Hands-On Sexbot Festival?



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There is a sexbot festival coming up in London. It was banned in Malaysia. Too risqué.


We- the staff at Groin- are very pleased that this festival is occurring. However, we feel that the best way for people to get skilled with sexbots is with real “hands-on” type workshops (e.g. sexbot orgies). And we are concerned that this event might lean too far towards only having demonstrations – but not enough audience participation.

Such androids are seen by many as something that losers would be interested in. But on the contrary, it is the true player (who is up to his elbows in women already) who would benefit the most from having a sexbot – since he could use it as leverage when forced to argue with a woman. Sexbots can be a useful learning tool, helping individuals to fine tune their skills in bed – as well as experiment. In the end sexbots will even be an outlet for frustrated couples to break out of that funk together. There are so many possibilities. The key to it all is hands on exploration. With sexbots I worry about ending up with a costly repair bill or service warrenty. I have owned things like pinball machines that were a pain when repairs were needed. But at least there won’t be any divorce papers or lengthy arguments with sexbots. 🙂

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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