Record Labels Year 2159

Daryl began his descent from Stoner Mountain, and felt light-headed due to the effects of the Blue Dream and the Bubba Kush. They brought back fond memories of his sea voyage trips of his youth to Holland, where he partook in the finest cannabis dispensaries in the world such as Greenhouse, Bobba, Pink Floyd, 7th Heaven , and Rasta Baby. Unfortunately, all of that had become radioactive in the third post-modern nuclear war. You would never be able to eat a space-cake and wander around the Amsterdam Zoo (and Brewery) while waiting to go on the Heineken Brewery tour again. Sometimes he wished he was back in the Red Light District of Amsterdam ($10 suck or fuck?), where the brothels were in bright red, beside the softly yellow lit canals, and cobblestone roads. If only he had had a dollar for every person who passed that asked if he wanted to buy drugs. After awhile, it had become annoying. People could ruin anything.

The sun was rising behind him as he took a shortcut through the first, smaller ridge. Suddenly as he passed the second larger ridge he saw a robotic mountain lion which was eyeing one of the locals who was pacing along the way. It was over 200 pounds and alternated between sitting on its hind legs, and spider-manning along behind the shoulder of its victim. The beast knocked the man down the shoulder. Stunned and unable to respond, the jugular was ripped out. As Daryl panicked, he heard Discovery Channel type African drumbeats in his head, and things started spinning in a 360. A second mountain lion stood on its hind legs in Daryl’s blind-spot. As it attacked him, he used Shirley to shield himself from the beast, and she was completely shredded (body-wise). The monster then headed off with her torso into the brush, appeased for now to guard his meal. Luckily, Daryl was able to hold onto her head, which contained her CPU, so he could always attach that to another body. Also this made it easier to pedal. And the cannibal girl was usually close by, hiding behind stuff. And from the distance she grinned too. Daryl had gotten tired of the sexbots body anyhow. It was a time for change. Maybe he would go knave. Rob the sexbot factory or something.

There was another problem though, he realized as he made his path down towards the Coastals. Inbreds in hot air balloons made out of human corpses, and hang-liders made from recycled beer cans were now an issue. There were too many of them to out-run. So he decided to put on a show instead. He got out his hand-cranked little amp and megaphone, and had Shirley’s head do back-up vocals.

He tried to lighten the mood with some humor, which remained a hot commodity in the bleak future, since it was rare. “So how you all doin’ tonight? I see that most of you were able to outrun your cousins. When your town assembles, another name for that is a full set of teeth,” and so forth. One guy fired a shot at him after that. After all: in the future, if you bomb, they kill you. After another failed “how many GovCorp workers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” attempts he decided he better start to play some (vintage) Southern Styled Pantera-like power metal. Needless to say the Inbreds really enjoyed this, and they started to mosh and punch each other in the face.

“Goal is for total destruction Needless violence is my fashion statement I hope that you will understand The Need to Pulverize!” and just other meaningless drivel, which nevertheless totally captivated the Inbreds. He learned that these dudes did like, in fact, run a small record label, which consisted of a Hamm radio which projected from a solar powered generator, in a mud-brick hut. But he decided to conserve demos.  Since he did not think they would like an early Asphyx influenced band as much.

by Steve

Record Labels Year 2159

Chapter 1 was published and edited here:

Here was chapter 2 (published and edited):

Daryl had been riding across the hot desert for a day and a half, when he came across a village of about thirty of them. There was lots of blood splattered propaganda everywhere. He found a few items he was able to scav away for later, mostly canteens. The human teeth bridges were good for customizing his guitar neck and tuning gears, so he took some of those. Also there was a canteen and a vintage book from the early twentieth century called Notes on a Pianist, which he took a quick look at. It seems like a good guide as to what not to do in his search for the music industry. In the book, an esteemed European pianist came to the New World (America) and manages to act snobby and have disdain for the US population (as smelly and ugly). One of the vegans was still clinging to life despite a large axe chopped through his right shoulder.

“Help me please young man.” He said.

Daryl squinted his light blue eyes and crimped his face together in disgust. “No. I cannot be sidetracked”he said, “I am on a quest for fucking death metal. Now tell me, who did this to you.”

“It was the cannibal hill dwellers, they are working together with the tech titans and have turned the AI hybrids against us.”

