Viva Maximum Overdrive! (Vestron Collection)

Well, needless to say, we at love the classic horror film Maximum Overdrive. Starring Emilio Estavez, who was a big shot at the time, and directed by none other than Stephen King, this movie was a fairly big budget film which basically flopped in its hey-day but made a comeback as a cult classic on VHS and streaming. ACDC did the film score full of raucous hard rock classics.

The plot is about technology taking over and turning against humans.  Big rig and ice-cream trucks start killing everybody. Some classic scenes include death-by-bulldozer, death-by -soda can machine shooting the soda can out at high velocity at your forehead. There is also death-by-videogame electrocution, a personal favorite. This movie also probably inspired the video game Twisted metal, and the awesome ice cream truck character.

This Vestron addition Blu Ray, which just came out, is great in terms of not just picture quality, but also the behind the scenes footage. We hear stories about Tom Cruise coming to visit Estevez on the set, during shooting. And people saying how excited they were just to be around Stephen King. We learn how the critics really had it out for King, as a director. The critics basically wanted him to stick to writing. Maximum Overdrive got a lot of one star reviews, which often said the film was too gory and too white trash. But they missed the glory of this film. The film is about horror and about absurdity. Our own technology has been used against us. ISIS ran people over with semi trucks, not unlike this film. And more and more often drones are used for terror and many of the machines in this movie appear drone-like. So the irony is that this film was dismissed as an unrealistic hokey gorefest, when in fact this film was, in fact, prophetic in terms of what would go on to occur internationally in terms of terrorism (political violence).

Admittedly there is kind of a lame romance thrown in, mostly in an attempt to make Estevez seem like a Rebel Without a Cause Type. Laura Harrington does kinda OK in the role of Estevez’s love interest, but doesn’t get much character development. Emilio did a great job pulling off the role honestly. Yeardley Smith, who is now the voice of Bart Simpson, plays a terrorized newlywed who always seems to have to pee, and she contributed to the behind the scenes. She talked about having to do a scene in a dirty sewage pipe at night. She was also good in Legend of Billie Jean.  The best thing about this movie is that it is never at any point boring. The pace of the film is quite intense, and the tension is only partly resolved at the end.

Pat Hingle, of East of Eden and On the Waterfront fame, turns in a great supporting role as a right wing gas station owner who collects weapons and who fires a bazooka from his personal collection against the possessed big-rig truck. As the film gets to the mid-point, you realize the film has a bit of a take on Hitchcock’s the Birds, where the characters all take refuge in a diner during an unexpected event. There are also elements of really old horror films such as Day of the Triffids, due to the use of a single color (bright fluorescent green) being highlighted throughout the film, and the nature of the evil event being massively global in scale and occurring suddenly and , more or less, naturally.

To sum it all up, Maximum Overdrive will always be the Lawrence of Arabia of Fangoria type movies. This Blu Ray is very worthy, and it helps restore this exquisite film to its rightful position along the top shelf of horror fans’ collections everywhere.

Hate U Give Is Leftist Crud

Personally, I if there is one thing I HATE, its a really crappy movie. Cause then I am out some of me loot, meanwhile some Hollywood elite leftist is riding a golden camel into the horizon. Are you curious about whether “The Hate U Give” is Oscar material?  Rest assured, the liberal media is wrong again!  I think this movie stinks. Why? It is hypocritical. It shows that modern leftist urban society is a mish mash of fear and hate and that it is doomed to fail, but it acts like the Great Society and the welfare state have no responsibility for urban decay. Outsourcing and the global economy also are let off the hook.

What happens if the cop shoots a Native American on mistake, and there is a huge public outcry , but then he goes on only to learn he is 15% Native American DNA? Then is it ok that he fired his gun?? You see, this whole race thing has gotten absurd. Especially when you consider that most of us worship a  former Rabbi (Jesus) who was more stout and more Arab looking than depicted in modern times.

A movie like this if the cop was black , and the guy he shot was white and listened to Michael Savage on AM radio every day, do you really think the SJW’s would give a crap? No! That is yet another reason why this movie STINKS!

Are the police supposed to just not do their jobs at all and just let the cities rot? If they try and police the city , are they not allowed to try and defend themselves and make it home for supper? Movies like this assume that the policeman’s life is basically worthless. Meanwhile, the couch surfing potato chip munching jobless SJW’s soul is golden and invaluable, though they were mostly causing leftist trouble in the first place. A real leftist movie would be more appropriately set with a revolt at a Nike or Foxconn factory in slave worker China, than in some leftist urban shithole. In fact, this movie will probably come out on DVD and sell at the dollar store from Chinese slave labor. Specifically, this movie really makes me miss the old Dirty Harry movies where Clint Eastwood would just totally blow people away as a cop, and it was not only forgiven, but deemed totally awesome.

