Ward v Kovalev II: Low-Blows


I caught the replay of the Ward http://boxrec.com/boxer/281958 / Kovalev http://boxrec.com/boxer/505927 fight last weekend. I don’t pay $50 for the fights but thank God I have a friend with Showtime. Though Ward is more of the Bay Area guy (Oakland) I have been a big fan of Kovalev’s heavy hands and gritty style. I was surprised that Ward was able to go the distance with him in the previous fight because Ward is the naturally smaller quicker fighter, as opposed to the brute force and size of Kovalev.

Going into the rematch I expected a similar match as the first , the classic boxer versus bruiser and a somewhat even match. This fight had a different rhythm though. Though Kovalev pressed forward physically, Ward was able to land many hooks and body shots at a higher percentage. He definitely had an edge on the scorecard for landing more clean shots. The end of the fight was a surprise TKO where Ward socked Kovalev in the balls 3 times and Kovalev did not receive even a standing 10 count.

Clearly Ward’s corner knew the rules were set up for an easy win and instructed him that Tony Weeks (Ref) wasn’t big on keeping the punches up. This match once again went to show to never bet against the house on pro boxing, but it sure is good entertainment. There also tends to be some bias towards US boxers in general, but with the 4th of July coming up I guess that is not something I can complain about.

Flight of the Jailbird

Remember Joey Cramer, the star of the heartwarming 1986 Disney classic “Flight of the Navigator”? It was a charming film about a little boy who gets abducted by aliens and travels through time 8 years into the future. Things look bleak for him due to the government studying him until he gets a chance to break onto and pilot a spacecraft with the help of an alien voiced by Paul Reubens. It’s a cute film.

But would Joe “Joey” Cramer, who was also the little boy in “Runaway,” the Michael Chrichton-directed robot classic with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons, go on to live a happy, carefree life? Apparently not, since last year he was arrested on several charges including bank robbery in Canada.


He even stooped to using a wig! Yes, like Haley Joel Osment and Corey Haim before him, Joey Cramer is a child star Gone Wrong. One can only hope he gets appropriate counseling and real but compassionate discipline so his life turns around. Maybe it’s Paul Reubens and Gene Simmons’ fault; they are eccentric co-stars to say the least. In any case, it makes “Flight of the Navigator” more interesting. Maybe he needs to travel BACKWARD next time so he can change his present. We still like you Joey; we’re just disappointed! Here’s hoping for a comeback!

Gold and Silver

Gold and silver perform freaking awesome when there is a banking or serious national security crisis. Or during hyperinflation or stagflation.

The economy grew slow for the last years but it still grew. So those complaining about the price declining do not understand the cycle.

Once the next crisis hits gold and silver will go up a lot (silver to $40). Until then I am buying, and not complaining about the good deals am getting. I balance this with some stocks that are undervalued and cheap, especially with giant dividends like Carlyle Group.

The Monster (2016): B+

Sometimes on a shelf at Best Buy you can find some interesting films. In this case, I found “The Monster,” from the director of “The Strangers.” This film is from 2016 and is about a mother and daughter squabbling in a car late at night. The mother accidentally hits a wolf, which shocks them both. They don’t know, though, that the wolf was actually being chased and menaced by a hideous monster. The movie is about how they each react to being trapped stalled on the road with the monster lurking nearby.

This film works for several reasons. The monster is compellingly freakish, and created practically, without CGI. The mother and daughter both give compelling performances. There are some good monster kill scenes. Finally, the director is a master at building suspense, about as good as anyone I’ve seen recently. I prefer small horror films like this to big ones like “The Conjuring” and (eek!) “The Mummy.” If you find this film at a store or on streaming, I recommend checking it out. It’s bloody good!

Cult Classic : Barbarians

If you enjoy bad but fun sword and sorcery B-films, then Cannon Films’ 1987 romp “Barbarians” is for you. In it, two twin barbarians (played by the Razzie-nominated David and Peter Paul) who have been manipulated to kill each other instead face off against the great Richard Lynch. This film, which is from the director of “Cannibal Holocaust,” features good production values and music by Pino Donaggio. More importantly, it appears to have inspired the “Golden Axe” video game series, with many scenes resembling the games and the twin brothers frequently wielding axes. The “Barbarian Brothers” can’t act but are really something,This movie can be found on a double bill DVD with Lee Majors and Cornel Wilde in “The Norseman.” Good times!

Rogers Waters Comeback

25 years after the epic but overly rigorous “Amused to Death,” Roger Waters, former head of Pink Floyd, gives us by far his best solo album, “Is this the Life We Really Want?” It takes the expected potshots at Trump and American politics, but it also rocks in a way that nothing Waters has done since “Pink Floyd The Wall” has approached. He also sings better on this album than on any previous solo effort. As a result, the album is less political than emotional.

Waters is not afraid to pay homage to past songs, with “Broken Bones” sounding like “Sheep” and “Smell the Roses” sounding like “Have a Cigar,” but the intensity with which he sings these songs and the force of his lyrics (as well as the melodious nature if the songs) makes this some of his best work. Based on this album, I would say his new “Us and Them” solo tour is a must-catch.

This album reminds us that an artist can make a political statement and still make a beautiful, heartfelt and rocking album. This album is a must-purchase for fans of Pink Floyd and rock music in general. Don’t miss it!

It Comes at Night : C+


Looking for an edge-of-your-seat horror winner? Look elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for a little food for thought, then “It Comes at Night” is not a total failure. The film deals with an outbreak of a deadly virus, possibly smallpox. Nobody seems to really know what it is or how it spreads, but fear and mistrust runs rampant. The film deals with two families whose paths cross in a desolate, apocalyptic future.

There are some good things about this film. The actor playing the 17-year old son is real good. Also, the atmosphere and tension are palpable. The problem is that the film refuses to give the audience information that it needs. Without knowing if the characters’ fears are baseless or valid, it becomes impossible to know how to react to the characters’ decisions. Also, the film concludes with an irritating non-ending that, judging by a sudden change in aspect ratio, may be the young, sick protagonist’s dream.

While I would definitely hesitate to call this a bad horror film, it’s just not a very entertaining one. Also the star, the edgy Joel Edgerton, is wasted here in an unsympathetic role. This film could have really amounted to something. However, in its current form, it’s kind of a waste. Go see something else more uplifting, like almost any film ever made. By the way, the title is meaningless

Alien : Covenant (8 out of 10)

OK, first thing out of the way: I liked “Prometheus.” It wasn’t scary enough, but it had great acting and asked interesting questions. Some of those questions get answered in “Alien: Covenant,” a sequel to “Prometheus” and a prequel to “Alien.” I think it’s best to see this new film knowing as little as possible, but I will tell you that Michael Fassbender is awesome playing two different androids, David and Walter. This new film has much more space action, quality kills, and real scares than any entry since the underrated “Alien 3.” It’s also a lot of fun. The music, cinematography, and special effects are spectacular. All of the acting is good. The movie makes you want to re-watch the old films. It’s a terrific date movie and a great entertainment. Can’t wait until the next one!