‘Groping’ Mass Hysteria = Censorship

Why are all these women suddenly coming forward with rape allegations….so many years later and all at once?

It is a mass hysteria, not unlike the Salem witch trials, partly based upon America’s history of sexual repression. Its a combination of the fact that a lot of sick shit happens because people act out from our society, but at the same time a percentage of the ‘victims’ are embellishing (overstating) the severity of what happened. Also, society is headed towards a matriarchy, where women rule and are deemed to be superior to men. In the 1980’s a series of false claims about ‘Satanic daycare centers’ led to wrongful arrests in OC and other cities as a hysteria gripped the nation. And in small islands there have been mass hysterias involving men who believe their penises are shrinking, when they are not.

Unfortunately, this current mass hysteria is resulting in a lot of media being pulled from theatres. Horror films such as Polaroid, and a Amityville Horror sequel (called The Awaking) have both been pulled since Harvey Weinstein got accused of gr oping and rape. Amityville came out only on 10 screens and only totaled $742 total for its opening weekend. The ‘Current War’ about Thomas Edison v Tesla has even been delayed due to the sex scandal. Talk about keeping audiences in the dark!


Do you remember the book by Bradbury, Fahrenheit 951, where they burned media in piles? It is happening now, but instead of burning it just gets ‘pulled’. Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards show got axed after allegations of him messing with a minor or something.

What is happening is that you have no choices to see media wise. If you want to go see a movie you are left with Superhero crap only. If you want new music you are stuck with brain dead rap or wimp mod rock. Our society is increasingly being herded towards empowering monopolistic enterprises, while enslaving the male hierarchy subordinate to a false idolized female ideal.

Same thing with the Senator More bid. We are told to not vote for him based upon the fact that he is a male scumbag. This reduces our options. We want our own candidate, not the establishment candidate. Tabloid style sex should not affect political races. Poor journalism silences a right wing grass roots unjustly. And amounts to a form of political censorship through intimidation. The message is clear that the press will gleefully ruin the right wing candidates image through slander and lies. The left applies this cheap tactic over and over against the right. Now More may not be the best candidate ever , and he may even be a groper. But I would like people to be able to go and vote for who they want, without their candidate being pulled, which amounts is political censorship.

Vienna Sexbot Showroom

A new showroom for sexbots opened in Austria. You can touch them and ‘test drive’ them there. Costing between roughly $2k and $6k, they have changeable hair nail, hairs, and lips. 40 different faces are available. Also there are nine different body size choices, as well as a choice between eight different eyes and four skin colors.


For a Bloody Good Samurai Flick Try…

“Blade of the Immortal,” a fantastic, gory supernatural Japanese samurai movie from master of horror Takashi Miike, is one of the year’s most entertaining films. Based on a hit manga series in Japan, the plot has many similarities to this year’s hit “Logan” but this movie is actually better! It concerns a little girl who must convince a world-weary, immortal samurai to avenge her family. And so he does, in one of the goriest, craziest, and most epic action films in a long time. The director, whose 100th film this is, may be familiar to American audiences through “Audition,” “Ichi the Killer,” the original “One Missed Call,” and “13 Assassins.” This time he tops himself, giving us a film that is a cross between Akira Kurosawa and Quentin Tarantino. It’s longish but never dull, and is now playing in select theaters and Amazon Prime streaming.

Thor the Bore

How could a film that is certified fresh at 92% on Rotten Tomatoes be one of the year’s worst films? Its simple, 92% of the public are fucking morons. Watch “Thor Ragnarok” and find out. This Thor sequel could be a good place to start the purge!

