Angerot Album Excels

A recent underground death metal release by Angerot really excels, delivering solid retro 1990’s American blast beats, and classic overdriven Swedish styled 90s riffs. The songs do a great job of having momentum and build-ups. The overall timbre of the recording is analogue and warm sounding, with punchy snare hits, and cymbals which are mixed just right. The drums bring to mind classic death metal bands such as Fleshcrawl and early Hypocrisy. The drums are not triggered, which is a big plus. Meanwhile the guitars bring you a tone straight off of 1991 Earache cassette compilation, where the distortion is more trebly and brighter (Marshall-like) than the bands these days (Mesa-Boogie-like). The vocals are mid-range growls, appearing in all the right spots to add to the roller coaster of broken skulls along the way. However, the vocals are not as memorable.

Seal’s Albums Are Too Smoothe

Seal released his seventh album a year or two ago. I thought I would give it a chance, to see if pop still has anything to offer. His voice still sounds really great, ironically sounding like a black version of Huey Lewis. There is real passion in his voice (song 6, The Big Love Died, is the best track and it is a downer), which is unfortunately held back by the overly smooth pop music which backs him. There is too much major key synthesizer parts throughout. And the bass is not interesting enough, and sounds too programmed. One truly terrible song called ‘Life on the Dance Floor’ is entirely hard to relate to, and I wish had been cut out of the album. Overall, Seal still proves that his voice is better than other pop artists who have overshadowed him since the 90s, like Bieber and Swift etc.

The sincerity in Seal’s voice , as well as the smoothe mid range timbre of his voice , are his best qualities. His lyrics keep it real, mostly about relationships, and it seems like he sings from personal experience, rather than from fantasy. So there is a poetic maturity to his lyrical content. What Seal needs to do is change the background music to something much more blues oriented, preferably with Chicago blues musicians. But he should do a more up-tempo blues jam album next.

Bad LSD in Santa Cruz

My local paper, the Salinas Californian, has a small article today warning about bad LSD in Santa Cruz. Officers came across four naked people running naked and screaming about rainbows and unicorns (at night). The police chief says they have seen high levels of intoxication from acid there in the past two weeks or so.

I have to disagree with them. If acid is making you see unicorns and rainbows at night, that is good acid!