“Not much I can do about that,” Daryl said. “Have you seen any record labels around here? No??” And he pedaled on towards the path leading to the hills.

One and a half miles later he came across a conveyor belt with human brains and livers and kidneys heading towards a room labeled “recycling”. The hybrid bots guarding the compound seemed to be built out of metal strings, bolts, and rods, like a piano turned inside out, but had some human features such as reproductive organs and human lips. With no natural gas or oil available Daryl assumed this was all the result of Elon Musk and Boston Scientific, whose experiments in the late 21st century had taken over the course of mankind (with human-computer hybrid babies). Tesla had gotten the original HAARP blueprints and made electricity generated from sub-harmonic low sound frequencies, on top of all the solar advancements. Having monopolized the technology, he was perfectly positioned to take over with the collapse of traditional supply chains which had occurred.

“Halt. Who goes there? And why should we not recycle you?” the computer voice prompted.

“I am Daryl of the death metal band Heinous Wench Excoriation, and I am on the way to go distribute my demos to the underground record labels. Don’t worry, I killed a few SJW’s along the way, and I will give you some SJW livers and kidneys, plus some demo tapes if you will allow me to pass.”

It was a square deal, and the hybrids seemed to enjoy the demo over the P.A. system. They went about their brain-sorting, and were very happy since all they had besides that was a Berry Manilow tape.

But as Daryl passed, a few of the hybrids noticed his sexbot (sitting in the rear basket of the Schwinn 3 wheel bicycle).

“If you want to pass you will have to let us take turns with the lady,” blurted a particularly obnoxious one. “We have not seen such a ravishing vixen in ages.”

There were a lot of them so Daryl decided the smart thing to do was dispatch his pigeon “Smuggy” to go get his alcoholic para military friend (Badger- with his bazooka) to help. Meanwhile Daryl tried to buy some time by telling cannibal jokes, which were really popular in the future. Everyone was so serious all the time, due to radiation and starvation, that comedy was a really hot commodity. So the couple of jokes that he knew and remembered ( from his raunchy martial arts instructor) were valuable.

“Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other “Does this taste funny to you?” He jested.

Next he tried , “CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people,” and, “One who loves his fellow man – with gravy.”

But his friend was nowhere in sight. He wound up having to brawl and scam over Shirley his sexbot. Before he fled, he attempted a few spinning back kicks to the head, and some ankle lock attacks.

Another couple of days went by along the trail, mostly writing new songs, and amusingly doing some more reading of that dusty old book he had found. Just when he had started to become worried about his trusty pigeon, it returned. And it was carrying a note which read: Bring your demo to Stoner Mountain. We might be interested.

(And though he realized his bird had not followed instructions when he had sought help, he was very thankful for this lead.)

“Good bird,” he lauded, “Thanks for the lead.”

And he fed him some crickets.

by Steve

Record Labels Year 2159


It was very late at night now. The moon was full, and the path had gave way to a blood paved street. Some very pale women and children with red eyes came out and played on the swings in the forest in the dark, giggling. There was a shanty town, many huts, with a Gerry-rigged cathedral with Satanic stained glass mirrors in the center. A small class was being held inside of one of the huts. he had heard of this place, a weird Swiss corporate enclave that had been on the route to Stoner Mountain since the early 1600s and which , strangely, still remained as part of Switzerland (formally), though it was in the middle of what used to be known as California, in the former USA. Rumor had it that not far from this place, the tech titans had made a pact with the Satanic Illuminati (Octagon) to provoke nuclear war in order to further control the supply chains. From time to time, large amounts of cryptos had been reported (as having been dumped on the road) to GovCore. People were likely harvesting DeathCoins out here, using biomechanical hydro power. Death coins stored up all the vitality of the people killed onto a tradeable digital coin. Luckily, these people were more into the tech side of the system. They let the low lives and the scavs in other regions do most of the killing these days. Their killings were merely ritualistic at this point.

Daryl poked his head in, and saw that everyone was working on advanced mathematics for big biotech, surveillance state, cyber security, and block-chain.

Some creepy short, pudgy stone-eyed Danish types came out to the front porches of their huts as Daryl pedaled by, his bicycle squeaking ever so slightly. This wasn’t just one or two people per hut, rather it was entire families of locals. A pig with its head freshly cut off ran across the path in front of him. Later, an axe flew bye his face, and nearly missed, so he pedaled faster.

