Bordain Offed

Musk had been ripping on the central banks lately, saying that they own the world. The CNN suicide guy had tweeted that HRC’s (Hillary’s) goons had been harassing him. Because Bordain travelled the 3rd world, he knew that the Clinton charity had a reputation for stealing all the money from (for example) the Haiti relief fund.

Therefor, he had made videos which will be showing up on youtube , which will show he was awakening -turning on liberalism, like Kanye West did recently (who they tried to put in a mental asylum because of it.). Bordain’s gf Asia Argento was sketchy . Kind of a hardcore horror / softcore porn chick – daughter of Dario Argento (susperia) and she is part of a witches coven.

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

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