Although credibly acted by star Amandla Sternberg and featuring a story ripped from the headlines, the film ultimately fails because it martyrs a boy who was a drug dealer and excuses a community that tolerates criminal activity.  The film is about a girl named Starr who lives in two worlds-one in her urban nightmare neighborhood that she tolerates, one in a mostly white prep school that she also tolerates.  One night after a shooting at a party, her childhood friend (and drug dealer)Khalil is killed by the cops while she is in the car.  The rest of the movie is about how Starr is indoctrinated into becoming a SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and becoming involved in an antifa style protest complete with “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” refrain and children picking up weapons.  By the end of the film, this initially credible film has become complete fantasy, with a wish-fulfillment ending that undermines the entire premise.  The director, George Tillman Jr. (“Notorious”)  kept me in my seat with his competence but he couldn’t redeem the ultimate outlandishness of the story.

CD Fun: Killer Klowns Reimagined Score

Killer Klowns Film Score Revisited is simply a lot of fun. I am partial to this film for many reasons. It was filmed in Santa Cruz, around the time the Lost Boys was made. The Killer Klowns kill people by zapping them and turning them into cotton candy. So of course I find the music very endearing as well.

The album starts off with a more rock and roll rendition of the circus-y sounding theme song. The vocalist sounds like the singer from Rush, like a happy gnome or something. There is a tacky whammy bar thing repeating, along with the main Klown motif (over and over again) . There is a very 80’s touch to the recording, like Cheap Trick or something. The production is very clean, which adds to the listening enjoyment. As we get into more of the orchestral tracks, such as:

song 4- there are some really nice and smooth tones and very effective percussion , such as timpani drums.

Track 5 – a bass intro followed by a funky guitar and keyboard riff, which sounds dissonant , but not that great. A NIN type groove starts coming in all the sudden, interestingly.

Track 7-  fun , playful orchestral piece, which resembles Danny Elfman’s Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and then followed by a marching band song (briefly). A part in the middle has a descending crescendo which cascades towards peril.

Track 8 -also very enjoyable in terms of sounding as if there is some great epic challenge being met. There is a lot of range on this album.

Track 9 – adagio at first. Kind of ambient, but cool and building up to something.  Tense Hitchcock style music builds towards the end, which has the second main melodic motif from the film end the song in style.

Track 11 – very serene though some minor tension in the strings.

Track 15- a demented psychedelic riff opens this extremely brief, but quality track.

Track 18 – a more up tempo and tense minor key piece, mostly executed on the strings. It has some cool transitions and orchestral swells. Parts of it resemble the theme song from Amazing Stories, a personal favorite.

Track 19 – a slow, somewhat mundane piece, which doesn’t excel without the movie showing at the same time. Some pizzicato tones add some flavor around the two minute mark though.

Wendy’s Automates Line-Skipping

I went to Wendy’s the other day, and I didn’t like what I saw. Instead of one line leading to order at the front counter, there are numerous automated lines behind the main line. This means that if you come in and there is a long line that you can simply skip ahead of the rest of the line by going to the automated burger teller, and still get your order in ahead of everyone else. The couple of times I have gone into that place lately it has made ordering into a SLOG. Technology shouldn’t be used to help people line jump. Jumping ahead in line is unethical and annoying. You already have the fact that these establishments cater to the drive through more than to the dine in customers, even though dine in customers pay a huge extra tax just to eat  there ( in California).

I say death to the automated teller machines at Wendy’s (this is a joke, don’t do anything rash!). I hope some evil hacker short circuits those machines, and makes them hand out diapers and condoms instead, since if you cut in line that is about all you deserve. If you want to order with a machine over a human, I have no problem with that, but by placing the machines at the end of the line, that is not unlike how Obama and other leftists run immigration policy – cut in line and get ahead first. I thought Wendy’s was a good ‘old fashioned’ place, not a leftist utopia for people who slack and cheat in line. They should have put those machines at the front of the line, which would still have helped speed things up. By assisting those automatically who were last in line, Wendy’s is catering to the least common denominator. I bet the majority of people who use those machines are the same people who are bankrupting Venezuela. They probably are using EBT to pay for it, and then soaking the taxpayer for free healthcare when their clogged arteries cause heart problems.

There should simply be a trap door by these machines. If you skip the line and order from them you should fall into a pit, where you are digested by alligators, stomped on by donkeys, and then fed to elephants. Founder Dave Thomas is probably rolling over in his grave. Meanwhile the red image of Wendy is increasingly looking like some icon from a horror movie where the ghost of some innocent girl is haunting everyone, and where if you see her icon in your sleep, some evil entity follows you to your doom.