Further up the mountain, the fog grew thicker, as he passed a decaying green fungus-infested swimming pool. In front of the pool was a mangy rusted copper fence. Toxic warning signs were everywhere. Daryl came to a gate, which was guarded by two men in a Jeep. They were wearing jeans with shades and flannels, and they carried M-16s. They refused to let him in at first, but he persuaded them to let him in by offering them the chance to take nudes of his sexbot Shirley, who was now sporting a black eye.

He passed through the fence and proceeded towards the nuclear bunker where Stoner Mountain Records was presumed to be located. He touched the OPEN button, next to the door and a holograph of an orc-like mutant appeared.

“I am Daryl, from the band Heinous Wench Excoriation, and I have biked here to bring you my demo. I hope you think it its fucking sick!”

The stoner mutant dude coughed repeatedly and then asked, “What format? And does it sound like Sleep, or Black Sabbath at all?” and then went back to toking.

“Not really. I would say I was trying to cross early Asphyx with Megadeath and Burzum or something really.” Daryl proceeded to play the demo tape through the EV megaphone, but the stoner had no attention span. “I don’t have an MP3 or crypto yet. Since I am not with CorpGov. I cannot get electricity other than batteries. Please listen regardless. Thanks!”

“Well can you make it sound more like Sabbath and then get back to me?” Replied the mutant, even though he had nothing better to do.

Getting a closer look at the mutant he could see ugly red and purple curly hair, three eyebrows, and a 7 fingered hand. “Ya maybe, if I can ever find some other band members out here (in the wastelands) and I can just let them write that trendy stuff and I will like , just jam along, sure. Hey, can I get a toke?” Daryl asked.

So , in the end, unfortunately Daryl did not wind up getting signed that day, however he did manage to get baked and go on a nice adventure. So he wasn’t totally discouraged. It was a lot better than just sitting in one place and waiting for the for corporations or the cannibals to come and off him. He had done a lot of travelling that day already though, so he decided to play Solitaire for a while. So he did. Then, certain he would find more record labels to apply to, he dispatched his pigeon, to find more gigs. Even though Daryl was a totally evil dude, who sometimes still liked to kill just for the fun of it, he still had a lot of blind faith in humanity overall.

(Written by Steve  / originally under pen name Joe Slater)

B. Clinton : Serial Killer

It was a muggy, humid night. The kind of night with lots of wet pussy out there, ripe for the picking. Interpol was flying into Arkansas in the wee hours, with a giant load of Columbia’s finest. There were lots so many interns this year, and fortunately many of them were orphans, so not as many people would notice them missing.

The coke already had B. sweating. It kinda gave him limp-dick sometimes, but quality whiskey spirits picked him right back up. The Misses was out tonight (Thank God!). Most likely eating a Persian smorgasbord. Some of his carriage races in Australia were approaching posting time, and he watched for his exacta box.

The Limo pulled up. Five young attractive co-ed do-gooder recruits entered, along with the Secret Service. One was a skinny blonde, another was a trashy red-head. The third was a flat-chested curly oily haired brunette, with gorgeous green eyes.

“It is such an honor to meet you. You avoided so many wars, brought us so much prosperity.” said the brunette.

“Shall I pour us a drink?” B. asked?

“Why certainly,” all three ladies replied simultaneously.

He did a bit of hypnosis on them with slight of hand and art of suggestion. Like a good Jim Jones.
“I mostly drink green label Johnnie Walker lately, take off your clothes”

The women stripped and didn’t have too many tattoos or scars. One had a C section scar, partially covered by a dolphin tattoo.
“You won’t do,” Bill mused.

She was escorted away, but immediately given a lot of EBT and lotto tickets, and hypnotized back into not remembering the situation. However, the other two applicants were not so lucky…

Sex Robots and Repatriation Can Help Calm Immigration Fears

Things have gotten really tense in California, as a prolonged heat wave ruined the wonderful ambience of the Central Valley last week. Lots of bad stuff was going on, and meanwhile not enough bbq ‘s!

The first thing is that everybody needs to calm down. Sexbots could be used to get people to stop worrying about the INS and start focusing on good old Americana. Sexbots need to be dressed in fully patriotic attire and a line to sign up for citizenship and take a repatriation test , grab a musket and a bulletproof vest and head off to fight America’s foes is the solution. It’s time to drop that old dual citizenship and go and fight for Uncle Sam.

