2159 – Enemy of the People

Little did Daryl know that there was a dark plot which was not only behind the nuclear wars, but which was corroding the culture on a global basis, and gradually conquering the planet. They were just some evil European dudes alright. So don’t get too worked up! They did this by beaming horrible music, mostly crummy Incantation clones, from satelites at the global population. This was beamed at low frequencies which can only be heard subconsciously. The result was that the population only wanted to hear the same shit over and over again. In the end, record labels failed to advance new sounding bands. As music failed to evolve, inspiration within the genre started to die off, as failed imitation after failed imitation diluted the overall quality of the culture on a global basis. So mostly just old stuff, or stuff that sounded like old stuff was the overall trend.

Hans Schimd III was at the center of most of this. He ran Octagon, which in turn ran the Illuminati/Jesuits, and just below that was Corpgov. From high in his bank suite in Bern, Switzerland he had planned the false flag attack which had promoted the third (postmodern) nuclear war. At the time he was so thrilled that he told his 2nd in command, “You know what this means? This means I can now fund my international space station, as well as buy myself an extra 5000 human slaves and sexbots to take to South America on my next mission. Those low income, day job working metal heads will never know what hit them when I conquer them globally. I will have them listening to metal that is so bad, that they’d almost be better off listing to Mili Vanilli, or dancing to Rico Suave.”

Thus, Hans took great joy in collecting the insurance money from the annihilation of what people assumed to be his home country. Of course he was really from somewhere else. And another thing is that the elites never really used their actually names, but rather shell names, so they could play multiple identities and be accountable for nothing.

There was still a command post in the thermo nuclear bunker below Octagon headquarters in Switzerland, which was set up as an insurance policy, in case anything ever happened to Hans. Meanwhile it served as the intelligence/command and control center. It was three miles deep and was reinforced with 30 foot wide steel titanium and gold alloys. Elite sexbots, human sex slaves, food delicacies, luxury good lifestyle necessities such as Cuban cigars and Krystal champagne (and so-forth) had been stock-piled in the chamber to entice bankers, who were enticed with a post apocalyptic life of corrupt bliss. There was only enough oxygen to last one generation, however they were not concerned about the next generation, except to pillage them in any way possible.

Hans basically was now the shadow ruler of the universe, by contrivance and default. He and his team of elite corporate Samurai Octagonians fled Bern for the southern tip of South America. Just prior to the Iranian British nuclear war, which also wiped out Europe completely. The plan was to take over what was left of modern civilization, which was only left in South America and Africa. They planned to start with the southernmost tip, and gradually work their way north. Once they reached the American border they planned to don NBC suits and go to work the remaining domestic gold and silver mines, once owned by Hecla and Stillwater Mining. The precious metals were useful in their satellite and solar power schemes.*

These regions were rich in precious metals, and still had power, water, and sewage services. They had not been nuked, since they were the only continents which were not nuclear, since S. Africa gave up its nukes voluntarily long ago. The Sumurai Octagonian assassin squads wore light blue ninja like outfits with octagon shaped hats, like in a graduation ceremony or something.

First, important people started to go missing all over South America, especially at sexbot brothels, where they were easy targets. Next the Octagon assassins targeted the roads, and cause a trucker strike. Also, anyone who tried to distribute a high quality metal demo was being publicly assassinated by Octagonians who dressed like government workers, in a false flag. The roads were blocked, and no food was getting through either. People started starving, and resorting to cannibalism, of course. People also increasing started fighting to the death over sexbots and stuff. This created a credibility gap for the governments  down there.

“Now is the time. We strike!”

*They had even launched an EMP to take out the grid one time, in order to promote solar energy use and sell their client’s goods.

by Steve

Author: Lord Beardschlimmer Wilhelm Bartholomew III

Leading the charge against societal decay!