Men Chicken Out on Tinder Sexbot

Harmony, the world’s first AI mass produced sexbot, joined Tinder recently. Over ninety men picked her as a match on a Friday night. Tinder is meant to be a meat market for sex obviously. But many of the men backed down when asked further whether they would actually have sex with Harmony. About half of them flaked at that point. Only about a quarter of the Tinder matches actually said they would go through with it. How are men ever going to win back their independence from women with statistics such as these?

Men need to get their balls back. They need to tighten up their wallets (after splurging for a sexbot obviously). And they need to stop worrying what everyone is thinking of them. So far , we men have been very PC and yet men are portrayed as something just shot of loser serial-killers by the media. Look no further than the Kavenaugh hearing to see why men should have a sexbot. For one thing, it makes you impervious to accusals, since you can simply say you are only attracted to sexbots.

For another thing, they can’t sue you for alimony , or make up lies to get custody of the kids. Harmony is there for one thing, and one thing only: Your enjoyment. Yet , men are by in large thinking they are too good for her. How is that even possible, when she has been custom made for them? You don’t have to worry about her period, or about her getting pregnant. Or about meeting her A-hole dad and mom (just kidding). If you don’t like her attitude, you can adjust it with a simple knob. How can you beat that?

The stock market is about to crash. There’s bad news in politics with pipe bombs mailed to political figures in the news. Is it time to invest in silver, or maybe go all into cash? I say invest in yourself. Its the perfect time to buy a sexbot and take that vacation to the Bahamas, before the real shit-storm starts!

Oso Polar is a Decent Thriller!

At the Hola a Mexico film festival in Salinas, California, I came across an unexpected gem called “Oso Polar” (Polar bear).  This film was shot on cell phones and is about a man who was picked on by his class during high school who nevertheless offers to chauffer several of his classmates to their high school reunion,  The reunited students think good times are about to ensue, but the often-slighted driver has other ideas.  The film starts out rather mundanely introducing the characters.  However, it soon turns into a low-budget cross between  “Donnie Darko” and “The Gift.”  The director builds up intrigue here and sets up apocalyptic events,  Because of the budget, the payoff is muted.  However, “Oso Polar” remains a very effective, well-acted thriller that could definitely give you nightmares!  This little film is definitely worth seeking out.

Mom & Dad : Gonzo Nicholas Cage Cage

I saw this cool horror comedy which had a limited release earlier this year. There is a scene in where Cage destroys a pool table while singing ‘The Hokey Pokey Song’, that I really enjoyed. This oddball little film was able to use its indie status to be more experimental.  It is about a strange TV and cell phone signal that causes parents to turn against their children.  Everyone who is a parent is impacted when they are with their children, and the film shows in some detail the impact this would have on society.  Cage’s character makes Jack Nicholson’s character in the Shining look a bit wimpy. Many people often incorrectly assume Cage will just take any B movie he is offered, since he owes so much money on those Egyptian pyramids he purchased in Michael Jackson bankruptcy styled fashion. The truth is that Cage is given opportunities to play quirky characters who are not corporate inspired, characters close to his original Raising Arizona success. Other examples of good low-budget Cage include Paul Schrader’s “Dog Eat Dog” with Willem Dafoe (available on Netflix) and the new cult horror hit “Mandy.”

The director, Brian Taylor, did the Jason Statham film Crank, and he knows how to keep the plot moving, and the action flowing.   He directs the film in a “grind house” style that is appropriate. Selma Blair, as Mom, proves that she is an underused actress with a good performance that shows a lot of range.  GROIN Hall of Famer Lance Henriksen makes a surprise cameo appearance and steals some scenes in a funny role.  The film ultimately doesn’t lead anywhere that surprising or revelatory, but it works well enough to register as the best horror satire since “Get Out.” Without using much gore, the director generates scenes that are both nightmarish and rather hilarious.  If you’re looking for good cult horror, don’t miss “Mom and Dad” on DVD, Blu-ray, and Amazon Instant Video.

Tigers Are Not Afraid (Mexican Horror)

I went to a Mexican film festival in Salinas this week. I saw a bunch of pretty good flicks. So far I saw 5 movies for $25. The one I saw tonight, Tigers Are Not Afraid was the first horror one of the bunch, and I must say it was muy espanto (very scary)! The plot involves a little girl, whose mother has been killed by a Mexican drug lord. She has a big imagination and she teams up with a bunch of other kids whose families have also been killed. Yes, this is a big downer! It is pretty realistic , though full of horror and fantasy imagery. It has good special effects and a pretty big budget. Some of her hallucinations involved the tigers. She sees herself as being a kin to a tiger, She thinks she sees a tiger which has escaped from the zoo. Seeing the tiger gives her strength. Basically these kids try to take on the Mexican drug lords. This doesn’t turn out well for them (as you may imagine), It is a weird mixture of stark realism and fantasy imagery, even whimsical imagery at times. The images are somewhat visionary. If the female director would use this style to direct something less depressing, then she would honestly be a big deal.