Soon, Eye of the Tiger and other Rocky 4 classics will be permeating the Home Depot parking lot of every locality. And women’s mud wrestling should be making a comeback too. Other good classics for repatriation classes would be studies of the films Hoosiers and The Right Stuff.

Meanwhile, it is time to send the boys in , and go and set up a perimeter around Venezuela, while airdropping the food in there. Guatemala will need someone like Giuliani to go in and help secure it and drive private investment as he has done in other countries and help build an economy there. Ending the war on drugs would also help stabilize these countries. And the sanctions on Venezuela should be lifted in order to help restore the economy. Meanwhile Maduro should face indictment in the Hague.

North Korea: Save or Shit-Can?

Ok let’s keep this simple:

You cannot negotiate with some asshole who is BBQ’ing his own military hierarchy with a flame thrower. So here is what you do.

1) You sink all their submarines. Their submarines are hunks of junk, which give off loud acoustics since their engines don’t run smoothly. This is cool, since the NK media won’t have to notify the public, since they won’t want to look weak.

2) You could then approach their leadership with a wink and suggest “Wanna talk now??’
Why do that though, when you could instead choose option three.

3) Bribe the North Korean leadership with pre-loaded cyrpto-currency wallets to turn Kim-Yong-Whats-His-Fuck into fishfood, while they get sanctuary and diplomatic immunity to flee afterwards.

4) Replace Fat Face with a couple of look-alike dummies who follow US instructions to the T. Pay them all very well with cryptos. Do not let the public of NK or United States know that Pyongyang has been sacked internally. Rather:

5) Send the Soviets in to secure the command and control structure of the ICBM’s and the (ironically named) long-range No Dong missiles. What do the Soviets get in return? Eased sanctions and a second meeting with President Trump.

6) Have the new NK leadership reassure the public that all is well, with the Soviets behind them to make them feel safe. The US now proceeds to airlift massive food-drops to the peasantry, especially in the country-sides, along with pro-US propaganda, such as quality ganster rap albums about comin’ up big-time. Inspire them to understand the wonders of a pure capitalist system! Why sell rice, when there’s more money to be made selling ho’s and gats??? Look for higher profit margins!

The best thing about this plan is that it could already have happened and not one of you would even know that it has occurred already.

Problem Solved.

Sexbots v. Hos Re Millenials

So let’s get this straight. A top madame is saying sexbots can’t compete with her hos. That hos offer more ‘intimacy and companionship’, I beg to differ.

First off, sexbots don’t have a pimp waiting to ‘strip you down’ and take your wallet and leave you naked and broke, with your clothes all stolen including your shoes. Secondly, sexbots don’t look up at the clock every five minutes. Nor do they take calls from other clients while you are doing the nasty with them.

The shocking part of the article is the part where the madame speaks of a ton of ‘millenial virgins’ coming in to have sex for the first time. How PATHETIC. Between the MeToo movement, the Equality for Furries Movement, the androgenous movement, feminist studies classes, and an armada of enemies to the red-blooded American man – what are we left with in society these days. The answer is a box of kleenex and a blistery hand.

Let’s face it. Hookers are costly, often not that hot, and may carry a disease or two. Also even the best of hookers goes on her period. And that’s NO FUN!

Once you buy a sexbot , not only is there no clock-watching, or pimp ambushes, nor police sting ops. You can bang that sexbot til your heart’s content. She won’t talk back about her ‘limits’. She won’t deny you GFE. She won’t field phone calls from other clients. And she may even be hotter than the call girls in the photo re the linked article:

Another cool thing is the potential to have her in the shotgun seat of your car, as you drive down that L.A. highway. Once pulled over for a carpool violation, as you gleefully zip past the traffic jams, one can assert to the police that this is, in fact, my girlfriend.

On Freud

Let’s take a look at Freud’s main premises. People are driven by destructive tendencies much more than society realizes. Freud refers to these as the death instinct. The urge to do bad things such as to kill, do violence, rape, and other anti-social behaviors create strong pleasures in individuals. People seek happiness, which says relates to the ego. Society gets in the way of that quest, by taking primacy. Collectivism takes precedence of individualism on a daily basis.