In the tradition of “Superman 3” and “Batman and Robin,” this film tosses away any semblance of seriousness to sling joke after joke at us. If the film was funny, like “Superman 3” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” are, this might be forgivable. But with the exception of a great cameo by Stan Lee, this film is not so much funny as painful. See Thor spar with Loki (again)! See Anthony Hopkins (for about a minute)! Watch Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum embarrass themselves (though Goldblum is funny)! Witness the pointless humiliation of the Incredible Hulk character for laughs! Watch scene after scene of elaborate but pointless special effects! Thrill to horrible puns! It’s in 3-D (actually they did OK on that part)! Watch actors fail at conveying emotion in scene after scene! And watch your hard-earned dollars go down the toilet! If you miss one big-budget blockbuster this year, make it “Thor Ragnarok.” I walked out near the end, catastrophically disappointed. “Thor 3” is a bore and a chore, and I couldn’t wait to get out the door.

Postmodern Pick-Up Lines

For an ice-breaker with a relative stranger or a strange relative you can’t get a better start on a conversation that might actually get you to dip your stick than the good old canned line. But there’s this list of ten conventional classics will give you some lines to trace on and might even hold some deep-seated dRNA mate attractive properties. As with all recipes, instructions and advice work with caution and wear the right protective devices.

You never know who might be misinforming or trolling you, so don’t be a dork. Run it by your sister first?

1.A: I’m sorry

B. For what

C. (Change the subject like, ‘A lot of weather we’re having today, yeah?’)

2. What do you like better coffee or tea?

3. Which is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

4. Pardon I need a female opinion, is this shirt too loud? (Wearing obnoxious shirt. She confirms take it off.)

5. Do the carpets match the drapes?

6. My friends and I wanted to settle a bet we made. So I was wondering,”Do those legs go all the way up?”

7. Yo! Your body is banging. Can I bang it!

8. Do you screw your mother with that vaginaynay?

9. Excuse me, but haven’t we met before? Oh you’re that stripper my cousin had at his birthday party!

10. This may seem like a major coincidence but you have my dead grandmother’s eyes. I wonder if I can speak to her. (Wave your hand inches from her face.) ‘Mildred, are you in there?’

Harry Dean Stanton’s Last Film Reviewed

Film buffs should take note that a new film called “Lucky” is making the rounds starring the late, great Harry Dean Stanton. The film is about a 90-year old free spirit who is very eccentric and interesting. Du ring the course of the film, we find out about him and his beliefs and we meet other residents of the small town he lives in. The cast also includes Tom Skerritt and Ed Begley Jr., but it’s David Lynch who steals the film as a charming, home-spun oldster who has an unusual bond with his pet turtle Columbus. This is a solid, sometimes hilarious, well-made film that shows conservative people in a good light. Stanton’s and Skerritt’s character are war veterans and it’s nice to see a positive depiction of American veterans for a change. Be sure to stick around for a great gag at the very end! Stanton (from “Repo Man,” “Paris. Texas,” “Christine,” and “Escape from New York”) is incredibly affecting and deserves an Oscar. Don’t miss this excellent, bittersweet comedy!

Cholesterol Revival!


In the 1980s science discovered the cholesterol nutrition component and it became the enemy of the healthy diet. Everything bad was cholesterol and MSG. Everything good was egg whites and wheatgrass.

Monsanto octobomber of culinary karma. As a result, today it’s common knowledge that eggs, butter, steak and prawns are to be indulged in modestly because they contain the demon cholesterol.

But let’s take that term apart piece by piece. The first part of cholesterol, from the Latin, chole, is simply the Canadian pronunciation for ‘cholo’. The second part ’sterol’ is the same root as steroid. People pay hundreds and thousands for drugs that are available right there as an animal protein byproduct.

Bring back the cholesterol, it would seem, if you wish to bring back muscle.

And who doesn’t like muscle? Pansies! That’s who.

It’s simply 11 beers shy of a case of crazy to expect the lard infested, butter loving to run to science for answers. When the hard working man or woman gets home from a hard day of grunting the relief power of soy, margarine spirulina and the like just aunts gonna cut it, baby.


