdom’ s in! Am very pleased with this review (which in a nutshell) says the album is tough, substantive, and diverse sounding, despite very cheap production. That’s pretty much what I was going for with those songs when I wrote ’em. Please check out the review and support NGOP, as well as reading to keep posted on what’s going on in this Doomed world.


Wikileaks: E.T. Attack Election Hoax


This document shows that the government is polling the impact of itself orchestrating various attacks and hoaxes – in order to ensure that elitist scum are elected.

The left is panicked about the election, and they are scheming to win BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. They know that people see through the BS poll results, because they can see giant crowds at Trump rallies with their own eyes. Americans also realize that the women claiming Trump groped them have too many holes in their stories, plus eyewitnesses who rebut them. And they said nice things about Trump for years and years in many cases, prior to throwing him under the bus.

A new document out from a polling and political advising company in Washington D.C. says that the US government has worked on far-fetched nefarious scenarios to tilt the election its way.

They poll tested everything from race riots to radiation from nukes, and found that only an attack from aliens from outer space would keep Trump supporters from voting. Some Trump Deplorables actual were polled as being even more likely to vote if there were race riots or a natural disaster. This scenario of the E.T. invasion hoax sounds basically far-fetched and impossible. However, it is actually entirely doable, with laser technology the DOD/CIA has which is meant to project large scale holograms of spacecraft – in order to intimidate voters. That secret project is called Project Firesign.

While this most recent leaked document concluded that E.T. attack would be the most effective way for Clinton to win – please note that there are also other plots labeled under “BLM”, “Sharia etc”, and “radiation” for example, And though those polled as less likely to keep Trumpsteers from voting – some of them would be easier to pull off for them. I am also highly suspicious that Twitter has been having issues today – since that is Trump’s communication platform.

Also, if you know anything about aliens – you know they are really our friends. They tried to make themselves known to the world in the 1950s and prior by flying over DC and Moscow ( it was at the top of national credible newspapers at the time). Read the last few chapters of Whitley Strieber’s Breakthrough for a historical overview of UFO appearances in the United States.


Westworld – Episodes 2 and 3

We’ve now had three episodes of “Westworld,” and it is turning into an excellent Philip K. Dick-ian nightmare of a show. We are now seeing a dichotomy between humans who are curious about the androids and treat them humanely, and humans who want to exploit them for profit, sexual gratification, or indulging whatever sick violent fantasies they might have. Anthony Hopkins’s character seems kind and grandfatherly at first glance but by the end of the third episode his insistence that the robots have no human qualities seems quite sinister. For example, his order that the androids should not be covered when they’re nude is disturbing.

Evan Rachel Wood’s character has become interesting with her “Alice in Wonderland”-type storyline. She is seeking to become “real” by having new experiences. How this ties in with Ed Harris’ Man in Black will be interesting to see. Her character arc seems to tie in with Illuminati rites, which is very unusual for this sort of show. Will she turn on her creators as she discovers her plight?

The end of the third episode is really amazing where the scientists discover the android immolating himself and, by implication, his followers in brutal fashion with a boulder. Why would an android do this? It will be interesting to find out.

It was really fascinating watching the back-stories for the androids being created. This is way beyond anything in the original film by Michael Crichton, which was basically a western with a sci-fi twist. Here we see how everything works, which will bore some but not me.

Thandie Newton’s character as the whore who is failing at seducing the customers and may be destroyed because of it is the show’s major flaw. I do not understand where they are going with her role and it seems sexist.

Jeffrey Wright’s character is finally coming into focus and he is looking like the protagonist of the show. He has much more scientific curiosity than Hopkins’s character does and we will see if that leads to good or ill. He has a very strong character arc and I have always felt he is an underrated actor. Will he find the redemption he seeks for having lost his son?

Finally, this business about Hopkins’s deceased and more scientifically curious partner Arnold is potentially a barnburner. Why are the androids apparently having conversations with him? Where will this lead? Is Arnold’s hypothesis that the androids can be human correct and, if so, what will the consequences be?

If you can’t tell already, this show has the potential to be much better than “Game of Thrones.” Whereas that show seems to be slickly packaged sex and violence, this one is promising to explore serious moral and scientific issues while still providing lots of sex and violence. For that reason, I am recommending the show to everyone and plan to watch and cover the entire first season. Sexbot fans unite! -CoolAC


Sun Also Rises Still Relevant


Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises includes striking parallels between the post WWI and todays era. Strikingly similar are the facts that the cast of characters (and society at large) were living indebted beyond their means, and that they spent the bulk of their time socializing and seeking entertainment.

The main characters include Kohn. Kohn  is a washed-up boxer. Then you also have an oversensitive, over-educated, tag-a-long Jewish guy. Plus a hedonistic, and impulsive Lady Brett. They travel through Europe, watching bullfights, and running up massive bar tabs. They are constantly ordering room service for more alcohol. Wine, champagne , and truffles abound. The characters are expatriates and are moral-less. They live for tragedy, whether it is in their own lives, or for the tragic tension of the bullfight ( or even fishing).

The saving grace of the book is its only moral character. The bullfighter stands for principles and bravery, and has the love of his people as a result. He gets in a love triangle with the other characters. It doesn’t have a happy ending for him. Though he does everything right, he ends up bloodied, battered, and abused. That is meant to show that in that age hedonism ultimately won out over love and morality. That’s another thing that makes it similar to today’s circumstances.

The bullfighter in this story is like Trump and his supporters. I also give some credit to the Green Party and Libertarians for at least having principles. They are brave, united, and stand for what is right – even when its not so easy to do so. In the end they are abandoned by less principled characters, who stick their fingers in the wind – to see what is the easiest way out. –Steve