Think, for example, of the politically incorrect example of a drug addict bum, who wants nothing more than to hedonistically do street drugs, sex, and other traits which would qualify under the death instinct. Most people would not pursue such a lifestyle, since society ostracizes and punishes those who choose to lead such a life. So instead, the average person goes to school or to work. And the average person takes care of her family, and often goes to church. These are merely my somewhat inductive generalizations of how the average person is pressure to be altruistic rather than egoistic.

Individuals are driven by pleasure and avoidance of pain. Seeking pleasure is considered the primary urge of individuals. Society imposes restrictions on the individual. Such urges need to be suppressed since the violate other people’s civil, human, and Constitutional rights. This tension between what the individual really wants deep down (urges), and (+) what is best for society (rules and order), (=) results in how individual personalities are formed.

Let’s take a look at Freud’s main premises. People are driven by destructive tendencies much more than society realizes. Freud refers to these as the death instinct. The urge to do bad things such as to kill, do violence, rape, and other anti-social behaviors create strong pleasures in individuals. People seek happiness, which says relates to the ego. Society gets in the way of that quest, by taking primacy. Collectivism takes precedence of individualism on a daily basis. Think, for example, of the politically incorrect example of a drug addict bum, who wants nothing more than to hedonistically do street drugs, sex, and other traits which would qualify under the death instinct. Most people would not pursue such a lifestyle, since society ostracizes and punishes those who choose to lead such a life. So instead, the average person goes to school or to work. And the average person takes care of her family, and often goes to church. These are merely my somewhat inductive generalizations of how the average person is pressure to be altruistic rather than egoistic.

Next, individuals are driven by pleasure and avoidance of pain. Seeking pleasure is considered the primary urge of individuals. Society imposes restrictions on the individual. Such urges need to be suppressed since the violate other people’s civil, human, and Constitutional rights. This tension between what the individual really wants deep down (urges), and (+) what is best for society (rules and order), (=) results in how individual personalities are form.

Civilized society , as well as the development of the individual are molded by the tension from tug of war between what is good for society, and what is good for the individual. Freud considers what is good for society in terms of the word altruism, a term which has to do with self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. The idea of community is a result of subverted (oppressed) sexual libido in a roundabout way. Freud views community as a mass subversion of sexual libido. In other words, in a community a whole bunch of individuals give up facets of their personal sex and death drive in favor of other ideals that benefit the community. These ideals include beauty, reason, intelligence and other higher facets.

Civilized society has little concern with the happiness of the individual. Instead, society superimposes societal harmony as the top priority. As I said earlier, societal harmony can be thought of as a collection of repressed libido, in favor of higher facets. However, this results in what I would consider to be a mass dilution (watering down) of individual happiness, not unlike a Martini, with very little Vodka, but instead mostly composed of just ice, water, and an olive. He also points out the symmetry between how individuals develop through this tug of war between private desires of the individual and the mirroring of how society develops into a community through the same process. I believe this is a form of inductive reasoning).

Freud’s conclusion is that there is a tug of war between individuality and society at large as a community, in which society at large takes priority over the desires of the individual. This favors the healthy development of a society (or community) at the expense of personal happiness of the individual, who suffers neurosis (mental health problems) as a result of their oppressed urges.

Key Terms:

In order to have a full understanding of how the premises add up to support the conclusion, I felt it was important to have a firm grasp on some of the key terms in the work, since they are the underpinnings of the supporting points. Therefor, I created a short glossary which briefly demonstrates my basic understanding of the key terms.

Eros – The life embracing instinct, eros, relates to life embracing urges of love, survival, sexual libido, and basic sensations such as hunger and thirst.
Society considers facets of eros in a positive light.

Death drive – This includes Urges the individual has that are pleasing to herself, but which are harmful to society. These include urges such as wanting to harm other people physically or sexually, or take their stuff. Many of these urges first became regulated by society early in pre-history, for example, the 10 Commandments mandate that no one should kill, steal, or covet their neighbors wife. In modernity, legal statute, Constitutional law, and societal norms regulate these anti-social tendencies of the individual. Society views the death drive urges in almost always negative light, with few exceptions, such as war. This concept of death drive is related to his concept of the ‘Id’, which is the primitive, animalistic element of the human personality.