Bring out the cholesterol and bring out the best

by Trisexual Wildebeest

Sexbot Samantha Gets Mass Produced

Sexbot Samantha is now getting mass produced. First orders were placed and shipped this past summer. Demand has exceeded expectations by far.


Many people think people that use sexbots can not get a regular girlfriend. This is not the case however. The truth is that many men , some who are total players even, are tired of the BS they have to put up with from overly dominant women, and would rather date a sexbot. Women want to argue all the time, while being lavished with fancy gifts and outings. They want men to agree with every stupid point of view they have, and to cow tow to them. To hell with that!

On Equality

I was reading an interesting article about what conceptually what equality means in America historically: http://www.amerika.org/politics/understanding-the-constitutional-notion-of-equality/

At UC Davis I had a great professor Nicolas Dungy. He was pretty radical. Very into Howard Zinn, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hobbes , Locke, and Heidegger. He often threw his chalk and erasers at students.

In his class we were taught that the US concept of equality was Locke and Hobbes derived. In a state of nature we are all equally vulnerable to being killed by each other. The professor demonstrated this by pulling a student from his chair onto the ground, and pretending to kick the crap out of him. That is a state of nature. Chaos.

Under a Constitutional government that equality is suspended and reversed to where we are supposedly guaranteed to be equal in terms of our right to be alive, to be allowed to collect private property, and to pursue happiness.

The irony is that the government is now tyrannous and goes around killing everyone, stealing their property, while taxing everyone to death. Meanwhile, the state also puts numerous obstacles to economic and personal well being. It intrudes into almost every element of our lives.

Modern governments have misinterpreted the phrase equality. Instead of using equality as a baseline to prevent mistreatment from government and from private individuals, it has been treated as an economic price floor at which lower class people get their lifestyles subsidized by the higher classes. The end result of this Marxist version of equality (so wrongly applied to the American economy) is a fascist nanny state and giant bureaucracy that grows ever larger. Eventually, over many years, the level of taxation and regulatory repression has become so great that the long term outlook for the country is completely negative. You can thank Marx, Lenin, and the left wing in America for creating such a tyrannous leviathan of a government, all in the name of their misguided fancy ideals.

‘The Foreigner’ is Popcorn-Drool Anti-White Trash

So I went to see this Jackie Chan movie that has been out almost a month called The Foreigner. Chan plays a poor bereaved Chinese ex-patriot whose daughter gets killed by an IRA bomb. It is set in the current day, so this is a joke. Enter Pierce Brosnan as a boring corporate IRA boardroom type guy (talk about boring settings). Brosnan does every scene with 15 white thugs, and fills a ridiculous stereotype that if you have an Irish accent, you are therefor either in the mob or you are a cop. The other good guy besides Chan is a black embassy officer, and it becomes clear early in the film that white people are evil. Also its obvious about five minutes in that Brosnan is the bad guy, and his little act pretending to be Mr. Reformed Bomber Guy is a fail.

To make matters worse, there must have been some kind of popcorn promotion at the theatre I attended. As the trailers about AMC’s shitty soda and popcorn proceeded, fat slob whites and Mexicans surrounded me like the Alamo, with loud slobbering sounds of buttery cholesterol death and straw slurping corn syrup clogging.

My girlfriend simultaneously decided to start browbeating me regarding relationship bullshit. I was forced to relocate to a less odorous, less slobbery section (near the exit). But slobs proceeded to stake positions around me and took my seat as I got up for 5 seconds for fresh air and recomposing. At this point (which was about twelve minutes into the film) I felt I would have to vomit if I stayed in this disgusting theatre.

As I went outside Mexican families waddled by with disgusting filled popcorn boxes the size of their upper frame, while towing two extra plastic bags (each) of even more enormous popcorn. This was truly shocking and nauseating. It was like Day of the Popcorn. These people were fucking popcorn zombies I am telling you.

So I went to the front counter and told them the crowd was disgusting and chewing more popcorn than I had ever seen in my entire life. And I was able to get a full refund.