Halloween 2018 : Jamie Lee Curtis Magnum Force

There is nothing I love more than a hot GILF with 20 shotguns. If Michael Meyer’s had chased me through numerous films, and already killed me in a forgotten role, I would be ready for the apocalypse too. This much hyped sequel, which has already raked in 90 million dollars since Thursday, was needed to give a shot in the arm to the viewers, who haven’t had quite enough scary films out lately (we can never have enough). David Gordon Green, of Pineapple Express fame, does a decent job of directing. He had kind of a Hitchcock-like flair to it, where you presume to know what will happen next, online to be deceived.

Oh boy, this film had a very high body count. Though I did not get an exact count. It was pretty gory too. I was impressed that the whole feminist angle actually works, and is not shoe horned in. It seems appropriate what happens. Jamie Lee Curtis gives a good performance, mostly physically. She is able to tell us through body language and facial expressions, rather than through written dialogue. The score was a little bit overhyped, in that it was overly similar to the ones from the first two films. Somehow Michael Myers seemed like a deranged left wing example of how the left fears the right, as he slays journalists and people who are generally PC. He is played by the same actor who played him in the first movie. Myers has aged in the film clearly, along with his sister (Curtis). I like the fact that Michael has aged. there are nuances like this that make the film above average.

Curtis has a billion guns in her basement. Her house is booby trapped. Her family is prepped to kill any intruder. It is basically a prepper version of Halloween. By the end of the movie I was expecting the killer to hold a 911 Truther symposium or something. I am still waiting for him to kill a couple of Hari Krishnas too. And no, unfortunately Tom Atkins was not cast in the film. Still waiting to hear on the Night of the Creeps 2 sequel. There is a really great ending where you are left completely uncertain as to whether Myers is dead or not. Don’t go to this movie expecting something as great as a John Carpenter classic. But if you want something scary, entertaining, and timely, check this out.

Finally! Phantasm 3 & 4 Individual Blu Rays

If you are a hardcore fan of the “Phantasm” series but were unable to pick up the 5-film Blu-ray box set when it was briefly available, good news! “Phantasm 3” and “Phantasm 4: Oblivion” have finally been released individually on Blu-ray.  You can now thrill to the saga of Mike (A. Michael Baldwin), brother Jody (Bill Thornbury), Reggie (the great Reggie Bannister) and of course the Tall Man (the late Angus Scrimm) all in the privacy of your own home in high definition.  How are these two films and their transfers?

Part 3 starts where the underrated “Phantasm II” left off, with the love interest from that one being quickly dispatched with and Mike now being a captive of The Tall Man.  This leaves Reggie all by his lonesome hunting the Tall Man, attempting to rid the world of his evil.  He is eventually joined by a tough little boy (Kevin Connors) and a tough black lady sidekick/love interest named  Rocky (played by Gloria Lynne Henry).  Will this unconventional yet badass group succeed?  Tune in to find out!

“Phantasm 3” is one of the greatest direct-to-video movies ever made.  It is scary, funny, sexy, and totally off-the-wall.  Writer-director Don Coscarelli takes a $2 million budget and makes it seem like $30 million.  The cast is clearly having a ball, which is appropriate since the Ball is back (again!).  This Blu-ray transfer is very well-done, too, with good use of detail and excellent picture and sound.  It comes with an audio commentary and behind-the-scenes footage.

Since “Phantasm 3” was supposed to play in theatres but didn’t, “Phantasm IV: Oblivion” was made on a much lower budget of about $400,000.  So you’d think it wouldn’t be any good, right?  You’d be wrong!  Part 4 finds our titular characters Reggie and Mike (minus Connors and Henry) still battling The Tall Man.    In the process of dodging  his killer spheres and trying not to fall prey to his mind games, Reggie  (and a mostly offscreen Mike) discover the Tall Man’s true origin.  Using previously unused footage from Part 1, director Coscarelli is able to show us sides of the characters that we’ve never seen before.  Despite the low-budget, the film seems epic and impressive.  Once again, the Blu-ray transfer is great and another audio commentary and behind the scenes documentary is included.

So if you love the “Phantasm” series but don’t own the Blu-ray box set, you should run out and buy the “Phantasm 3” and “Phantasm 4” Blu-rays, which are available new for about $15 new.  Angus Scrimm may be dead but the “Phantasm” series will never die!