Ananke-ty – Ananke was originally an ancient Greek Goddess, who was actually worshipped in an ancient temple, because she superimposed constraint and necessity upon humanity. In terms of Freudian thought, she is yet another reflection of how the demands of society takes precedence over the needs of the individual.

Egotism- The ego is a somewhat complex concept. It has to do with the sense of self, which relates to reason and order. The ego an be thought of as doing what is best for oneself in a more general long-term view (going to school and working, for example) is diametrically juxtaposed, in contradiction, against the chaotic traits of the death drive and the id.

Altruism- The opposite of egotism, since it relates to the individual relegating herself to a lower role, by putting the needs of her family or her community ahead of her own personal gain. According to Freud, this includes the total suppression of urge of sexual satisfaction, in favor of love or some higher facet. Altruism and egotism are clashing tendencies with the individual. For example, when you love your boyfriend, the urge to love and care for him is a conflicting urge from the desire to sexually gain pleasure from him. Freud elaborated more on these concepts in [paragraph 12 of A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis. 1920. Part Three: General Theory of the Neuroses XXVI. The Libido Theory and Narcism].

Collectivism- Emphasizes cohesion and how people fit together into a society.

Freud is correct about the importance of the death drive. His argument that the average person naturally has more (selfish) destructive tendencies as basic instincts than constructive, responsible tendencies is true. History has shown that in a state of nature, absent law enforcement, society and the individual break down into primitive, violent clans. We see this in social riots such as the Michael Brown case, and also in Charlottesville, where right wing protesters drove someone over. Today we see this chaos in such places as Syria and Somalia, where the state has failed and it is every man for himself as a result. Freud is right (along with Hobbes and Locke) that human nature is brutish and nasty. Rousseau was wrong about mankind, he is not lazy and peaceful, nor content. Anthropology has shown that early man-kind’s relatives were carnivorous and violent, some even hunting each other. History is fraught with warfare, which reflects the death drive. Early pre-historic warfare, such as ancient Roman warfare included looting, pillaging , and enslavement of the opposition and their wives.

Freud was onto something, but was only partially right when he further asserted that the individual’s ego is crushed by the demands of society (collectivism). Much of what Freud had to work with was generalizations. The problem with that, is that we now have the benefit of over a hundred years of medical advancements, as well as perfect hindsight. Back in Freud’s time there was much less social mobility than there is now. People didn’t have to worry about what job they would take as much back then as they do in modernity. They generally worked in the family trade and didn’t have as many options. Therefor, people shouldn’t have suffered as much depression back then from working (what we today might consider) menial or crummy jobs, since that was much more common back than. The truth is that brain chemistry, often based on hereditary factors, are the main cause of depression, and other common neurosis, which was Freud’s job to treat back then.* Freud did not have the benefit of MRI machines, CAT scans, and the like. Since medical science was still not very advanced in his time, he did not understand the importance of chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, nor the imbalances in the brain which result from shortage or too much of one or the other.

Freud is correct that the pleasure/pain paradigm shapes daily behavior to a large extent. And he is right, as I have already covered, that laws and law enforcement are necessary to impose order, since the death drive instinct is prime. However, he is overestimates the effect of society being overly strict and not liberal towards personal freedom upon the formation of individual personality. Modern science has proved that genetics, including brain chemistry, as well as the environment one is raised in (parenting), are really what causes people to have personality traits. Freud did cover parenting slightly in terms of potty-training analysis, but he over-analyzed that part of parenting, while underestimating many other elements of parenting, which effect the environment youngsters are raised in.

Freud is wrong about the formation of civilized society. Civilization did not result from a tug of war between collectivism and the needs of the individual. Rather, it started almost exclusively from collectivism, under the main influences of primal clans, and religion. The part that Freud did get right in this regard is that collectivism did come about as a means of protection from the death drive. When we look back to pre-history and the dawn of civilization, religion is always there at the center of everything. Going back to ancient Egypt and Israel, into the Old Testament, we get a list of the family history of everyone, and evidence that family life and religion dominated over individualism. People identified by their ethnic and religious clan. Moving onto ancient Greece, people worshipped their ancestors, with a family hearth, which had to be kept lit at all times. the walls between homes also had religious significance. People didn’t have to worry about fitting in or not, or about their personal needs being satisfied. There was very little concern in pre-history about the personal satisfaction of the individual. In fact, peasants were happy to simply not be killed by opposing armies, or to simply not be totally enslaved. Whole people’s such as the Slavs were essentially enslaved in the Dark Ages. The feudal system came about as a way for the lower classes to have some form of protection from the king and the knights.

