2159- Pamphlet

The undead condors were sent off with Heinous Wench Excoriation demos, which they dropped on the failed utopian population. Written on tiny scrolls of human flesh, and encrypted with a micro-palladium script, the propaganda also explained the necessity of death metal, to a healthy world:

Death metal is a challenge to false utopias. It is hard and reality  based. It reflects the truths which mankind wishes to ignore. Society ignores, death metal, ignores reality, because it is more fun to go down sinking if the band is still playing while the Titanic goes under. It is more difficult to achieve, as well as to appreciate death metal, than it is other genres. You need a lot more than a drum machine and a mall reject. Death metal is blood, sweat, and tears. There are blisters from blastbeats, sweat from head-banging and grinding, there will be muscle aches from moving several hundred half-stacks into position. When you first listen to death metal, it will be hard for you to even understand the notes, through the thick distortion. It will be hard for you to hear the lyrics through the growls and all the guttural sounds.

Eventually, if you stick with it, you will reach a higher level of consciousness. You will understand the balance between chaos and order in society, and the role that such chaos music fulfills. Also that nothing good comes easy. Therefor, you will no longer yearn for leftist hand-outs. Nor will you any longer will you allow yourself to be used as a sacrificial lamb, taxed to death for the benefit of others. You are an individual. You have self-worth, beyond anything the state can measure. Through cultural enrichment and death metal, you will reach a state of balance between yourself and nature, where you will want to take responsibility for yourself, rather than for others.

In this new society the way to advance society will be through music and the arts, rather than through money or through raw power.  Leave your master, Pablo the Great, while you still can. The Death Metal Army sits at your gates, ready to conquer and enslave all of you. If you leave now, give up all tropical house music, and convert to death metal, you shall be given reprieve.

by Steve

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!