Moreover, Freud somewhat misallocates the concept of altruism towards religion and the like. Religion and restrictions upon killing, stealing, and sexual wrong doings are actually much more beneficial to the individual than he realized in terms of reward/punishment. Killing another person would always result in a blood feud if not for the law. So the killer would then be hunted by the family of the victim. This would be bad psychologically for the killer, on top of the guilt (super-ego). Stealing would have similar ramifications. And sexual liberality outside of marriage also has its obvious downsides, including angry baby-mamas, lots of pregnancy downtime, std’s, guilt, and other psychological implications.

The concept that community and religion resulted from oppressed sexual libido in favor of higher ideals such as beauty, reason, intelligence and so forth, is partly true. While it is true that the Reformation and the Enlightenment did hold up these ideals, and that virtuous goals are what individuals are taught to seek, it does not follow necessarily that this is all a result of sexual oppression. Take a look at modern day San Francisco. It has not only a huge surplus of reason and intelligence, fueling the tech industry, but it simultaneously has an extremely liberal sexual atmosphere, highlighted by gay rights parades and the like. What did community and religion result from, if not sexual oppression (as Freud posits)? I would side more with Nietzsche here, and somewhat with Machiavelli, that religion and community result from the will to power. In other words, kings want to rule, religious leaders want to lead, and order is established as a result. People who want to lead or rule are guided by their desire to have power. Once they have power they impose rules, in order to keep the power.

Freud is also correct that society has little concern with the happiness of the individual and that society imposes societal harmony as the top priority.
On an average day you will get bills in the mail, duties at work or school, duties and responsibilities with church or family. Rarely will you get a phone call from a private business or government official with the overriding concern of how you are feeling that day. Most societal interactions concern economic exchanges these days, and societal harmony is more-so determined by what Adam Smith termed the ‘invisible hand’ of economics and such, and less by how people are ‘feeling’.

Overall, while Freud was into something about the conflict between individualism and collectivism being significant in the development of personal and societal traits, he overestimated the importance of such factors. Meanwhile, due to having formulated his theories so far before the advancements of modern science and medicine , he understandably underestimated the importance of genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental factors (such as good parenting) upon personal development. He also was somewhat off on his analysis of public life (community and religion), by not understanding that these were determined by power politics and the personal desire for power. Finally, I would add that Freud misunderstood religion so conservative as being anti-sexual, when there are actually numerous examples of sexuality throughout the Bible and other major religions, as well. The bible contains numerous examples of cheating, incest, polygamy, just to name a few examples.

Please allow me to explain how I arrived at my conclusions. I did so rather simply:

The main differences of opinion I have with Freud are twofold. The first being that Freud could not have known the importance of genetics and hereditary factors, simply due to being so early in his field (before many advancements in medical science and brain chemistry). Therefor he was forced to work with fitting his observations of clients who had neurosis into a paradigm overly dependent on generalizations. His work was brilliant for its time, yet much of it doesn’t quite stand the test of time.

Second, since I see things from a Hobessian/Nietzschean/Machiavellian perspective, I look at things through the lens of power structures, and the pursuit of personal gain, even more than Freud does. I do not see civilization or personal development having organically developed in a tug of war the way Freud did. I see things having come about under a more rigid power structure imposed by the ruler. There is almost always a leader or ruler, whether in the family unity, the church , or in society (government). This will to power of the ruler, the leader, is not a result of suppression of the sexual libido as Freud suggested, rather it is actually an extension of the libido. The more power a person has, the more empowered she in terms of her libido and her death drive. Look at how kings (King David before he reformed), queens (Cleopatra) and emperors (Nero) were known for sexual proclivity, as well as violence. Even today, we see leaders such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump constantly dealing with sex scandals. Religion and public life are simply not anti-sexual, as Freud posited.

*Example of an article about genetics and personality traits:

Sexbot Party is Rad

There was a sexbot party in Texas:

A bunch of dudes brought their hot female sexbots and displayed them in pageant style, while shooting guns and drinking beer. They didn’t bang each other’s sexbots, but they did grab their tits and check them out. This party demonstrates that sexbots are becoming more mainstream, as dudes are tired of taking crap from unruly human chicks. Years ago it would have been deemed socially unacceptable. But now you can practically take your sexbot to church. Let’s see where this leads. The next thing is likely that men will begin marrying their sexbot and taking vows.

“I would definitely marry my sexbot”, one party goer named Earl said, a short stocky dude in jeans and a t-shirt , with a MAGA hat and a double barrel shotgun. “What we need is a mayor with enough balls to legalize sexbot marriage.”

“I pay taxes, I tithe, I pay alimony. So what if I want to marry Gina, my sexbot? I thought this was a free country,” said Mike. “I may have to vote libertarian next time, I’m not really sure who to turn to who will give me civil rights with her.”

Jim Smithsonian, a legal scholar from the Sexbot Foundation, told us, “This is an existential Constitutional crisis. We fought from the British to be free of the kind of tyranny which tells us who we can marry, what we can eat, who we can worship. In America, you have the right to pursue happiness. The Founding Fathers gave us that right.”

Others, like Jim Mahoney from the Overpopulation Foundation, disagree. “We already have too many dang people pollutin’, fallutin’, and doin’ whatever they please. The last thing we need is a bunch of sexbots overcrowding everything. Next thing they will be claiming their repairs are a health care right or something. You let one sexbot get married, all the other sexbots will want to get married. Then watch, they will start constructing their own micro families and so forth. It will probably be worse than immigration.”

Religious scholars were split. William Telethon was quoted as saying,”If God wanted us to have sexbots, he would have made sexbots instead of women.” But others , such as those in the Catholic church, found relief in the sexbots  since they used it as a way to have more sex but without committing adultery and the like. Nelson Bartlebee Jones, cleric at a non-denominantional church said “My sexbot provides me with the necessary relief which I need to be able to go home and deal with my nagging wife.”


Silencio & Suspiria : Dark Foreign Thrills

“Silencio” is a Mexican-made thriller (partially in English) based on true events.  The true events are the setting of the Zone of Silence in Mexico, an area that was accidentally nuked by the U.S. and has numerous conspiracy theories and dark rumors surrounding it.  Basically, it is akin to the Bermuda Triangle.  In this film, a magical stone is found there that has the ability to alter time and past events.  You can go back to any specific event and change one thing that happens.  The catch is that you can’t change anything else and that whatever you do change will impact the world in unforeseeable ways.  Basically, this fascinating premise is attached to a multigenerational family thriller and a deadly hit-and-run.  While some critics are upset that this premise was used for a family thriller, I think anchoring the premise to a tense family drama is an interesting choice that works well.  Indeed, I was on the edge of my sea t for much of “Silencio” because I honestly didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

“Suspiria” is a remake of the classic 1977 thriller by Dario Argento. It takes place in Berlin 1977, where the world is a dark and evil place.  While catastrophic real-world events are playing out, the smaller but much scarier conflict is going on at the local dance school.  The school is in fact run by and populated by witches who use the school to give new meaning to the term “killer dance moves.” After the school’s top dancer (played by Chloe Grace Moretz) has a nervous breakdown and becomes expendable, a replacement dancer (Dakota Johnson) is  brought in who is inexperienced but brilliantly talented.  Through her, the head-mistresses (both played by Tilda Swinton) hope to spread Wicca and conquer Berlin.  The only thing standing in their way is a very strange elderly psychiatrist who is investigating claims of witchcraft.  Will he succeed in vanquishing evil or will the demonic, sexually outrageous coven conquer all?

If you’re a fan of Argento’s classic grindhouse film, this remake is a must-see.  It’s a little hard to follow and perhaps overly feminist but it has the terrifying lucidity of a real nightmare.  It has a cameo by Jessica Harper, star of the original.  With excellent cinematography and a score by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, this movie can both withstand comparisons to the original and stand on its own two feet.  Guaranteed to freak out all but the most seasoned horror movie fan, this is the rare bloody horror film that is critically respected yet also good for gorehounds.  It’s an American film directed by an Italian (“Call Me by Your Name” director Luca Guadagnino) that is partially in German.  At 151 minutes, it is one of the longest exploitation films ever made.

“Silencio” and “Suspiria” are both in limited release right now.  If you’re looking for foreign thrills, run (don’t walk!) and check them out.